NATO report threatens to 'persecute' Anonymous

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. Herro Member

    Why u so stoopid?
  2. Boris Korczak Member

    A little tip on the eventual ban on Fawkes masks - use camouflage paints that the military, SWAT teams and others use. It can not be forbidden, otherwise women will be deprived of their mascara and lipsticks. (What an ugly thought).
    Stay safe.
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  3. SwordofTruth Member

    I was thinking about facepaints the other day as well Boris, I even had thoughts of a burqa, the police in the UK don't mind taking you down for protesting but if you in any way appear to be muslim they seem to get cold feet.
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  4. Clever Name Member

    That's different, they have to kill us in order to save us.
  5. WhiteNight Member

    I see what you did there.
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  6. Hmm..Well we do have other ways of covering up our faces bandanas,paper masks. Like boris said camoflauge can work. We can paint our faces like guy fawkes. And oddly enough the police don't care about wearing our masks. And thanks boris for the great advice you are a great asset to our cause
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  7. WhiteNight Member

    Scarves, hats and sunglasses. or banadanas etc. It'll be harder for those in hotter countries, but I suppose we'll just have to wait and see if the CoS lasts that long (fingers crossed).
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  8. fake beards for everybody ,
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  9. Anonymous Member

  10. Anonymous Member

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  11. Boris Korczak Member

    The system is created by us, for us, and we have done it all by our negligence,stupidity, indiference and voting.
    We have the tools, technology and the will to change the world if we only were not so lazy we could do it.
    Protesting in the streets is not the only way. Sending email to our elected jerks and telling the what we shall do if they do not change their policies and votes on the floor of our parlament,senate, congress, and get out of their comfortable offices and vote for legislations that serve the people, not them for a change.
    Let's look in the mirror and see how guilty we all are. Revolution is not killing each other but by using the strenght of our existing laws and constitution demanding changes here and now.
    The governments rule by fear, mass hysteria and an unreal threats that they cause by their policies, king-makings, system democratising all over the world by brutal force, killing civilians, children and women. Is that a real democracy?
    The governments with our silent blessing support regimes that are occupiers of foreign land and governments who deprive their own population of freedom for the price of oil that we are addicted to.
    It is a time to wake up, get on your computers, phones, put some walking shoes on and change the world.
    Stay safe.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    <insert Katie Holmes joke here>
  13. Anonymous Member

  14. Herro Member

    By the way, for the record. Boris is insane. Careful about listening to him.
  15. Zak McKracken Member


    Herro is a known Internet troll. He has a history of disrupting important threads with what appears to be jealous hatred of the successes of Anonymous. He's widely suspected of having undisclosed ties with $cientology's "Office of Special Affairs". He is unrepentant and thoroughly despicable, and should have been banned years ago.


    thank you.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    Oh, you!
  17. Anonymous Member

    By some strange coincidence herro's real name appears here.
    Strange that.
  18. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Herro can be a troll and a painful faggot sometimes...

    ...However, Herro makes strong, truthful points sometimes and makes you think about what you are saying.

    So, no. I will not ignore or report Herro.

    As for this NATO stuff:

    Again, I think they are more focused on the retards that do DDoS and hacking. Granted, I am not stupid enough to think they won't look this way. However, I am going to wait and see what they do before I decide to panic or declare this a bunch of tinfoil hat moonbat shit.
  19. WhiteNight Member

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  20. Anonymous Member

    See: that's what you get for voting.

    I would create a special sock just to do this, but alas I have not the time.
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  21. Loki's spawn Member

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  22. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Always impressed by the quality of your argument...
  23. Anonymous Member

    Herro's Korean??

  24. WhiteNight Member

    Yep, north korean born and bred.
  25. Anonymous Member

    Yes, cause possing as Scientologists for purposes of trolling, challenging Anons to prove obnoxious and poorly established claims, and talking smack is obviously a bannable offense for Anonymous. By the way how does that bait you just chewed taste?
  26. Zak McKracken Member

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  27. Anonymous Member

    Well, if you're intelligent about responding to it. Quite often, he comes up with the exact arguments Scientology is actually going to deploy in the real world. If you can't respond to them even here without spazzing out instead of coping with them, maybe the arguments have merit.

    Yes, relentlessly playing Devil's advocate or just deliberately being a Debbie Downer on every thread can be tiresome. It can be useful, though, not to have a total echo chamber of agreement with the party line which, guess what, can be and actually is wrong from time to time.

    tl;dr Herro is a uselessful faggot.
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  28. Zak McKracken Member


    His relentless attacks on Boris have me half-convinced that he was in fact the puppy-poisoner. I cannot condone or support any person that poisons puppies, so Herro remains on my shitlist until proven otherwise.
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  29. Anonymous Member

    It's kind of funny when people talk about Herro as if their approval or disapproval of his presence would actually have any effect on it.
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  30. WhiteNight Member
    This might be old, but see the quoted passage:
    They don't know what a Hydra is....
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  31. DeathHamster Member

    Yeah, when did that happen?
  32. SwordofTruth Member

    Yeah I'm still waiting for my size green jump suit to arrives guys what is happening !!!
  33. SwordofTruth Member

    reading the comments on the article made my head hurt, between the derpers who think their vote matters and changes anything to the "anon are illegal", did find alot of good ones though, my favourite.

    "What the american revolutionaries did was illegal. They stand behind anonymity because they are forced to. Without it they would be persecuted outright.

    One person can hack sony and say they are anon. Another might expose government corruption and call themselves anon. Another may bake a cake and give it out on teh street and call themselves anon. Another might write a press release.

    Any action by a single individual does not represent the group as a whole. Just like a drop of water is not an accurate picture of the entire ocean."
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  34. WhiteNight Member

    Love that quote.
  35. Anonymous Member

    Greek mythology fail

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