Neda: Young woman shot to death

Discussion in 'Videos' started by Before All else Be armed, Jun 20, 2009.

  1. Her face will be the face of this movement. Do not forget it.
  2. We didn't see this on TV. Your talking points are out of date. It was online. Two videos taken at the same time of a woman bleeding to death because of a contested election. That is not right.
  3. from-iran Member

    to u my sister

    her name was Neda
  4. xboyonfirex Member

    What was her full name? Can anyone find this out? She is one of the only few faces that the rest of the world has seen, and to me- she is the face of this revolution.
  5. from-iran Member

  6. from-iran Member

    to u my sister

    no,it s her first name
  7. xboyonfirex Member

    She's so beautiful. Damn them... Basij must be erased.
  8. I m italian and i write from Italy.
    I want only to tell you that we are with you. Italian people are with the Iranian people. the video of the killed girl is terrible. A State cannot kill its people. The states must stop to provoke wars. each with his responsibilities.

    viva la libert ! viva l'Iran !
  9. xboyonfirex Member

    Texas supports the people of Iran. You have a voice and it MUST be heard. Texans have a saying when you are faced with a powerful enemy- "Remember the Alamo." The Battle of the Alamo was one of the greatest battles in the Texas Revolution and for good reason. The sacrifices that are made today are like pebbles cast into calm waters. Except these ripples will turn into tidal waves. Liberate Iran! Liberate YOUR country!
  10. A country in revolution with its daughters being killed in the streets, reminds you of an antiwar protest organized by communist sympathizers?

    Stand up and be counted, above all BE BRAVE the free world stands with you!!! Make right the master of might for he knows your cause is true and just. And never forget it is FREEDOM that you quest
  12. This is so tragic... Remember that we all stand behind you, Iran, as you protest and fight for your rights and freedom. We're praying for you. Rest in peace, Neda.
  13. Nigerians are in solidarity with Iranians

    We continue to have you in our prayers. I saw the video of the woman shot to death and it broke my heart. I have posted it on Nigerians forums and on my facebook profile.
    May God continue to protect all of you during this hard times.
  14. Her lung was probably punctured, blood filled her lungs then ran from her mouth and nose. You can clearly see it from watching the video, there is no conspiricy just a dead girl.
  15. SILENCE, MY SISTER (a commemorative poem)

    For every secret sealed in flame,
    Each grief engraved without a name,
    I'll summon tender truths from shame,
    With tears my talisman.

    I'll shred the shroud of disbelief
    And scatter ashes of relief,
    Then weave these words into a wreath
    No season can upbraid.

    I'll lift the earth into the sky
    So fallen stars again will rise;
    Your suffering is my battle cry--
    You did not die alone.
  16. I cried at this. I bawled like a little baby. My stomach churned, and I'm filled with sorrow and rage. Jesus I hope the people of Iran find the freedom and peace they so richly deserve.
  17. Neda, I have lit a candle in each window in your honor.

    You will never be forgotten.

    Peace and Freedom to the people of Iran.

    ندا ، من یک شمع روشن را در هر یک از پنجره به افتخار کنید.

    شما را هرگز فراموش خواهد شد.

    صلح آن و آزادی را به مردم ایران است.
  18. I will not forget this young women...she haunts me

    I saw the video early today .... the young girl murdered in the streets. I have not been able to get her out of my mind all day long.... her memory haunts me, this young beautiful girl shot to death int he streets of her own country.

    This atrocity that Iranian leaders are trying to hide must be condemned by the entire world...these people need our support. All people in the world who desire liberty and individual freedom should know that the citizens of US supports their actions. It is their God given right to control their own lives.

    I think of this young girl, and I pray for her and her family. It is no time to be cautious about what you say.... it is time to speak up and say what is the truth about the tyrannical leaders that are to blame for what is happening.

    LGD in New York State, USA
  19. Torrent file HERE.


    ( You must have a bit torrent client already set up to use the above link
  20. VeritasPyre Member

    embed into face book account I and three other friends of mine have already

    embed into face book account I and three other friends of mine have already
  21. Josh Hubi Member

    all the videos are now back up on youtube. YouTube said it would bend the rules regarding videos with violence in Iran, flagging it as 18+ instead of deleting it.
  22. VeritasPyre Member


    I may be over simplifying this but with youtube providing/ allowing footage of people literally dying in the streets in a "revolution" in (almost) real time the US State Department asking twitter to hold off on maintenance. I am curious as to what other ways our (agreed upon )censorship of media will alter based upon one shinging attribute amongst mankind our compassion.

    This willingness to allow ourselves to connect through means usually censored because of decency in helping others voice their right to disagree will obviously be seen as "western interference" but how long will that work within the Iranian system.

    I have a question for any Iranians on here. Why? Why use the Basij, instead of arresting the dissenters/protesters? The fear of someone dying next to you will not last as long as the rage. This is what fueled the revolution of 1979. The government wishes to keep itself in power so how can it reason out the methods that were used by those they overthrew?

    And please no fellow Americans responding with the Ayatollah is a fascist. I want a real answer from some one who understands the psychology of their oppressive government.
  23. To the admin of this site

    Isnt this site designed so that people can upload what is happening in the streets of Iran? Cause everything is filtered and they cant sound their voice, their hopelessness and their fear anywhere else other than these independent wesites?? Isnt this iste designed so that you, for once, can hear the news that has been censored and blocked in the world?
    Why dont you delete irrelevant posts??? Posts which call these killings "fake" and "propoganda"??!?! THis is offensive not only to the nation of Iran, but to you, and to the whole humanity. Keep your site clean and informative!!
    Even wikipedia blocks irrelevant posts. EVEN!
    This place is supposed to be informative about what you dont see in you warm and comfortable lives; not a place in which you spread furthermore your simple comfortable lives.
  24. now, imagine all the Neda's in Iraq and Afghanistan
  25. upload this file in rapidshare please

    please upload this file to rapidshare, thx
  26. you people, who allow this to happen, I hope you sleep well. I'm certain you don't.
  27. Jaymax Moderator

    <Rock>-<WWP>-<Hard place>

    I've cleaned out the thread - The site's purpose is to ensure that voices are heard - which makes deciding to delete or move a post something of a balancing act.

    If you have registered, you can use the 'report' button [IMG] to get moderator attention to a post.

  28. Simple: Fear = Control. Insight fear into the people to gain control of them. This is all about power. Been the same way since the Ancient Mesopotamian days. Only a matter of time till the pull a Tienanmen and bring the hardcore troops from the outskirts.
  29. Da Sandmastah Member

    You die first, goatfucker.
  30. Insane.

    I couldnt stop myself from crying.

    Such a young girl. What a waste.

    R.I.P Neda

    The world will not forget you, sister.

    We will go out in the street and protest, for you and all the martyrs.
  31. I was directed by a link to an article on the Iranian state TV station, Press TV. There was an article about Parliament (Majlis) Speaker Ali Larijani criticizing the election. In the comment section below the article, among all the usual rhetoric, were 2 separate comments that simply said "Her name was Neda". Although the comments did not pertain to the news article, it is a powerful reminder of just what the Iranian people are fighting for - freedom from oppression. It appears that Neda has become the face of this uprising, as she should. She should not be forgotten. Rest in peace, Neda.
  32. PersiaBeFree Member

  33. PersiaBeFree Member

    Apparently it was uploaded so many times they finally gave up trying to stop it (I've often thought YouTubes motives were suspect).

    Versions are there now.
  34. Nasacrit Member

    I get so bloody angry...she was too young to die.
  35. Yet Another Neda Thread


    the image is extremely powerful - with her glanzing eyes - midst in a revolution...
    this graphic version is very good!
    it will transform over the globe.....

    it will haunt those theocrates at the top...
    they will never wash this blood from their hands...
    yesterday so powerful - but soon so weak...with no authority!

    The symbol ...
    Neda has been throughout the rebellion symbol. The rumor that they plan to hold a memorial for her in one of Tehran's mosques tomorrow. If it is true, then certainly a great many people to meet and new protests break ...

    in memory of Neda
  36. Support from Poland

    All this situation reminds me our protests and demonstrations in 1981 and 82 after proclamation of war state in Poland.We with stones in hands against charging police and security forces with gases,water guns etc. I remember a young man killd by charging armoured truck. Than I was 16. Now Im over 40 and we live in free country but again I must watch youg people dying in riots against criminal regime.But that suffering will end some day and you will also be free. Neda rest in peace.
  37. Da Sandmastah Member

    I think Monochrome style works best then Obama-style.
  38. yeah i was gonna say that making a red, white and blue poster of her isn't going to look too good...
  39. The image of the revolution

    I will forever remember that beautiful young woman who was so needlessly murdered.She will be my graphical image of this revolution until there is another type of beauty at the end of this transformation. God (by any other name) bless her

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