Neda: Young woman shot to death

Discussion in 'Videos' started by Before All else Be armed, Jun 20, 2009.

  1. Martyr or not,she had the courage to be there at that moment.I know too many people like you who don't even dare to say others what they believe, let alone to protest.We iranians tend to believe legends like a boy and a tank,etc and be blinded on what happens against our eyes.A girl dies in less than 2 minutes,dude.Do you understand what happened to her Dad and Mom,all these days?Do you even feel sympathy for such a clear murder that shocked the whole world as human beings, or you still think you did a great job to be in the war with Iraq to kill other human beings?
    Bravo,little coward!God knows how sick you are...Grow up...The whole world is watching...These suppressed cries will someday turns into a flood, sinking all these murderers...Freedom is nearer than ever...Open your eyes little coward...
  2. Rest in peace,
    Neda, the world cries while watching your last sip of air,
    not died in vain.

  3. Don't be too harsh. I'm thinking he's just mistaken on what the term martyr means. Although the whole minefields things was completely uncalled for regardless.
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  5. Correction

    This song refers to the Kent State shootings on May 4th, 1970, not Ohio State.
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  7. PersiaBeFree Member

    Yes, it's very well done.

    Her image will be burned into world culture the way the WTC is.

    I'm awake right now because of her.
  8. Simply not human

    People able to do this, do not deserve to live. The lobbying between the government and Islamic extremist groups is just disgusting. All is corrupted and is question of money and power. Democraty consists in letting people say what they think. This is dictatorship. Hope people will continue to rise against that.
  9. The world must support the voices from Iran


    Perhaps, what I want to say it is obvious but It is important to remenber the following. No matter what fanatics want to say, almost the entire world is with the population of Iran. It does not matter the religion (catholic, muslim, jew or atheists) people want peace and democracy for Iran. Despite the lies of the Iran's goberment, free countries do not want to control Iran, nations must not shut their voices. It is the time when nations and people from all around the world have to support Iranian people in their way to the freedom. It is hard for a non violent movement to triumph if it is not supported by democratic countries.

    Sincerely from Spain

  10. Cattypuss Member

    Neda Soltan


    A MAN identifying himself as the boyfriend of a young woman whose grisly death in Iran's postelection protests was captured on amateur video said she only wanted democracy and freedom for the people of Iran.

    In the video, Neda Agha Soltan is lying on the ground as blood flows from her mouth and nose and onlookers scream.

    Her last moments spread around the world on Youtube, Facebook, blogs and Twitter, turning her into an icon in the clash between Iran's cleric-led government and protesters.

    Twitter: Follow Iran's election unrest

    "She only ever said that she wanted one thing, she wanted democracy and freedom for the people of Iran,'' Caspian Makan said by phone from Tehran on Monday.

    Makan, a 37-year-old photojournalist in Tehran, said he met the 27-year-old music student several months ago on a trip outside the country.

    She was a friend on his Facebook page and he said he had intended to marry her.

    "I still feel her, I still talk to her,'' he said.

    Makan said that they had argued in the days before her death about her decision to attend the protests, which were part of the self-described ``green wave'' movement that claims hardline President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stole his June 12 re-election.

    He said he had asked her not to go out for fear she would be arrested or shot.

    "I tried to dissuade her from going out in the streets because I'd seen in my work as a journalist that, unfortunately, there are a lot of merciless behaviours,'' Makan said.

    Internet accounts say that Soltan's father was at her side during her death.

    But Makan said a white-haired man who is seen pressing on her chest in the video and repeatedly saying ``don't be afraid, Neda dear, don't be afraid'' was actually her music teacher.

    She'd grown dissatisfied with her theology studies and had taken up music, as a pianist, he said.

    They first met on a holiday in Izmir, Turkey, a town on the Mediterranean.

    He described Soltan as a plain-spoken woman who loved poetry - Iran's Rumi and America's Robert Frost were her favourites.

    Makan said that her pacifism made Soltan a "real Iranian''.

    "She didn't believe that we always have to fight and quarrel and be violent and have death,'' said Makan.

    "There's only one thing (Iranians) must fight and that's ignorance. And you don't fight ignorance with a sword or a gun. You turn on a light.''

    Lover&squo;s tribute to Iran protest martyr Neda | The Daily Telegraph
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  12. You worked in Iran ?

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  13. Dave-IRAN Member

    Infinite sadness.

    My heart weeps for you Neda.

    My prayers are for you Iran.
    From Australia...
  14. Her name is Neda

    Her name is Neda.

    She will be remembered in New Zealand.

    Stand strong and free.
  15. Requiem for Neda

    Requiem for Neda
    [ame=]YouTube - Requiem for Neda[/ame]
  16. I read yesterday that her family never received her body, weren't allowed to have a memorial and the neighbors said her family haven't been home for several days. They believe the family was told to leave.

    I'm sure it's because they know Neda is a voice for the cause now and they are trying to take away her voice.
  17. Mitek Member

    Neda's unofficial(?) funeral cermony

    Got this from opposition tv
    If someone can help with titles I'll appreciate

  18. Threnody for Neda

    Composed and Performed by Anonymous
    For Solo Piano
    4 July 2009

    Please spread this around, it is a serious piece.
  19. Member

    Mitek it's not opposition it's mojahedin, worse than mullahs.
    They're so stong in propaganda, they're steeling neda's memorie with this fake video.
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  21. Please continue spreading this video!!

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