Neda Poster (Warning, graphic images)

Discussion in 'Promote The Cause' started by Unregistered, Jun 21, 2009.

  1. ech0 Member

    Let's keep shooping until we get something right.

  2. The two color version might work well as a stencil for street grafitti
  3. ech0 Member

    That is exactly what i am thinking.
  4. But the three-color one has the colors of the Iranian flag. THAT's a t-shirt!
  5. I mean, didn't they realize that when they spilled blood on the Sea of Green, the were re-working the flag? ;)
  6. marker3221 Member

    Printed off & on my wall, going to post facing out of my window.

    Here's an image of where it stands.


  7. Combine Those Two Objects

    Lets make a Neda Mask like the Guy Fawkes Mask from V.

    Imagine the Basij facing an army of undead Neda!
  8. marker3221 Member

    Now that is an image to see.......
  9. ech0 Member

  10. ech0 Member

  11. mrongey Member

    Here is one that I made. Still the photo, but adjusted the levels.

  12. Support

    Thank you for this, her memory will never be forgotten

    please also check out to support the cause
  13. Gorbeh Member

  14. hurricane Member

    What about the feelings of her poor family? it would crucify me to be faced with my dying daughters image world wide do we really need to use this image? powerful and graphic as it may well be sometimes the end does not justify the means. Rest in peace dear Neda.
  15. How tasteless. Respect the girl's dignity. Sure, she's a symbol. But to digitally alter it and display it all over the internet and advocate for posters to be made? How about you just use a picture of a green V or something...
  16. Briefly addressing "digitally altered" -- two and three color separations are required for certain methods of printing, and are classic styles.

    Now, what is undignified - savage - uncivilized - is what was done to this poor girl. And God has practically handed this movement a symbol to rally around. I suspect that Meda would have approved. To me, when she stared into the camera in her moment of death, she was saying "DO SOMETHING".

    Do you have a problem with effective propoganda?

    Or maybe your problem is the side that's using it.
  17. ArioBarzanParsi

    Inak bar tireh delan yoresh bordehand javan delan
    Inak bar siah jamegan yoresh bordehand zendeh delan
    Dar girodareh in rodar roee naghsh basteh and jane delan
    Avaye azadi inak pazhvak mizanad bar bame khaneha

    Nameh har yek fetadehee inak avang azadist bar ghalbhayeman
    Bazovane har istadehee inak ahromist fetadeh be daste ma

    mizanim hameh bange azadi, miravim hameh besoye zendegi
    Ta bekarim danehaye eshgh ra, ta berobim efrite siah ra
    Va barkanim lakkehaye nang ra.

    Ta azad konim mahde deliran ra
    Sarzamine niakan ra
    Va beroobim ghobar marg ra
  18. Hope you like...

  19. well why dont you just show the picture itself rather than the colors of the iranian flag..

    i agree with the other poster about how we shouldn't plaster this image all over..
  20. Tony C Member

    How about using a picture of who actually was, and adding the "Where was my vote?" as well as the date she was tragically murdered in the streets?


    Sems this would treat her with more respect and capture her beauty and dignity.
  21. Poor Father, Could not handle it myself.

    she is free now. her death is on the dictator
  22. "Neda died with her eyes open. Don't live with your eyes closed" is powerful enough, do you really want to plaster her face around like that ):?
  23. thanks, keep her memory alive.
  24. Great Idea

    Yes this would be a great idea, it would strike the conscience (if they do have one) of the Basij, seeing the face face of the martyred Neda facing them would wake them up to the reality of the brutality their leaders are forcing them to do to your own countrymen.

    Long Live Iran!
  25. I believe my image is respectful, and it is not without precedent.
  26. atmasabr Member

    I think I'm going to be ill.

    But do what you feel is best.
  27. I disagree. What was done to Neda (and many, many other peaceful protesters) was THE act of disrespect. I have great difficulty understanding how anyone would advocate that the respose to this should be to be POLITE. I think the situation is WAY beyond politeness...

    Also, in many parts of the world joining this protest, this is a perfectly acceptable (even traditional) style of propoganda.
  28. Neda

    I demand this thread be dedicated to any and all artwork of Neda.

    courtesy of DeviantArt:



    Apologies in advance if there is already such a topic.
  29. show someone you've still got a pair lol
  30. Didn't her family WANT us to spread her name, story, and image around in order to secure her legacy?

    An edited picture isn't crass manipulation of her tragic fate. It's the same as a poem, or a story.

    It's meant to accurately evoke the emotions that were felt by the person who did the editing.

    If it makes you feel disgusted and uncomfortable,


    Neda's story was short, brutal, and ugly. It's only honorable that we remember the true horror of her fate.

    Perhaps we can take the burden of that horror from her back, by sharing the feeling amongst ourselves.

    Bathe yourself in the ugliness of death. This way you will not forget it's terror.

    Don't romanticize it, lest you seek it out purposely.
  31. Tony C Member

    Report offensive posts, especially the ones disrespecting Neda to the moderators with the triangle at the lower left of the post.

    And a big "Thank You" to all the moderators.
  32. Is there a way you could make the last pic. the one that says RIP NEDA, bigger? Big enough to fill a piece of paper if I were to print it out and make into a sign...?
  33. Jaymax Moderator

    Could someone try a black/green version of this (keep it simple) with basically the blood in green, most of the rest black? With my very limited skillz I mocked it up (ie: colour eraser in Paint - lol) and thought it looked tasteful and very symbolic - connecting her blood to the green revolution etc.

    For Neda.
  34. anonymous612 Member

    Stuck a note in the thread title after a complaint. Merged a similar thread from Pictures into here, too.
  35. RadioFreeGab Member

    Might want to use the LIVE Neda photo for that one. 'Neda' on Twitpic
  36. Now someone good with illustrator should vectorize it or something and maybe an obama-like style

    Shepard Fairey/Obey
  37. Rakista Member

    Neda Mask V 0.1 is ready

    Neda Mask Thread

    I will come back soon and start making more masks, so get your images in the correct proportions.

    N is for Neda, V is for Victory.

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