need translation from someone reliable!

Discussion in 'Translations' started by icecadavers, Jun 23, 2009.

  1. icecadavers Member

    from persiankiwi: آيا همه دروغ مي گويند اما صدا و سيما راست مي گويد !

    translation from google: I lie all they say is right but IRIB say!

    The translation from google is confusing, persiankiwi mentioned gov had hacked their twitter earlier, just want to make sure it hasn't happened again. This may likely be a false alarm but I figure better to be absolute certain, a couple other of their recent posts also translate funny thru google.
  2. baghalizer Member


    This means: "Is everybody lying, But IRIB (TV) is telling the truth?"
  3. icecadavers Member

    Ok, that makes more sense. I figure someone who knows Persian & follows them would have said something sooner than me, but especially with them announcing upcoming plans and statements from Mousavi I didn't want to make assumptions.

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