Neu! Epic Protest and Raid Music

Discussion in 'Audio & Video' started by Anonymous, Aug 3, 2009.

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    Neu! Epic Protest and Raid Music

    Hai. This is MuzikAnon from the AID Ops Div Audio Unit. Linked you will find our first product for extra win at protests and flash raids. This mix is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution and it does contain some Fair Use material.
    This file is an mp3 at 44 khz 256 kbps and you can danz to this mix.
    The AID pre-released it for trial to three Anons already and here are their remarks:

    "It was win after win after win after win!" - Hamburg Anon

    "Bang, bang, bang. Things were blowing quicker. I was like getting immediate results!" - London Anon

    "Boom, boom, boom, you know? Nonstop!" - SoCal Anon

    Here is the download link: DaveyMix.mp3

    Also have file for OggFags, but do not have time to upload. Maybe later.
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    Re: Neu! Epic Protest and Raid Music

    Good lord the Tommy Davis audio is hilarious out of context.

    Cant dance to this though, sorry.
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