Neda: Young woman shot to death

Discussion in 'Videos' started by Before All else Be armed, Jun 20, 2009.

  1. ~Deliria~ Member

    That was such a chilling video. Sincere condolences to her family. I hope the bastard who shot her dies a slow and painful death along with everyone else serving the regime :mad:
  2. the video is being played all over cnn and various news stations/websites. the world's heart is breaking for this young girl and for the suffering in Iran. We are with you, and pray for change and for your safety.
    - a supporter in south texas, USA
  3. VeritasPyre Member

    No offense but that is a bullshit cop out answer. I already stated that yes these methods instill fear. But given the situation again I state the fear will not last as long as the rage towards the act(s). As well as the fact that since the same methods failed against the uprising that put the current regime into power, why essentially in western colloquialism are they shooting themselves in the foot? Is this a knee jerk reaction because as was stated by an op-ed reporter for the middle east as to why protests would be illegal. "This guy knows how he got his job."

    I want an explanation as to the specific psychology behind this particular regime.
  4. Request to man, who claims that he was present on the scene

    I have a request to man, who claims that he was present on the scene. You wrote that the film is shot by your friend. Could you say, if author decided to publish it in the public domain? It would be important in order to let this video to spread widely, for example to publish it on wikipedia.

  5. This is making the whole world angry. The Iranian government will pay for this.
  6. Chile is with you Iran. I know it's hard to say, but rebellion is the way. Stay free, stay safe.

    Don't let Neda's death go unpunished. May she rest in peace.
  7. Tehran Member

    Iranian girl shot - Neda Soltan - Martyr for Freedom

    Neda Soltan you shall be remembered forever for your sacrifice! Our thoughts and prayers are with your family, may you find the peace and freedom you sought in the afterlife.
  8. Tony C Member

    A beautiful woman destroyed by ugliness. She must never be forgotten.
  9. Echoed!

    They are showing their true face! The world is watching! We all stand in admiration at your strength and courage!
  10. atmasabr Member

    She is one too many. She is one too many.
  11. Cattypuss Member

    She had her whole life in front of her - and those bastards saw fit to kill her for a twisted ideology. These rats are afraid - if a mere girl can challenge their reign, their days of riding roughshod over the Iranian people are numbered!
  12. She is not a martyr. She was just a bystander who got a bullet in the brain. A martry is the teenage boys you used to clear mine fields in your war against Iraq. She was a weak little coward who was on the sidelines.
  13. you were probably the jew who shot her because we all know jews want to destroy iran.
  14. Cattypuss Member


    LOL - your very funny. Sorry to disappoint you, but I am not Jewish. It might surprise you that many Jews actually feel sorry for Iranian people. It can't be easy living under the jackboot of Islamist thugs.
  15. if islam is so bad why do muslims keep their religion when they move to west. ill support freedom in iran if they help us push all the foreigners out of the west.
  16. Cattypuss Member

    I never said that Islam was bad. But right now it is being used by fanatics as a tool of gross oppression. The Catholics were pretty good at it during medieval times. But after enduring the Spanish Inquistion years the people demanded change. If muslims move to the West it is only natural that they will keep practising the religion they grew up with. If I was to emigrate to another country I would still keep my Christian faith. Like all religions, each has their flaws. I have a daughter that converted to Islam 12 years ago - but unlike some people, I am not going to burn her at the stake for it. She is an independent human being that has to make her own pathe in life. It's about time people lightened up about religion and the part it plays in peoples lives.
  17. She wasn't a bystander she was attending a protest with fellow students and profs. It truly is horrific to think that speaking one's mind = get shot by paramilitary militia but if even that small act is potentially deadly then yes, she is indeed a martyr.

    Possibly even more so because in the end it was no great deed of resistance that doomed her, it was just being an ordinary citizen. How many of us thinking 'at least if nothing else I will go to the protest' could have wound up in her place, or the place of so many that have died at the hands of this corrupt and wicked regime this past week?

    Neda is a martyr of the common people, and in death she has become a potent and appropriate symbol of the struggle for freedom in Iran.

    Arguing this is like arguing against the rain.
  18. Cattypuss Member

    Well said #11 - This girls death shows the ugly face of Iran's brutal regime. Don't forget -EVERYBODY around the globe knows of the bravery of this man: He will go down in history and be remembered long after the shitty communist regime in China is no longer.

    [ame=]YouTube - TankMan - Tiananmen Square Protests (with John Lennon)[/ame]
  19. Neda

    I don't wish to hijack this thread of news from Iran. I write from London. I first saw the video on Saturday as I followed Twitter and I have not stopped crying since. Eating, sleeping - it's difficult. I am so, so sorry. I know there are many others who have sacrificed their lives, but Neda connects with us on some deeper level. I don't understand it yet, but I can't seem to forget.

    When you mourn this week, people around the world will be mourning with you.
  20. I can't believe how many asshole posts there on this site.
  21. 'Neda' [you will not defeat the people] -

    A song in memory of Neda, the girl who was shot dead on saturday.
    "If John Kennedy was alive today he would say, "I am an Iranian!" A woman called Neda died on the streets of Tehran this weekend. This is the real cost of freedom. This is not something many of us understand, I don't think. I have not felt this moved in my memory. Long live Neda!"

    NEDA (You Will Not Defeat The People!)

    Neda was a young girl
    She would not wear the hijab
    She walked out on the streets of Tehran
    To join the madding crowd

    She felt a burning fire in her chest
    And her blood began to flow
    You will not defeat the people
    When their lust for freedom grows

    Down down go the concrete statues
    Watch the faceless soldiers run
    You will not defeat the people
    With the bullets from your guns

    Neda was a young girl
    Her eyes were black as coal
    She walked out on to the streets of Tehran
    To take back some control

    Watch her father with her face in his hands
    Scream her name out to the sky
    You will not defeat the people
    When they learn that they can fly

    (First verse again...)

    You will not defeat the people
    When it's freedom that they know
    You will not defeat the people
    Crying Neda in the streets
    You will not defeat the people
    Crying Neda in their sleep.
  22. it is an annoying side effect of free speech.
    Absolute free speech means that assholes also get to voice their opinion.
  23. there is no such thing as free speech. if i said this around these iranian thugs, theyd kill me. im safe because they dont know who i am. define asshole? if you cant define asshole, then you are just babbling. you people are only expressing emotions.
  24. Cattypuss Member

    Poster #14 is correct. In the West we are free to say what we want. Of course if you have a big mouth it could land you in court on a defamation charge if someone doesn't like what you say about them. In a free society even fools have the right to free speech.
  25. "neda" may be the cover of Time magazine this week.

    we are all crying for her and the good people of iran
  26. "neda" will be the Time cover this week

    many americans are crying for her and the brave iranians who so strongly wish to be free of this all-controlling evil state
  27. atmasabr Member

    I've barely done much more than go to protests when I've had something I've cared about.

    : (

    I get scared sometimes someone who doesn't like me will grab me off the street and beat me to death. It is unforgivable that these animals could be employed by their own government and shoot her dead.
  28. Mr atmosphere

    i am an iranian, and i know these words can come only from one group of people. Basij
    you go and fool yourself bastard.
  29. KHA

    Neda before she died

    About this video that is said to be Neda before she is shot dead.

    Video is this:
    YouTube - NEDA befor she was shot

    Pause the video in 3 or 4 second.
    On the first seconds of the video this white shirt guy makes large cross in the air with measuring tape etc. Who is he? I had a weird thought that he was searching targets for snipers. Ofcourse this makes sense only if Neda was shot in that same site. If she was shot somewhere else Im talking shit.

    So I dont want to confuse anthing, but what is the sign? He makes the cross "perfectly" in front of the traffic sign.
  30. It's simple, recount or revolt, courage or catastrophe. God speed.

    It's interesting, I'm not a fan of the idea of martyrdom but I'm a westerner it means different things to me than an Iranian. I have seen the video but we do not know her, we do not know the situation.

    I can only say what it appears to be.

    That is that an innocent girl was killed as a indirect result of the oppression of a people by a preexisting power structure. In simple terms, Tyrants murdered an innocent girl.

    At the end of the day, is the truth which must be confronted.
  31. NEDASOLTAN.jpg

    Just a beautiful beautiful girl.
  32. More likely, they don't care who you are. You're an idiot. No offense.

    Asshole: Noun, Orifice or person from which shit comes out.

    Indeed. And in terms of Neda, my emotions include anger, sadness, and pride.
    Non-emotions include sympathy and admiration.
  33. Martyrs are chosen and she has become a global image of resistance to tyranny. Damn I hate when kids are out of school!
  34. tt23 Member

  35. Tony C Member

    I dont know if it mans anything...but that was indeed strange to see.
  36. you're disgusting
  37. IF

    if i ever find you i will ### your throut.
  38. Neda Soltan

    The evil parts of religions: Crusades, Inquisition, Taliban, and now the shooting an innocent girl straight in the heart!

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