Netanyahu's Speech to Congress Shows America Will Buy Anything

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, May 25, 2011.

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    Thank you. Regardless of how I think about his speech, rather more intrested on how you thought being from US, are your intrests favoured by a minority, or the standing ovations are out of hospitality?
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    I'm having difficulty understanding your question, are you asking whether the reception Netanyahu received was given out of hospitality?
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    you're really an asshole. just sayin.
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    Would you be the same person that called Jews "Khazars"???
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    Nope. I'm the person who says: hurts to be on the wrong side of history, don't it?
    Also, this
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    I love JImmy Cliff.
    Nice to see him roll a big fat joint, too.
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    Thread needed a little counterbalance.
    Those pictures of food sure made me hungry!
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    Not exactly. What I meant was that if a speech motivates a gathering of politicians to stand and applaud continuously, the speech have then not been regarded as despicable unless your thoughts are represented by a minority, not visible among politicians who stood and applauded, or standing and applauding is for the sake of hospitality even if the speech was regarded as despicable.
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    Reggae has always been really popular in Israel, and there are a number of Rockin' clubs there that are so much fun!!
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    Pat Condell -
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    Reality for the guy who said that rocket attacks in israel are like toys -
    (warning - it is graphic)
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    Nope, only for that for which they are provably responsible, as in the ethnic cleanising of the Palestinians.
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    Sure... nothing wrong with the Jews having their own country, but why does it have to be someone else's?

    Oh, that's right, they're not FROM Palestine.
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    I think that the standing and applauding are both hospitality and a form of pandering to pro-Israel voters. Generally I think that in the US pervasive anti-semitism has largely been replaced by indifference and that the US government's eagerness to aid Israel reflects more of a desire to have a dependent ally in the oil-rich middle east than any love for the Jewish people.
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    Make of the videos whatever you wish.
    I would love to see Peace.
    Real Peace.
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    Netanyahu sounded pretty reasonable in that speech, if it is possible to look beyond ones own pre-existing bias.
    He talked about a two-state solution in detail.
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    You are what you is...

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    Jews are not from Palestine natively. Even the Torah says so.
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    Remember Arafat? He was born in Egypt.
    He also stole hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars that were given to him to be disbursed to the Palestinians for humanitarian aid and shuttled the money off to Swiss bank accounts for himself. What a crank.
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    Also, the Jordainians (of Jordan) kicked out the "palestinians" because they were troublemakers of a big degree.
    technically they are more related, going back to the Hashemite kingdom.
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    Ghandi tech?
    Learn it.
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    Hashemites or hash browns?
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    Dox or fuck off.

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