NBC Rock Center on Narconon Arrowhead, April 5, 2013

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by The Wrong Guy, Mar 28, 2013.

  1. wolfbane Member

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  2. The Wrong Guy Member

    The list of accounts that are being followed by that account is a handy collection of other Narconon accounts:
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  3. Anonymous Member

    ^^Nice catch.
  4. jensting Member

    Entered by court order? That doesn't jive with his book and is easily verifiable.
    I think we're going to need forensic records which shows the ownership of this site having very deep pockets indeed.
  5. moarxenu Member

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  6. DeathHamster Member

    The lucascatton site says that it's by the Friends of Narconon, and that would be Robert Hernandez.
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  7. Sam Urai Member

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  8. moarxenu Member

    Thanks, Sam Urai! You rock!
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  9. Sam Urai Member

    Thank you sir!!
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  10. RightOn Member

    waiting for the day that they finally say "Scientology Rehab" instead of Scientology "linked" rehab :)
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  11. Anonymous Member

    It is a scam wrapped in a con. You are lying when you say they didn't teach you Scientology. The whole program IS SCIENTOLOGY. Those courses, same thing publics pay for at their local org.

    Narconon has a 2% success rate if you look at the raw data before they decided to manipulate stats to make their program look good. You're probably lucky your liver didn't curl up and die. We're taking this scammy Scientology front group down. Clearly you haven't been paying attention if you have to ask why...
    1. Cheating on certification test
    2. Buying certification from a NN executive's scammy company, PITA.
    3. Credit card fraud
    4. Identity theft
    5. practicing medicine without a license
    6. Lying to prospective clients
    7. Dangerous quack therapy that has been debunked by medical science.

    Why do I need to go on? Is this not enough for you? Or are you one of those self-centered, selfish jerks who only cares that it worked for you, never mind that it's harming others?
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  12. anon walker Moderator

    So you think people who can't complete a drug rehab program should start one?
    That's the Narconon business model, and you say you're not a Scientologist! I call shenanigans, you sure think like one!

    How's that amends proj coming?
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  13. anon walker Moderator

    Those bracelets look good on him...
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  14. Will this do?
  15. The Wrong Guy Member

    NBC Rock Center Guest Lucas Catton Attacked by Scientology - Canada cult |

    By David Love

    Former ex-President of Narconon Arrowhead, Lucas Catton, was attacked with malicious lies yesterday on a Scientology website.

    Following the airing of NBC Rock Center’s Narconon expose promo on April 3, 2013 and last night’s full segment, Catton experienced Scientology’s practice of "attacking the attacker. In the 1970s, Hubbard codified the term within Scientology, as "Dead Agenting."

    Lucas Catton responded to Scientology’s dead agent attacks on his website:

    Continued at
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  16. Anonymous Member

  17. eddieVroom Member

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  18. Random guy Member

    ^^Man, I bet the regret the day they published that figure. This is one cat they won't be able to put back in the bag.^^
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  19. Scientology / Narconon: The links that bind, since Narconon is 100% Scientology, they're one and the same.

    Speaking of chain lockers:

    What kind of hideous, cruel, miserable, abusive, miscreant cult leader would ever sentence a 4 year old child (Derek Greene) to two full days of solitary confinement in one of these foul, nasty chain lockers without the light for the 'crime' of inadvertently chewing on a telex aboard the Apollo in 1968?

    Why that great humanitarian, 1 L. Ron Hubbard, of course.........

    To Ron.....Hip....hip.....

    Google: L. Ron Hubbard / Abuse of Children in Scientology

    Google: Scientology Cadet Org.
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  20. RightOn Member

    getting closer.
    but they just need to take out the "There are allegations that"
  21. RightOn Member

    that pic and the black and white one with the bridge on it are by far the most damaging.
    Anyone have a pic of that handy for this thread?
  22. She (Lisa King) gets in some good swipes in a very short article:
  23. Random guy Member

    At your service!

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  24. RightOn Member

    ^ thanks Random
    it really does say it all
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  25. HOC Member

    An absolutely fantastic spot. Well done my friend. :)
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  26. Anonymous Member

    latest comments on NBC
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  27. Irishgal55 Member

    DeathHamster you rock!
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  28. How do they get away with using the AOL instant messager guy? Is AOL associated with the cult? Or are they just infringing on copyrights again?
  29. patriot75 Member

    sank you very much...
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  30. patriot75 Member
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