National Mall Rally - >9000 Man March in DC

Discussion in 'Flash Raids' started by Hubbard-Telescope, Jul 18, 2008.

  1. Dubber Member

    Re: National Mall Rally - >9000 Man March in DC

    Silly me, I thought this raid had something to do with scientology, not showing up and saying/doing whatever the fuck.
  2. rawrz Member

    Re: National Mall Rally - >9000 Man March in DC

    Anons in Chanology have priorities (in order of importance):
    1) having fun-lulz
    2) Protesting Scientology's crimes.

    You'll notice having fun is more important to anons then just protesting. That includes doing whatever the fuck we want too IRL as long it doesn't get the cops upset. You want to tell us we can't do what ever we want in our raids? Please. Don't start a shitstorm.
  3. Honk_Honk111 Member

    Re: National Mall Rally - >9000 Man March in DC

    Normally I'd agree with you, but yelling "nigger" at a protest where the CoS is trying its hardest to make us look like bigots is fucking stupid.

    And it's not lulzy, either.
  4. anon5 Member

    Re: National Mall Rally - >9000 Man March in DC

    seconded - Remember, here at Anonymous we believe, that if at first you don't succeed, you fail.

    Rule #12: If you want to do something stupid, pick another day. These should be self explanatory. Violation of these rules during a demonstration will tarnish the reputation of Anonymous, harm the demonstration itself and leave you vulnerable to attention from law enforcement.

    It's not the right place or time. Having a bunch of people around you making you feel like you can say something that in Downtown oakland will get you shot is no justifcation for doing it anyway.

    Demonstrations are to get the word across - if that word is repeating nigger 15 times on a bullhorn try switching it to XENU instead - stay on target.
  5. captainslug Member

    Re: National Mall Rally - >9000 Man March in DC

    DON'T DO IT IN MY BACKYARD. If you didn't have to pay the consequences for what you did, then the rest of DC Anonymous would have had to, and that's the only reason I am pissed at them for saying what they said. Considering that DC is predominantly Black, yelling that into a megaphone right in front of the Lincoln Memorial is just as irresponsible as yelling "HEY LOOK, A BOMB".
    Free speech is not as free on the National Mall as some asshats want to think it is due to its proximity to historic landmarks and the security level that results from that.
    Last Thursday
  6. SciFITOlogy Member

    Re: National Mall Rally - >9000 Man March in DC


    Have no concept of anonymous or what it stands for. Everyone else I let go by but you seriously just need to shut..the..fuck..up.

    FOR YOUR INFORMATION, "HERE" is NOT anonymous and the only fail I see in this thread is the one I'm yelling about right now.
  7. Two Beans Member

    Re: National Mall Rally - >9000 Man March in DC

    I.E. saying "nigger" at a DC protest

  8. RightOn Member

    Re: National Mall Rally - >9000 Man March in DC

    Hey guys, home and well.
    DC was so cool. We had such a good time, foot blisters and all. We did not have access to a computer that morning to check Enturb for any announcements.... sooooooooooo we
    walked all the way from the hotel to the meeting spot (which was so hard for me in that heat, I am not no spring chicken yah know!)

    We got worried when I saw nobody there. This was at 10:30-10:45. :anon:One Anon instructed us to walk on down to the Memorial. We were still wondering what happened to the march and keept turning around and looking back. We were SO relieved to see everyone at the Memorial. Just SO glad we didn't go ealier and receive one of those fliers with the misinformation on it, we probaby would have left.

    I met so many nice people. Sprayed alot of people with my spray fan. It really was a great feeling to be in that location with such epic backdrops to flank the protest. I think the group shot was totally awesome in front of the Wash, Monument. I thank all the youngin's who did chat with me and who were friendly. :flowers:
    If I was 30 years younger I would of danced in the middle of all of yah! I was just tooooooo over heated.

    :alien: I myself encountered two creepy peope. One plopped himself down next to me on the grass, had no mask, just an Annon patch pinned on his shirt sleeve. Said "Hi!!!! my name is Brian! come to these things much? Where are you from? this is my 2nd time" . My friend and I looked at each other and said WTF? And I said " Up North, and nope to the guy and I said "thats nice" and then we got up and moved.
    He seemed SO snarky. Maybe I was wrong, but he just didn't fit in (clothes, attitude),, and who says "Hi my name is Brian, come to many of these?"

    :alien:And the other creepy thing was....we were sitting on the lawn and two guys (clean cut with sunglasses only) weeded their way through the crowd and bent over to read what it said on one of our napsacks and then quickly went away. It was muuuuucho creepy. I said WTF was that???? Luckily it only had a name brand on it...... but we covered it anyways when we left and changed our mask, glasses and shirts......even added a carrying bag to put my napsack in, so hopefully eveything was cool. I also feel that a guy in white shirt with grey hair with white hair in the front, carrying a green knap sack was very snarky. He stood near the tree at the base of the grass,,,,he was around since we got there at 11 and stayed till like 3:30 ,,, just standing, walking back and forth. He wasn't taking pics, but did try to enage in conversation every now and then with people. I didn't think to tell anyone, as I felt there were probably plants everywhere.:hc:

    :hooray:I was so glad to see our speakers and I thank them for bearing the heat.:flowers:

    We almost stayed to the end,,,, I helped clean up and pick up some trash , to try to do my part before we left..... and glady gave up my sign poles to help fix the first aid tent. I was overheated and needed to leave.... I had blisters on my feet and my face was gettin itchy with heat rash......:flop:
    Couldn't make the after party, :sad:but I am sure you kids had a friggin' blast. Oh how great it would have been to be young again. My spirit was with youz guys! Even though the body said no. I opted for 2 martinins and bed.:nini:

    :guyfawkes:When I woke up the next day, I had a big smile on my face. I think this was a great accomplishment for Anons and all that attended. It made my heart swell that so many peole from all over pulled together, had a day of fun, peace and protest, and at the same time made DC and all it's visitors to the monumnets a bit more informed about COS. I was also proud of myslef for making it as far as I did physcially. It was really hard for me... but I fucking did it! YEAH!!!!! :hooray:
    And to think this all started on the internet !!!!!
    It is a beautiful enigma which will go down in history.

    ANONYMOUS.... :guyfawkes:BEAUTIFUL ENIGMA:guyfawkes:.... hey I like that! Steal that if you want.

    p.s.:text: I am mostly an arm chair warrior,,,, and I write lots of letters to different, people,news,government ect..... I urge other Anons to write, write, write, till it hurts!
    The pen is mighter than the sword in between protests! (sign it anonymously of course,unless your already out)
    :guyfawkes: CARRY ON AND ONWARD!:guyfawkes:
  9. anon5 Member

    Re: National Mall Rally - >9000 Man March in DC

    O RLY?
    I have a very complete concept of what anonymous stands for it's orgins and what it does for fun, however that does not hand out licenses for being @sshats in public settings.

    BEING a thing, and being courtous to the other 6.5 BILLION other people on the planet are two very seperate things.

    And those two quotes were copypastas so here kinda means justabout everywhere doesn't it?
  10. SciFITOlogy Member

    Re: National Mall Rally - >9000 Man March in DC

    You have no concept, I don't know what bullshit happy derring doo account of anonymous you read or what meme guideline from that you follow but YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG.

    Feel free to disagree asshat, will get you nowhere
  11. captainslug Member

    Re: National Mall Rally - >9000 Man March in DC

    /TOPIC Back 2 raid reports
  12. CathyLong Member

    Re: National Mall Rally - >9000 Man March in DC

    Is there absolutely NO media on this event? SRSLY?!?!
  13. captainslug Member

    Re: National Mall Rally - >9000 Man March in DC

    Welcome to DC
  14. anon1917 Member

    Re: National Mall Rally - >9000 Man March in DC

    No- that's what you do on HABBO, and on FORUMS.

    Most of ya'll nevar leave your keybaords, and it's obvious that some of you can't distinguish between reality and the internets.

    If you think that's so damned funny, try and do it at the next raid here in NYC- we're polishing up a new six-ton banhammer, just for you.
  15. Re: National Mall Rally - >9000 Man March in DC

    ITT: Internet Tough Guy vs Internet Terrorists

  16. Two Beans Member

    Re: National Mall Rally - >9000 Man March in DC

    The Readers
  17. Re: National Mall Rally - >9000 Man March in DC

    And of them only those who realize they are aspects of the same character. Even Hell has its heroes.
  18. CherrieZ Member

    Re: National Mall Rally - >9000 Man March in DC

    HOLY XENU I'm still wading through all the pics and vids!! Sounds like an amazing day :hooray:
  19. anonymusicz Member

    Re: National Mall Rally - >9000 Man March in DC

    /r/ thread for another moralfag vs hatemachinefag debate
  20. Themistocles Member

    Re: National Mall Rally - >9000 Man March in DC

    Anonymizz: This is my last post on this matter since I don't want to get in the way of any actual reporting. I stand by what I said before, this is not about free speech, it is the ability to recognize and abide by decency. When a little kid learns a new word and discovers that people don't like to hear it, he says it again and again until he is bored of it. This is an instance of someone who never got bored and never grew up.
  21. Daywatch Member

    Re: National Mall Rally - >9000 Man March in DC

    people are free to yell stupid things
    people are also free to tell them to STFU

    not a big issue morons
  22. AYNonymous Member

    Re: National Mall Rally - >9000 Man March in DC

    Wait, this means that Anon is now tougher than DOGS...

    How's our anti-curtain countermeasures projects coming along? Soon, we shall be invincible!
  23. subrosa Member

    Re: National Mall Rally - >9000 Man March in DC

    I would like to say congrats to the DC anons! You have helped send $cientology back to the drug-induced hallucinations they came from.
  24. Vir Member

    Re: National Mall Rally - >9000 Man March in DC

    Yeah. Work on your IRL sage technology. Playing the 8-bit version of chocolate rain straight into her face would be my expression of free speech. An IRL Touhou hijack would be nice too, but we'd need lots of girls (or traps) in silly dresses to pull that off - looks like DC had that covered, they only need to put something on their heads.

    Wish I could have come, but crossing the Atlantic is a bit much. We'll have to settle for coming to London from time to time.

    Did the SF party van stop at any orgs on the way back across the country?


    7/19/08: The Over 9000 Anon March's Cake Eating Contest
  25. iaxiloll Member

    Re: National Mall Rally - >9000 Man March in DC

    ^^^^^^^^^^well said
  26. Whanonstler Member

    Re: National Mall Rally - >9000 Man March in DC

    Whoever she is, my penis is suing her for damages.
  27. Re: National Mall Rally - >9000 Man March in DC

    I am not "Anon" and not privy to all its nomenclature, but having lived in DC for almost ten years, yelling the "N-word" in DC is not only fucking reprehensible and without a point, it will get you killed.

    Seriously, you can be anarchists and strive for chaos, but this however, does not entitle you to be cocksucker from the deepest recesses of hell.

    There are children of every nationality who visit these historic places, as well as just plain regular folk. Had I witnessed the stupid bitch who was screaming that word, I would have punch her in the mouth and shoved her bullhorn up her ass. For reals. There's fun and then there's endangering those around you by inciting hate speech. God, if this is what Anonymous stands for and people are willing to defend this c*nt, well Anonymous won't be around for long.

    Why not call yourselves the KKK for crying out loud?
  28. BagAnon Member

    Re: National Mall Rally - >9000 Man March in DC

    Lots of fun, although us Indyfags spent most of our time on the front lines with our very popular signs. Many thanks to everyone who helped with the water, Gatorade, ice pops, etc. -- I'm getting too fat for this shit.

    Afterparty DJ blew his load too early. Save some of the decent and relevant music for later in the night, will ya? Not even the cute and inebriated nerd girls could make dancing to some of that crap attractive.

    8/10 Excellent raid, would protest again

    e: oh god if nobody has a good pic of me with my sign I'm going to BAWWW manly tears
  29. Re: National Mall Rally - >9000 Man March in DC

    It's okay for Southpark, the dome, and ED to talk bad about jews, but nigger is too much?

    Listen, either we're all going to be pussies about language and institute a verbal morality statute as in Demolition Man, or we're going to protect free speech.

    There really is no alternative. No middle ground. Any middle ground is moving in one direction or the other.

    As someone who is obviously of jewish descent, I don't care. I make Nazi jokes.

    Why is it that some people get to be butthurt, but others got to tough it out.

    Slavery vs. gas ovens. Hmm. Tough decision.

    I realize that in certain parts of the country you can lose your life for an ill worded comment.

    But isn't that what the spirit of the Darwin Awards is about?

    Sure it was tactless. But, anon is not an organization. It's a collective of loose cannons.

    If you're offended, grab the MP when she's done and say "THANKS AND FUCK THIS CUNT. GO TO HELL."

    People need to understand we're a collection of loose cannons, and not on some moral high ground compared to the church.

    Be pissed. But being butthurt is stupid. Because you don't understand that you're not liable for her actions, and you didn't respond that way, other people won't understand as well.

    And that should have been the end of it.
  30. xenubarb Member

    Re: National Mall Rally - >9000 Man March in DC

    Epic pincer movement gais.
    We got 'em on the left and right coast simultaneously last weekend!
    That's gotta hurt!
  31. JOE999999999 Member

    Re: National Mall Rally - >9000 Man March in DC

    You were awesomeness wrapped in win! Thank you for coming. The Scilons were having a bad weekend, and were even turning away people interested in LRon. In fact, they locked their doors at 7:00 pm on Saturday night......
  32. Re: National Mall Rally - >9000 Man March in DC

  33. Re: National Mall Rally - >9000 Man March in DC

    Were I not elsewhere interviewing anons and OG and witnessed this, you can be sure I would have said something. I had my kid with me and I am not going to teach my kids through words, but rather action. Perhaps she would have sat on me, or shanked me, but rest assured, I fear nothing.

    And why? Because I am of Jewish descent and long ago I deemed it my responsibility to stand up for shit that's wrong, whether it be dangerous or not.

    I am NOT against free speech, but what the fuck point was there in yelling that? Please tell me so I will understand. Free speech entitles you to express your opinion, whether is be supportive of in dissent of something. It however does not entitle you to go around insulting fucking other groups of people with racial epithets. Had she yelled any other racist remark I would be just as disappointed.

    Look, I won't pretend to understand all the nuances of Anonymous, or try and fit in, but as a grown woman, I will also not sit idly by and act like somethings "ok" when it sure as fuck isn't.

    Oh, and sometimes a slap in the mouth is just the answer. If you think for one second I am not someone who will back up my words with my fists, you don't know me. Some things are worth getting punched over.

    So ban me, flame me, or whatevs, that shit is uncool and anyone defending her for doing that is just a big an asshole and a coward.

    I know my opinion doesn't mean shit around here, but oh well. See I am not Anonymous, my name is Dawn Olsen, and you know where to find me if anyone has something to say.
  34. Whanonstler Member

    Re: National Mall Rally - >9000 Man March in DC

    Honestly, though I freely admit I was not there, the stupid bitch with the megaphone should be ashamed of herslf. And the TDers who are bawwing like little faggots about Free Speech can go eat a bowl of fuck and the mods can give me an infraction for saying so.

    Yelling "nigger" on the internet? Yeah sure, fine. Yelling it in the real world at a rally to attention whore it up? Pure refined Loss.

    Hope that retard gets fed up with moralfags coming down on her and stops going to rallies. We need lulz, but we don't need retardfags.

    Not being able to discern between real life and the interwebs will be the final cancer that kills Anonymous, at least as far as Chanology goes.

    And to the twat in question? Leave the fucking footbullets to the scifags, kthx!
  35. Vir Member

    Re: National Mall Rally - >9000 Man March in DC

    You'll always get some people who think free speech means you get to go into a children's theater performance and perform sex acts on the stage, or something outrageous like that.

    Next time something like that happens, why not lure them to "the hood"? Do you know where the hood is?
  36. Sven Member

    Re: National Mall Rally - >9000 Man March in DC

    Thanks to Clearwater for adopting me (and not spaying me). It was my first anon protest and the rally and parties wouldn't have been nearly as epic if you guys weren't around. And thanks to 612 and Dcane for helping me find my phone! I had never had so much lulz in my life and know there will be more to come as I will be joining anon for more protests.

    The next morning I woke up with weird sunburns and bruises but they're battle scars as far as I'm concerned. The presence of over 9000 bubbles was an endless source of amusement for me and the dance of the longcat during the rally and at the after party was so fucking fun! I'll always remember singing "wheels on the bus" to the kiddies on the way to the after party in our attempt to "keep it G". Can't wait for the next one, peace out.
  37. WattsAnon Member

    Re: National Mall Rally - >9000 Man March in DC

    I am truly at a loss for words regarding this stupid bitch yelling what she did. You dumb fucking cunt, if you think that's free speech, God help your generation.
  38. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: National Mall Rally - >9000 Man March in DC

    Your opinion means as much as anyone else.

    On July 19th, the hottest day in the history of the planet. Anonymous went to the National Mall to protest for a variety of reasons.

    One of the primary ones is that speech should not be bullied from being seen nor heard. The reason why the "internet" came to form Chanology. I find it interesting that defending the right for some one to be able to say what they please regardless of tone has so far been backlashed by threats of legal action (in the terms of police involvement) and physical harm.

    The same constitutional rights which allowed us to be there and express our opinions unhindered are going to attract all sorts of speech some good, some not so good and some plain retarded.

    I've heard that it's fine to say faggots, niggers, jews did 9/11 as long as it's on the internet but once that speech goes from one medium to another that speech becomes offensive and should be censored.

    All I can say to you is welcome to Anonymous the herd of cats is fucked up. They will think something funny that you will find offensive. Dawn there are people in this world who would find you critizing a "church" to be offensive language. I'm personally here to ensure any voice does not get silenced regardless of the content or whether I agree to it or not. I did not go off on the freezoner who spent 40 minutes babling about how scientology is the way standing in the middle of the shady spot. He had a right to spew what I think is completely fucktarded speech. Just like those anons had a right to express their fucktarded speech and you were free to interview all those anons without fear that some CoS operative was going to beat the shit out of you because he disagreed with your form of expression.

    You guys want to hijack this thread from postgame reports of epic win to bawwwwing about a 3 second incident which Anonymous would get (pic to be attached soon) fine, so be it.
  39. Phil-Anon Member

    Re: National Mall Rally - >9000 Man March in DC

    The IRL raids are aimed at informing the public about $cifaggotry, which requires the public to not dismiss Anons as a bunch of stupid bigoted trolls (okay, we are trolls, and many of us are stupid at times, and there's a bit of bigotry here or there, but it's all in fun, right?). If the public decides we're not listening to, we can get >9000 anons to stand on their heads in the Capitol Building rotunda, and nobody but the cops will care.

    Free speech = EPIC WIN
    Damaging Chanology's relationship with public and cops = EPIC FAIL

    Back on topic, awesomely done Anonymous. Just because the media in most parts of the U.S. has their heads up their collective ass over Co$ vs. Chanology doesn't mean we aren't reaching people. Who knows? Maybe Junior looked out of his helicopter and wondered "WTF is going on down there?"
  40. Whanonstler Member

    Re: National Mall Rally - >9000 Man March in DC

    That isn't it, not for me anyway. Context is what makes it all right or even fucking funny as hell or makes it a stupid short sighted act of retardation. Changing from the medium of the internet to the "medium" of the real world involves thought and discretion.

    Thinking you can shout whatever the hell you want in the real world as if you would write it on the internet really shows who the newfag *really* is, who needs to LURK MOAR but in solid good old reality.

    The real world has its own etiquette, rather like boards having their own culture and netiquette (as much as I hate that "word") and only a basement dwelling retard would not see that shifting from one mode of expression to the other necessitate changes in how it is expressed.

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