Nazi-tech suppresses/shatters Cleveland Anons

Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by Anonymous, Apr 18, 2009.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Re: Nazi-tech suppresses/shatters Cleveland Anons

    Remember that photo often posted of the guy with the shirt with all the memes on it? The epitome of "cancer"? I think that came from a protest where some channers protested against furries. It was pretty fail. (Compared to that, chanology has been win and the faggotry more tolerable.)
    Now, if trolling furries, the enemies of all /m/en, only can bring out a couple of guys, while Scientology is so disliked that the /m/en even formed an alliance with the furries to fight Scientology, suggests to me that these aren't channers. These are yet another case of Scientologists' chilren being send out to start shit at protests. They usually have been sent out to just walk by, stop briefly, and sugggest violence and terrorism. What you're seeing is a more advanced variant of that OP, which was staged for the benefit of the visiting publics and non-scientologists who were there for a WISE meeting.

    Channers wouldn't go out to protest IRL against protest-channers. They'll just complain online or troll your forums. Muk and chuk walking over org property was pretty much a giveaway that they were on friendly terms with the org, I think.
  2. lokimotion Member

    Re: Nazi-tech suppresses/shatters Cleveland Anons

    Curious if this is any relation to that NWOTA nonsense on Youtube?
  3. ExBSO Member

    It would have been random Trolls. We were under STRICT orders not to confront you guys, but only record, take pictures and get as much info as possible.
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  4. ExBSO Member

    Thats my green mini van in the back parking lot, lol. Do you remember what day this was?

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