Need Help Translating Six Principles of Nonviolenc of Martin Luther King Jr. to Farsi

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    I need help translating these teachings on nonviolence from Martin Luther King Jr., inspired by Gandhi's teachings. Both the nonviolent movement in India, and the civil rights movement faced violence. You may disagree with the need for nonviolence, but these teachings provide great moral strength and resolution.

    Six Principles of Non Violence

    PRINCIPLE ONE: Nonviolence is a way of life for courageous people.

    It is active nonviolent resistance to evil.
    It is aggressive spirituality, mentally and emotionally.
    It is always persuading the opponent of the righteousness of your cause.
    It is only passive in it’s non-aggression towards its enemy.

    PRINCIPLE TWO: Nonviolence seeks to win friendship and understanding.

    The end result of nonviolence is redemption and reconciliation.
    The purpose on nonviolence is the creation of the Beloved Community.

    PRINCIPLE THREE: Nonviolence seeks to defeat injustice not people.

    Nonviolence recognized that evil doers are also victims and are not evil people.
    The nonviolent resister seeks to defeat evil not people.

    PRINCIPLE FOUR: Nonviolence holds that suffering can educate and transform.

    Nonviolence accepts suffering without retaliation.
    Nonviolence accepts violence if necessary, but will never inflict it.
    Nonviolence willingly accepts the consequences of its acts.
    Unearned suffering is redemptive and has tremendous educational and transforming possibilities.
    Suffering has the power to convert the enemy when reason fails.

    PRINCIPLE FIVE: Nonviolence chooses love instead of hate.

    Nonviolence resists violence of the spirit as well as the body.
    Nonviolent love is spontaneous, unmotivated, unselfish and creative.
    Nonviolent love gives willingly knowing that the return might be hostility.
    Nonviolent love is active not passive.
    Nonviolent love is un-ending in its ability to forgive in order to restore community.
    Nonviolent love does not sink to the level of the hater.
    Love for the enemy is how we demonstrate love for ourselves.
    Love restores community and resists injustice.
    Nonviolence recognized the fact that all life is interrelated.

    PRINCIPLE SIX: Nonviolence believes that the universe is on the side of justice.

    The Nonviolent resister had deep faith that justice will eventually win.
    Nonviolence believes that God is a God of justice.
  2. حمید Member

    I will try to help but it might take a while.

    شش اصول عدم خشونت

    اصل اول : عدم خشونتگرائی نماد زندگی مبارزین است
    فعالیت مسالمت آمیز ابزاری معنوی ، روانی و عاطفی در جواب به بیعدالتی در نهان مقاومتی منفی میباشد و همیشه ماُثر بر نقاط ضعف متعدی است

    اصل دوم : عدم خشونتگرائی به منظور کسب دوستی و تفاهم در راه پیروزی
    عدم خشونتگرائی حرکت به سوق جامعه ای متحد در راه خواستهای فردی در جامعه ی پسندیده شما است

    اصل سوم : عدم خشونتگرائی نماد شکست بی عدالتی است
    عدم خشونتگرائی نماد پیروزی بر بی عدالتی و نه انتقام گیری فردی است و متعدد خود قربانی افکار خشونتگرائی میباشد

    اصل چهارم : عدم خشونتگرائی نماد دگرگونی توسط آموزش و آگاهی است
    عدم خشونتگرائی با آگاهی از تجارب قربانیان اعمال خشونتگرا و از آگاهی به کمبود رشد فکری متعدی معتقد به اعمال آموزشی و منتقد اعمال خشونتگرائی است و متعدی را با درد حاصله از خشونتگرائی سرچشمه از کمبود های رشد فکری آشنا میکند
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