Netanyahu's Speech to Congress Shows America Will Buy Anything

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, May 25, 2011.

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    Me for example!
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    Well, funny enough back in the seventies and the eighties the definition was quite the opposite - "Israelis = good guys who suffered a lot/Palestinians are terrorists that hijack planes and kill olympic athletes". Both definitions are not ture and the situation is more complex than that.
  3. My favorite part is that the issue is WAAAAY more complicated than the people who are in this discussion want to admit.

    That's really representative of the Arab-Israeli conflict in general. Both sides take a simplistic view of the other side and don't for a moment consider that there is more to the issue than rockets and bulldozers.
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    What? Were not allowed to have an opinion unless we have first-hand knowledge?
    American slavery
    Stalinist Russia
    South African Apartheid
    Khmer Rouge Cambodia, and on and on...
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    Absolutely goddamn right.
  6. Anonymous Member

    Right again.
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    i am aware
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    There is also a large contingent of Jews worldwide that do not support him.
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    A country, such as "Ersatz Eretz Yisra'el" where one religio-ethnic group rules over the other groups is NOT a democracy. It is an ethnocracy or a theocracy.
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    This while one party is predominant and pursuing its own agenda...

    Good fucking luck.

    NOT TRUE. Lurk moar.
    The Palestinians have accepted "Israel" as a foregone conclusion. It is the "Israelites" who have not accepted the fact of Palestine.
    "Violent aggression"? Such as when four (4) "Israelites" were slain in 2008, and Operation Cast Lead slew fourteen-hundred (1400) in reprisal? Heydrich much, Jews? I guess they've long forgetten Lidice.

    I defy you or anyone to show me an American Presidink going back 150 years, who was NOT amateurish.

    Sure. If only the Jews would:
    1. Take down completely the Apartheid Wall
    2. Stop building settlements and return to the 1967 borders
    3. Remove all brutal "checkpoints" and allow free passage
    4. Recognise the Palestinian people as a people, and their state as a state.

    You must be a collegian. The Muslim Brotherhood is an EGYPTIAN fraternal organisation. Please lurk moar.

    Politics IS a popularity contest, but not for the participation of the masses. "Democratic voting" is highly manipulatable, and is often done so.

    Smarter? More devious and even more amoral, I would say. Effective at murder.
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    I agree. Texas is the root of all evils.
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    Sounds just like the story of the Nakba, oddly enough.

    The Israelites have never really tried to make peace, only feigned to, to stall for time while stealing more Palestinian lands, all under the advice of the head rabbis.
  13. Anonymous Member

    Killing is a virtue, so long as the "right people" are killed.
  14. Anonymous Member

    Brit/Irish conflict was centuries old and complicated. That conflict is well on it's way to peaceful resolution.
    Israeli/Palestinian, just over 60yrs.

    With the events of the so-called Arab Spring, I think the US govt saw a new opportunity and tried to put that forth through spokesman Obama, only to have AIPAC hornets swarm hysterically, as they always do, stinging his dick repeatedly.

    I fear that politics as usual is going to allow this moment to pass by.
  15. Anonymous Member

    Wikileaks has proven (and continues to prove) that "diplomacy' is a godforsaken sham.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    Hitchhiking can be fucking dangerous, no matter what country you're in.

    Undoubtedly, you didn't check your post for irony...
  17. Anonymous Member

    To help you with your butthurt:

  18. Anonymous Member

    Forget, or are helped to forget...

    First the "enemy" must be dehumanised.
  19. Anonymous Member

    It would be funny, if the Congress hadn't already been totally suborned by AIPAC.
    Show me a US congressperson who is anti-Israel, and I'll show you a one-term representative.
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    Let's precisely identify these 'innocent masses', shall we?
  21. Anonymous Member

    Since whosit asked so politely, here's a more reputable source for /r/ dox:
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    The Jews have a well-trained armed forces subsidised by the US taxpayers (WHY???)
    The Palestinians have crappy, mostly homemade weapons and no standing army.

    It's not about who the Jews ARE.
    It's about what the Jews DO.
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    Operation Cast Lead, 2009.

    I shit on your Zionism.
  24. Anonymous Member


    This t-shirt's message isn't fucked up at all.

    Dirty murderers.
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    The US PURCHASED land from Mexico.
    The Jews STOLE Palestinian land.

    See the difference, meshuggah?
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    Thread needs moar nuance

  27. Anonymous Member

    Military rockets, as opposed to... hobby rockets?
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    False analogy
  30. Anonymous Member

    Which part is false?
    Surely you can do better than that.
  31. Tourniquet Member

  32. Anonymous Member

    Commence Immediately

  33. Anonymous Member

    I like the analogy of the US govt wiping out it's native population and stealing their land while the apologists cried, "...but, they SCALP people and they're SAVAGES"
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    The US government works and it helps people.
  35. Anonymous Member

    False analogy. Israel has never engaged in ethnic cleansing.
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  37. Tourniquet Member

    Why don't Palestine and Israel just have a soccer match to decide? It'd be the highest-rated show in history and sell zillions of DVDs.

    What was it King Solomon did about the baby in question?
  38. Anonymous Member

    And, as for netanyahu, "a shanda fur die goyim".
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    Yeah. And I'm Pope Benedict.
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    The land was controlled by the UK. Should Israel have paid the UK for land?

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