Neil Gaiman - Scientologist?

Discussion in 'Celebrity News' started by anonGF, Apr 3, 2008.

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  1. anonGF Member

    Neil Gaiman - Scientologist?

    Or rather, ex-Scientologist.

    Apparently his father was a prominent member, leader in fact, and currently controls the Church in Russia. That really surprised me when I found it out since I had known he was of Jewish immigrant stock and just assumed that that was all there was to it. The cult's involvement I had not anticipated but it seems that the two finest comic writers ever to have lived are both connected to the C0$, in their own way. At least Moore opted to write a comic about it, though. Gaiman got no choice about being born in, as with Beck.

    I hear, however, that Neil might have been declared an SP and there is certainly no word of his involvement with the Cult in recent years. But then, the same goes for many celebrities associated now, it seems.

    I certainly hope that none of the money I've spent on his books has ended up in the Co$ coffers...
  2. anonEmouser Member

    Re: Neil Gaiman - Scientologist?

    Been covered. Rumor hazzit his folks are big in freezone. Others hold that he's still a scilon.

    Bottom line: He doesn't talk about it, probably doesn't want to talk about it, and is too talented for it to matter to me anyway.
  3. AnonNaEireann Member

    Re: Neil Gaiman - Scientologist?

    Russia lol
  4. Re: Neil Gaiman - Scientologist?

    While there's really no way to say for sure one way or the other, there's no evidence of his wife or kids being involved, and the evidence is that he's been "off-lines" for years.

    My -guess- would be that he actually has nothing to do with them and sees them for what they actually are, but he refuses to speak about it because of the risk of being disconnected from his family. It's worth noting that he's good friends with, among others, Penn Gilette of Penn and Teller, who despises Scientology and almost did an episode of his show about them.

    Plus, you know, he can communicate coherently, which should automatically be a big flag that he's not under their spell.
  5. eclipsael Member

    Re: Neil Gaiman - Scientologist?

    so i hear the guy from top gun is a scientologist, confirm/deny?
  6. anon23stl Member

    Re: Neil Gaiman - Scientologist?

    Speaking of Penn, in his "Penn Says" he talks about being on Dancing With the Stars with Priscilla Presley and said she crossed herself before going out which he thought was weird cuz she was supposed to be a scientologist. But they told him he's not allowed to talk about religion on the show so he didn't ask her about it.
  7. anonEmouser Member

    Re: Neil Gaiman - Scientologist?

    Probably that odd celebrity-version of the scilon cocktail.

    Actually, is Priscilla an OT?
  8. Re: Neil Gaiman - Scientologist?

    Why not just email Neil Gaiman and ask politely about it? He has contact info on his website and he'll either reply or not, but if you're that interested, it's worth a shot.

    Alan Moore, however, I think would come down firmly on our side. Although he may well have a few grumbles about the film influencing the V masks, not the book.

    Hang on... here, do yourselves a favour. If you haven't read V for Vendetta, clicky here and order it: V for Vendetta: Alan Moore,David Lloyd: Books
  9. AnonKiwi Member

    Re: Neil Gaiman - Scientologist?

    Please don't bother Neil, if you search for the older thread you'll see those in the know saying he's not interested in talking about Scientology, and the sense is that he is staying quiet in order to keep in touch with family who are still involved. It's his choice etc.
  10. Re: Neil Gaiman - Scientologist?

    Fair enough. There's the answer then. Still, go read V for Vendetta anyway.
  11. AnonNow Member

    Re: Neil Gaiman - Scientologist?

    Search is your friend!
  12. storge Member

    Re: Neil Gaiman - Scientologist?

    word is neil gaiman was auditor class VII and head of Birmingham org. with him apparently not willing to comment (see talk page on his wikipedia entry) there's no way to know what the story really is. his dad david and sister are still in. dad was pr at saint hill grinstead, then guardian office, then osa. father implicated in lrh's demasking of smersh, theft from max plank institut in germany, operation cat and others. david gaiman figures in paulette cooper's first book. he answered too late for cooper to assimilate his answers to her questions into the book, so it's included as an appendix interview.
  13. Daywatch Member

    Re: Neil Gaiman - Scientologist?

    While a passable author, Gaiman is a puke IRL.
    I can't speak to his opinions NOW, but in the late 80's early 90's he did infact proselytize for the Co$ at the Comicon in Chicago and was told to knock it off by the organizers.
  14. VeniVidiVici Member

    Re: Neil Gaiman - Scientologist?

    In Soviet Russia, Thetans are cleared of you!
  15. MarcabEmpress Member

    Re: Neil Gaiman - Scientologist?

    I'm surprised a savvy fellow like Penn doesnt recognize lucky rituals which move beyond religious lines- though they may have their origins in religion-making the sign of the cross, knocking on wood, saying "bless you" after a sneeze, etc.
  16. Anonygnome Member

    Re: Neil Gaiman - Scientologist?

    You, sir, made me lol.

  17. anonchoir Member

    Re: Neil Gaiman - Scientologist?

    He's one of the more internet-savvy writers around (One of the first with the blogs and whatnot) so he's almost certainly heard about us. Hopefully one day he'll choose to speak up.
  18. anonGF Member

    Re: Neil Gaiman - Scientologist?

    Perhaps I shall.

    He wrote a comic strip which featured Hubbard and Jack Parsons performing Babalon Working. Not sure how to get hold of it but if you can it's probably worth the effort.

    What with his interest in the occult {Scientology is as much magic as it is psycho-therapy} I'd imagine that he knows more about the topic than I do and has a pretty dim view of the whole thing. Alan Moore's views in general on magic are worth hearing though so if you can {Disease of Language is a good place to start} then definitely check them out.

    Of course I've read it. :p

    Watchmen gets read some time this week, incidentally.
  19. 5feet6inches Member

    Re: Neil Gaiman - Scientologist?

    Dear god, today I told myself that as long as Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, Tori Amos and Kate Bush were away from the cult life would be safe.

    One down?

    Anyhow I have little against Freezone folks, each to their own beliefs respecting free will. Something the Cabbage Cult refrains from doing.
  20. its.an0nym0us Member

  21. 5feet6inches Member

  22. Re: Neil Gaiman - Scientologist?

    He's been asked about it before and said "no comment."

    My guess is, he's got family "in" and doesn't want to be disconnected.

    Also, his writings cover just about every major religion on the planet from day one, EXCEPT Scientology. Either he knows that it would kill his professional rep, or he doesn't consider it a religion. Just my opinion.
  23. Re: Neil Gaiman - Scientologist?

    Neil Gaiman's dad was an unindicted co-conspirator in Operation Snow White?
  24. AnonymIceland Member

    Re: Neil Gaiman - Scientologist?

    There is NO WAY Neil Gaiman could be a believing Scientologist and still be able to write the stuff he's way. We've all seen the mindset they is totally anathema to sophisticated creative writing. Nevermind his extensive(and deep) knowledge of all things mythological.
  25. anonGF Member

    Re: Neil Gaiman - Scientologist?

    This was why I did not really even consider him believing himself. There is no way the perspective that he takes could be obtained by someone who earnestly believed that the whole affair was the set-up of an ancient alien an his cinematic brain-washing facility.

    I too am guessing family members of his are inside and he wants to keep connected. I just find it a real pity that such an eloquent voice is unable to speak out.
  26. its.an0nym0us Member

    Re: Neil Gaiman - Scientologist?

    He could be a shitty public Scientologist who likes selfhelp books and laughs because he doesn't think the Xenu story is true.

    This thread was old before it even began.
  27. Rule22 Member

    Re: Neil Gaiman - Scientologist?



    A) Long history with people who have said something poor about it (Penn, Teller, Prachett, etc)... therefore possible contact with SPs
    B) Ultimately claimed as being raised Jewish by Grandparents
    C) Certain members of family are still in (parents, sister, etc.)

    All signs point to non-Sci, fear of disconnection. I have it on good word from a friend who knows Neil, and they assure me that he is not a Scilon, or at least not a currently active one. Perhaps far in the past when he was a child, but left the deal at a young age.
  28. DeathHamster Member

    Re: Neil Gaiman - Scientologist?

    Publically leaving Scientology is a High Crime ethics violation, good for an SP declare with PTS and Disconnection all around.
  29. Silent Member

    Re: Neil Gaiman - Scientologist?

    Damn it... He is such a good writer.

    This makes me a sad panda.
  30. Re: Neil Gaiman - Scientologist?

    That would be the biggest tangible evidence that he isn't a Scilon: he can write.
  31. its.an0nym0us Member

    Re: Neil Gaiman - Scientologist?

    Can you SAGE something with FIRE?

    But yes, that was at least a newly mentioned article that resurrected this thread.
  32. storge Member

    Re: Neil Gaiman - Scientologist?

    I read a heavy Scientology subtext into "Afhgan War," haven't read his other stuff, heard him reading a few of his short stories as audio files. The audio books were a bit creepy, and not good creepy. His voice was too modulated.
  33. Rule22 Member

    Re: Neil Gaiman - Scientologist?

    If that is "shattering suppression"... wow. Useful tool to make yourself look like one. Heh.
  34. Londonymous Member

    Re: Neil Gaiman - Scientologist?

    Tell moar.
  35. Snake Member

    Re: Neil Gaiman - Scientologist?

    He's too smart to be a Scientologists.
  36. CathyLong Member

    Re: Neil Gaiman - Scientologist?

    1. He's got an IMAGINATION
    3. Fan of HR Geiger (i.e. he likes aliens, doesn't hate them :* )
    4. Anyone whose read his books and his graphic novels can tell you he's steeply educated in other religions (esp. Christian and Jewish) so the idea of him being a schilon is pretty far-fetched.
  37. ScudMuffin Member

    Re: Neil Gaiman - Scientologist?

    This is believed to be true. We'll ask the usual scilons on Saturday.
  38. AnonymIceland Member

    Re: Neil Gaiman - Scientologist?

    I think people are confusing Neil with his father....

    He was org leader and auditor.
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