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  1. NiteOwl Member

    درود بر همه تان

    خانم که در عکس با روسر سیاه است ندا آغا سلطان که در تظاهرات تهران به شهادت رسید نمی باشد. مرسی برای مصوونیت این خانم از عکسش استفاده نکنید و اگر در سایت خود جا داده اید از آنجا دیلیت کنید.

  2. Ray Murphy Member

    This message has been here for 4 days. Could someone say what it means in English please?
  3. jbrown998 Member


    Here you go. This must have been a government element I guess.

    Hello to you,

    The woman who is in the picture with the black scarf, Neda Agha Soltan, whom was martyred in the Tehran demonstrations is not actually Neda. Don't use her picture for her immunity, and if you have put it in your site, delete it.

  4. Thanks.,

    The black scarf Neda photo is Nedas face from the photo when she is shot on the ground photoshopped into the scarf using the distort tool and retouched. I think it is very beautifully done and serves her family well.
    Remember Islam is a culture where human images of any kind are forbidden by religion, although Iran has been the most moderate in this regard. Sounds like an attempt to have something on this site suppressed.

    Hello to you.

  5. The scarf pic with flowers on the neck part is NOT Neda. I think the Photoshopped Neda is this:
  6. Either way, she was such a beautiful woman. What have we learned?

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