NATO report threatens to 'persecute' Anonymous

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. WhiteNight Member


    Yeah, I'm still wondering how Obama would come kick our asses with military force (like he threatened) without declairing war on Canada, the Aussies and most of Europe.
    Also; for NATO:
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Anyway, the sites associated with the wikileaks defense seem to have imploded a month or so back.
  3. Anonymous Member

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    Scientology's CAN President works for NATO...

    Get this...

    Rev. George Robertson is a Scientology tool I worked with, at OSA's direction, to help destroy the original Cult Awareness Network.

    Robertson was the clergy rep for the cult when it hoodwinked alot of religious organizations & churches to join a cult-financed "Interfaith Council on Human Rights" to demonize deprogramming, members & officials of the CAN, and any critics of the Church of Scientology.

    Robertson's actions were funded & coordinated by Mike Rinder, who I took instructions from in working with & monitoring George Robertson.

    George was touted as the V.P. of the Maryland Bible College seminary, which is in fact, 2 office spaces in a small strip mall & not accredited. The original CAN listed the MBC as a deceptive cult group.

    When CAN was subsequently destroyed and re-opened as a Scientology front group in Los Angeles a decade ago, George was appointed by Miscavige as it's International Director.

    He still holds the position although the new CAN has relocated to the Chicago suburb of Barrington, Illinois (the home of the original CAN) and it's being supervised by Randy Kretchmar, head of OSA-Chicago.

    In addition to his many "accomplishments," George is now working as a consultant for NATO??

    Person Profile: George Robertson

    Forsythe Consulting
    70 Roundwood Court, 3 Meath Crescent
    London E2 0QL
    United Kingdom
    forsythe Consulting
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  5. remember gene simmons trying to arrest us? He failed. But we were lucky that time now the government is breathing down our necks and they are close to taking off our guy fawkes masks. If the UK is going to support us then this will be bad for britfags as well as irishfags too. This is starting to remind me of the bill 52 the bill to ban demonstrations.
  6. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    NATO is a joke. Let them chase the vapor that is Anonymous.
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  7. WhiteNight Member

    Only time will tell. Hope you're right.

    The UK will be balls deep in this. We'll fucking love it. 5 kids were arrested for Op Payback remember?

    Pics related:
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  8. Boris Korczak Member

    NATO is an American franchise and anybody who thinks that it is not is wrong.
    NATO will act to defend American interest whatever it might be and it is run straight by Pentagon.
    A new form of colonialism claiming spreading democracy, not knowing what democracy really is will act appropiately by packing our troops on the ships from all 153 countries and getting them back home.
    Threatening Anonymous is stupid, senseless and unwinnible. Banning CO$ might be a right move to limit Anonymous activity and playing honest open policies and granting a total freedom of information might be the best way.
    Obviously Anonymous was noticed by the "mighty" governments and proves that Anonymous is something the have to recon with.
    Stay safe.
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  9. WhiteNight Member

    Well said.
    And yes, he's right. (30 second history lesson: NATO was set up during the Cold War as an "an attack on one is an attack on all" treaty between Europe and the US to defend against a Russian invasion. It's first Secaratry General said that it was created to "keep the Russians out, the Americans in and the Germans down".)
    And on the democracy side, it's easy to argue that because the US "spreads Democracy" through waging war on any nation it pleases, using torture, killing unarmed civilians by the hundred thousands and all manner or other undemocratic means, it not longer actually stands for democracy.
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  10. Anonymous Member

    LOL White Night!!!1!
  11. Anonymous Member

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  12. Anonymous Member

    I'll just flash them my tits and they'll be cool.
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  13. Anonymous Member

    Oh hai Brak
  14. Anonymous Member

  15. *Abdicates her crown*
  16. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    FWIR NATO is shitting bricks over morans who do shit like DDOS attacks or shit like the Sony faggotry.

    Let me ask this: What happens if some moran comes on here and suggests doing that shit? How well does that go over?

    Now let me ask this: Have you done any of that illegal shit or anything illegal?

    No? Then don't worry. Last I checked, protesting was still legal and protected under the First Amendment.
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  17. Anonymous Member

  18. DeathHamster Member

  19. sooleater Member

  20. Anonymous Member

    I think they are shitting bricks over what Anon might do in the future than what it has done so far. Personally I think many here are overreacting. It does not look like NATO is going after Anonymous, just that some in NATO see Anonymous as an emerging potential threat to their security.

    It was obviously incredibly stupid of them to mention Anonymous by name and that stupidity is doubled by them not catching the "persecute" mistake. Now Anon might be a threat to them when they weren't before. What incompetent fools.
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  21. WhiteNight Member

    (Hate to grammar nazi, but it's "moron")

    1) Yes, they're shitting themselves over them because:
    2) On this site? No I'm sure none of us have ever gotten involved in that kind of stuff. And it isn't really met with open arms here. But we're "Anonymous" and therefore we “could potentially hack into sensitive government, military, and corporate files", and thus are probably fair game.

    3) Sure I've gone illegal stuff. I still do. Like sticking chewing gun underneath bus seats. And if you're going to go with the 'if you've done nothing wrong you've got nothing to fear' argument. That's simply bullshit. Everyone has, and if you by some miracle haven't, then you still might (see point #2).

    4) And if you're not in the US? Shit's getting pretty heated in the UK atm. Precrime, (arrest of people days in advance with no criminal record, because they might commit a crime in the near future., riots, and stupidly OTT surveilance ( If they wanted to they could shaft most UK Anons. Hard.

    Tinfoil section:
    [TINFOIL] The US need a new bogeyman now that they've killed Bin Laden. Who better than us? No leader. Can't reason with us. Can spin lies or twist the truth about us. And the public will never see us face to face. The invisible watcher and enemy. Nothing better when it comes to bogeymen.[/TINFOIL]
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  22. Dragononymous Member

  23. Anonymous Member

    Thier need to make us look bad is greater than our need to look good.
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  24. Anonymous Member

    Domestic American Moran

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  25. Anonymous Member

    is this site run by OSA now or is OSA run by NATO or is NATO a front group?
  26. Anonymous Member

  27. You are so kwel Boris ;) The cobblestones of Groningen miss your footsteps
  28. Loki's spawn Member

    Lol, they're fucking terrified. :eek:
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  29. Anonymous Member

    NATO is a front group of Scientology yes
  30. Anonymous Member

    Seriously. What about the fact that the US Chamber of Commerce and defence contractor HBGary were both developing programs to attack civilians.
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  31. Anonymous Member

    A military alliance threatens to "persecute" citizens within their own countries? How would NATO go about doing this? Acting militarily against a civilian population? NATO is based on an agreement between democratic governments. If you attack citizens within these democracies you could quickly undermine your own legitimacy.
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  33. Anonymous Member

  34. Anonymous Member

    And why does it go on for 5 minutes of silence?
  35. chornos Member

    My apology for that - don't know, what went wrong, but fixed it in a new vid - will remember the thing about the music the next time ;)
  36. Anonymous Member

    Newfags and NATO can't tri-force.
  37. Anonymous Member

    Edit the music now before anyone sees it and then upload it. Remember, yours is probably the one the media will pick up because the other one is shit. Maybe make it a bit less tl;dr.
  38. Anonymous Member

    Seriously, you are a fucking retard.
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  40. Zak McKracken Member

    you snipped the best part


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