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  1. neda


    I think the picture of her in the video is more powerful symbol, but it should be less gory than the raw footage. But maybe this is too abstract?

    Good luck with the mask btw, interesting project.
  2. Nice work, really. Red lettering might stand out better, but still, excellent AgitProp style there!
  3. Post it here, please!
  4. Julian Member

    This is the best poster

    The Times of London is printing this on its front page tomorrow.
    We should send it to all the papers in the world and ask them to print on one specific day, say on 40th day of her murder.

    This will send a strong message to the world and will encourage the people in Iran.
  5. Jaymax Moderator

    It was extremely rough, and I'm no artist, so I didn't even save it.

    It was just enough to help me visualise what I imagined, and know that it was effective. With all the 'shoppers and artists here, I thought someone would come up with something. I based mine on the image in the very first post in this thread - hopefully the reasons why that one are apparent in terms of turning her blood green.

    Again, for Neda - I'm not very comfortable talking about manipulating her image in these cold words - So I'll leave this now and hope someone with the skill comes through. If not, never mind.
  6. For graffitti artists, color substitution is simple. Using two stencils worked up from this image, simply use green spray paint instead of red on the "red" stencil. Alignment of the stencils does not need to be spot-on. IIRC, Andy Warhol made a *lot* of money that way LOL...

    Mix up the colors for that matter. Do a seven-color Wall of Neda!
  7. Tony C Member

    Congrats on moving people enough to make the London Times! All the posters everyone has created are fantastic, and show much passion and respect. Im no artist, and I tried to make some simple ones. I dont know if they are good enough to be with the rest...


  8. Jaymax Moderator

    This is a rough approximation of what I meant...

  9. Might I suggest using imageshack or another image host...
    Or Admin allowing guests to view attachments full size ?
  10. Runa Member

    Keep using the green-red contrast as what it represents has been discussed in othe threads.

    Sorry to those offended. But what you have to understand is that there's a propaganda war going on.

    The image of Neda covered in blood delivers the message impecably.
  11. Jaymax Moderator

    Just checked as guest - and no restriction on viewing images at full res as far as I can tell. For images not displayed at the full resolution available to logged on users.
  12. THIS. And, to rub the collective nose of the Powers That Be in their misdeeds like an uncivilized dog that has crapped on the rug...
  13. Tony C Member

    Thank you!
  14. No. Thank You !

  15. As a guest I get a log in screen when I try to view the full size images which are attached to posts, which kinda defeats the basic premise of anonymous.

    ( yes, I know you can see my IP. )
  16. 287i0dv.gif

    Lettering to convey the message.
  17. 290zbdx.gif

    Color correction.
  18. This would be much better.

    Everything else posted in this thread is in extremely poor taste.
  19. Thank you. I've worked on a more crisp version, but not sure about slogans...


  20. Jaymax Moderator

    All well and good - but turns out that picture isn't her - see In Memorium thread, of Huff Post...
  21. Jaymax Moderator

    To clarify - when you click the 'click this bar' at the top of the image? Could you reference a specific post so I can do more testing?
  22. I am Neda

    Never forget the crimes of this evil regim.
    Keep fighting, it is our duty to Neda and our other loved ones killed by basiji animals.

    Khamenie, your times up, the end is here.
    Viva freedom.. marg bar diktatur
  23. Attach an image to a post.

    I was referring to attached images, not linked images.

    The poster I was replying to edited his post, hence the thank you.
  24. a very beatiful and moving poster on Neda...

    a very beatiful and moving poster on Neda...


    for to get the full printsize go to:
    Atlas Shrugs
    for download...(where I found it)
    (14x20 cm)

  25. Tony C Member

    Thank you for the confirmation. I edited my pictures.


  26. new Neda poster / shirt design

    i found this design here: <a href=""></a>

    <img src="">
  27. use the img tags.

  28. It must be a cultural thing -- I don't understand it -- the voices wanting to be nice, polite, respectful. It seems to me that THIS will take the fire out from under this movement faster than anything. After what was done to Neda and the other protesters, my inclination is toward the spirit of an angry lion. And non-violent protest does not exclude anger, or tactically applied disrespect toward the powers that chose to unleash the uncivil Basij against peaceful people.
  29. Something I threw together...

  30. Mirrored, simplified and titled...

  31. Tony C Member

    You know something, you are absolutely correct. Its definately a cultural thing. Speaking for myself, I have never had to run through the streets dodging bullets or batons. I have ever had to fear my door being knocked down in the middle of the night by government thugs, I have never had to hold a family member or neighbor while they bled out from woulds inflicted during a protest.

    Any problem Ive had in life, I have used my voice to fix. So please excuse my lack of actually knowing what the people of Iran are going through and how to overcome it. It does anger me greatly, and I hate what is happening. My heart is with the people of Iran.
  32. Neda

    I will never forget her face, never, never, God Keep her she is a saint, martyer, She will live for ever, I cry every day for her. God Bless Iran, they are blessed by God. They deserve to live in freedom, to be happy and not live in fear. Their dreams will come true.
  33. Avenger-IRAN Member

    Variation to Neda image with the text underneath

    I really like this pic. But I did a version of it with the pool of blood in the shape of Iran:

  34. hennagaijin Member

    All, I think the best way to honor her is to show her in a more hopeful moment. I was so sad to see what happened to her.

    She is a true patriot. Perhaps a recent photo of her with a background of the national colors would be a fitting tribute.

    Please realize she has touched many people around the world including myself.
  35. zazima Member

    Not meant to be a poster, just my tribute to the fallen in Iran. We are with you all, stay strong!

    Attached Files:

  36. 3PHYDR14D Member

    i REALLY, REALLY like this. it's artistic, clean, and i love the idea of having the blood in the shape of iran -- neda bled the revolutionary spirit of iran, it is her blood that will galvanise and fuel the revolution. excellent work.
  37. WeAreTogether Member


    A joint effort by me and a friend. She did the Neda sketch.

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