Neutralize Pepper Spray / Tear Gas

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  1. Treatment of skin reaction to tear gas/pepper spray %25 baking soda in cool/cold water.. do NOT use hot water!! Hot water will open pores in the skin and increase the reaction. For the Eyes rinse with cold water only. 1 box of baking soda to about 3-4 gallons of water

    Also recommended to use baby shampoo to clean and this is safe in and around eyes. I have heard milk will also work to calm the reaction.

    For pepperspray (dont know if this will work on tear gas) use a half liquid antacid (like Maalox) and half water. irrigate from the inside corner of the eye towards the outside. this will also work for the mouth and throat and also skin.

    Also is best to remove all contaminated clothing once out of the area. Do not pull shirts over face as this will increase the residue on the face. cut off shirts.

    Do not use hot water when washing these chemicals off as it will increase the painful reaction. Cool to cold water is best as it will calm irritation while flushing chemicals away.
  2. It depends on the type of spray they are using as well. For the military grade OC (Pepper spray) that I've seen, water is the absolute worst thing to use to try and stop it. I know, I was sprayed a few months ago and cold water made it 100 times worse.

    For OC type spray, your best bet is to get somewhere where the wind is blowing or in front of a fan. Stay as calm as possible, let it dry.

    Do not put cold or hot water on this type of spray or you will reactivate it!

  3. After it has dried and you can get to a quiet place, take off all clothing as it could be contaminated. (At least your shirt.)

    Get some soap, (Liquid is preferable, regular soap is fine.)
    Start cold water.
    Brace yourself, get your face wet and scrub the living hell out of it.
    You will probably experience re-flash the first time, it will hurt a lot but isn't permanent.
    Let it dry, go and wash a second time same as before and you should be good.

    No oily based products as they help keep the spray inside the pores of your skin.
  4. My dog got pepper sprayed a couple years ago, and I read that OC binds to fats. I rubber her down with butter, then shampooed her twice. Worked like a charm...
  5. Butter worked VERY well for my dog. If you need to clear your pores, a sauna -- or any other means of making yourself sweat -- should help.
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