National Association of Forensic Counselors vs. Narconon

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    If the Scientologists hope to survive, they must apply the tech standardly.

    Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex.


    HCO Dir
    LRH Comm

    ATTACKS ON SCIENTOLOGY (Additional Pol Ltr)

    Exec Sec Hats
    HCO Sec Hat
    Legal Officer Hat
    LRH Comm Hat
    Dist Sec Hat
    Press Hat
    Sect 5 Dept 3

    Anyone proposing an investigation of or an "Enquiry" into Scientology must receive this reply and no other proposal:

    "We welcome an investigation into (Mental Healing or whoever is attacking us) as we have begun one ourselves and find shocking evidence."

    You can elaborate on the evidence we have found and lay it on thick attacking the attackers only.
    NEVER agree to an investigation of Scientology. ONLY agree to an investigation of the attackers

    This was the BIG error made in Victoria. I Okayed an Enquiry into all Mental healing. I ordered evidence on psychiatric murders to be collected. Non-compliance with these orders brought on the loss of Melbourne and the law in Victoria against Scientology. This was the non-compliance that began it. The original order I gave was relayed as "we welcome an Enquiry into Scientology . . ." or it was changed to that in Melbourne.

    This is correct procedure:

    (1) Spot who is attacking us.
    (2) Start investigating them promptly for FELONIES or worse using own professionals, not outside agencies.

    (3) Double curve our reply by saying we welcome an investigation of them.

    (4) Start feeding lurid, blood sex crime actual evidence on the attackers to the press.

    Don't ever tamely submit to an investigation of us. Make it rough, rough on attackers all the way.

    You can get "reasonable about it" and lose. Sure we break no laws. Sure we have nothing to hide. BUT attackers are simply an anti-Scientology propaganda agency so far as we are concerned. They have proven they want no facts and will only lie no matter what they discover. So BANISH all ideas that any fair hearing is intended and start our attack with their first breath. Never wait. Never talk about us - only them. Use their blood, sex, crime to get headlines. Don't use us.

    I speak from 15 years of experience in this. There has never yet been an attacker who was not reeking with crime. All we had to do was look for it and murder would come out.

    They fear our Meter. They fear freedom. They fear the way we are growing. Why?

    Because they have too much to hide.

    When you use that rationale you win. When you go dishwater and say "we honest chickens just plain love to have you in the coop, Brer Fox," we get clobbered. The right response is "We militant public defenders of the freedom of the people want that there Fox investigated for eating living chickens!" Shift the spotlight to them. No matter how. Do it!

    You can elaborate on the formula. Let's say some other branch of government wants to investigate us via the press Just apply the formula:

    "We welcome a public enquiry into (that branch activity) as we already have begun to investigate their (...)."

    It will always work. It even would have worked on the U.S. F.D.A. when they first began five years before their raid on DC. They run! And that's all we want.

    The way we will eventually stop all attacks from there on out is by processing the society as follows:

    (1) Locate a source of attack on us.
    (2) Investigate it.
    (3) Expose it with wide lurid publicity.

    You see the same thing in a preclear. He has a rotten spot in his behaviour. He attacks the practitioner. The spot is located on a meter. It blows and the preclear relaxes.

    Well this is just what is happening in the society. We are a practitioner to the society. It has rotten spots in it. Those show up in attacks an us. We investigate and expose - the attack ceases.

    We use investigators instead of E-Meters. We use newspapers instead of auditor reports. But it's the same problem exactly.

    So long as we neglect our role as auditor-to-the-society we will be attacked.

    Society is pretty crazy. It's a raw jungle. So it will take a lot of work. We must be willing to put in that work as a group or we'll be knocked about.


    Therefore we must act like a reform group.

    The way to seize the initiative is to use our own professionals to investigate intensively parts of the society that may attack us. Get an ammunition locker full. Be sure of our facts. And then expose via the press.

    If we do this right, press, instead of trying to invent reasons to attack us will start hanging around waiting for our next lurid scoop.

    We must convert from an attacked group to a reform group that attacks rotten spots in the society. We should not limit ourselves to mental healing or own line. We should look for groups to investigate and blow the lid off and become known as a mightly [sic] reform group. We object to slavery, oppression, torture, murder, perversion, crime, political sin and anything that makes Man unfree.

    The only error we can make is disperse our investigation. We do a preliminary look, then we must select a target and investigate it until we have the cold facts and then BANG, fire the salvo.

    Don't worry about libel if our facts indicate rottenness. The last thing that target will do is sue as then we would have a chance to prove it in court, which they are terrified of our doing.

    Remember - the only reason we are in trouble with the press or government is that we are not searching out and exposing rotten spots in the society. We must practice on the whole group called society. If we do not it will attack us just as preclear will attack a Scientologist that won't audit him.

    To get wholly over to cause we must select targets, investigate and expose before they attack us.

    We have at this writing a long way to go. But we might as well start somewhere. Begin by investigating any attacking group, find and expose the dead bodies. Then work on to our selecting the targets.

    And that will handle it all.


    LRH: ml

    Copyright © 1966
    by L. Ron Hubbard
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    Sadly CARF needs to be lead to water but can't be forced to drink. A page from these folks book they could take. Sounds like people need to start hounding CARF again. This is a 2012 complaint sent to them.

    TO: CARF International
    6951 East Southpoint Road Tucson, AZ 85756, USA
    From: Radio Paul

    The following information is a complaint about your accreditation of Narconon Arrowhead in Oklahoma. I have limited the scope of this complaint to what I see as some of the more egregious actions of Narconon and CARF surrounding this matter. It is clear that the issues your organization should be concerned about go far beyond the information enclosed here, and I recommend that you request interviews with victims in this matter and conduct a full investigation.

    I will be breaking down my concerns into three categories 1. Narconon is Scientology and not a secular rehab program. 2. CARF accreditation and 3. Past and current abuses by Narconon. I will be providing links to documents as well as attaching photos and other supporting evidence. If, for any reason, you feel that I have not provided sufficient documentation for any of the allegations, please let me know, as I can supply you with it. My objective is for CARF to take the responsible action of withdrawing its accreditation of Narconon Arrowhead and to improve its standards for its approval process. I will also disclose that I am a journalist and that I am currently covering this story for my listening (radio) audience.

    Narconon is Scientology, not a secular rehab program
    Despite Narcononʼs claims that it is secular, it is not. It is fully documented by experts and ex-patients that Narconon is a recruiting ground for Scientology and that the processes involved are designed to indoctrinate individuals into Scientology. Despite its claims of a 70% success rate, Narconon has no credible standard to base that rate on, but, in fact, it has been shown that Narconon exposes addicts to greater danger than if they went to a real rehab facility. One of the biggest concerns I have heard from people is that they felt they were tricked into Narconon. They were told it was both secular and medically endorsed, when it is neither. One can argue that Narconon obtains money under false pretenses, and I feel there is intentional fraud taking place as well as intentional negligence by confusing people and keeping them from receiving medically endorsed treatments.

    1. Ed Dearborn is the head of the Orange County CA Scientology Org (church). He has his own drug detox facility and uses the exact same program as Narcononʼs New Life Detoxification Program or Purif, but called The Purification Rundown in Scientology. On his site, he acknowledges this program is 100% spiritual and has no medical value whatsoever. This is relevant because Narconon claims it does have medical value. In fact, once one looks at the staples of this program, it is clear that it cannot provide real help to those in need. I recommend reading these expertsʼ findings from the 1991 Oklahoma Mental Health Board Review of Narconon: (Ed Dearbornʼs site) I am also attaching screen shots of Ed Dearbornʼs site and his domain registry.

    2. Please review the following photos (Bridge 1974 NN Bridge / Hubbard Communication 1972 / Still from a Scientology video showing Narconon logos coming out of Scientology Orgs (churches). Each of these photos shows that Narconon is a Scientology program and is seen by Scientology and Narconon as such.

    3. Professor Stephen Kent was deposed in a recent Narconon RICO case in Georgia. He testified as an expert witness that Narconon is 100% Scientology and differs in no way. Narconon simply changed the covers on the materials.

    I submit to CARF and other investigating parties that they will see similarities in the Georgia RICO case, the investigation of Narconon Arrowhead, and the findings from the Quebec case. This reinforces that the issues are institutional and indicate that reform for Narconon Arrowhead is not an option and is not likely.

    4. Scientology materials are kept and used on the Narconon property. Why would Scientology materials be kept on the premises unless they were meant to be used? In fact, there are statements that they are used on patients all the time. But, as I already pointed out, Narconon materials are just relabeled Scientology materials.

    5. Narcononʼs own program acknowledges that it has no medical value or real benefits and should not be recognized as having such. Please read the disclaimer on page 3 of Narcononʼs own course material.

    CARF accreditation
    1. How did a conflict of interest arise with a supporter of Narconon getting on staff with CARF and pushing Narcononʼs accreditation, then going to work for Narconon? I speak of WILLIAM KENT MCGREGOR

    I am concerned by a phone discussion I recently had with a CARF representative who stated: “I donʼt believe he is working with CARF anymore.” CARF does not know? As stated in the provided links, he is a man who sexually assaulted patients and was sued over this. In fact, he blew off the civil suit and did not attend the trial. He had a million- dollar judgment against him. How did CARF accept a person like this on its staff? What measures have been put in place since then to prevent this from happening again? Even if William Kent McGregor no longer works with CARF, the accreditation that Narconon still has comes from the fruit of that conflict of interest and needs to be fully investigated and reviewed.

    2. Narconon has no medical training for staff and ex-patients become staff overnight. They take a Scientology course, and their only certification is printed in-house. That is all it takes. There is no regular medical staff on the premises. Ex-patients who have left the property are in need of long-term outpatient care and are not in a position to be caring for others, because preventing relapses and dealing with financial, family and other matters should be the focus of an ex-patient.

    3. Narconon does not meet even the most minimal medical standards and practices for a rehab. They make false statements that they give complete medical evaluations but they do not, and I have documentation to that fact. Here is where Narconon claims a complete medical evaluation

    4. Narconon programs are not recognized as legitimate treatment anywhere in the world, by reputable pier reviewed organizations.

    5. The public would like to know why CARF gave accreditation to Narconon after the state of Oklahoma denied it certification in the 1990s. Narconon, by its own doctrine, is not allowed to change what it calls Hubbard Tech and, therefore, the same reasons for which the state denied certification had to still be an issue on the same day CARF issued an accreditation to Narconon.

    6. CARF is giving accreditation to an organization for drug detox that sells itself as secular but, in truth, pays royalties to Scientology, occupies land purchased by A.B.L.E. (Association for Better Living and Education), a Scientology front group, and is run by a fanatical element of Scientology called the Sea Org, whose members sign a billion-year contract to serve Scientology. (See Hubbard communication dated 1972). Gary Smith, the current director at Narconon Arrowhead, reports to the Sea Organization and Scientology leaders. This is a photo of an affidavit that Gary Smith gave on behalf of Scientology in a lawsuit confirming that he works directly for them. Feel free to contact me for the full document if needed.

    7. Narconon Arrowhead does not meet CARFʼs own standards. I am still amazed that CARF would accredit an organization that the state would not certify, especially if CARF did so without ensuring that the reasons the state had denied the certification were resolved. The 1991 findings by the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health were damning in every way.

    Is CARF saying that its standards embrace the damning and disqualifying points for certification in the findings of this report? CARF standards REF:- CARF DEMPOS Accreditation Program (Standards Manual) Third Edition.

    1. Sexual misconduct is rampant in Narconon centers. Worldwide, the complaints are easily found online, but my concerns about William Kent McGregor are sufficient to explain that, from the beginning, an atmosphere was set that was conducive to this type of abuse.

    2. Patients are forced to give testimonials about how great Narconon is and how it has helped them, and this must be documented before they are allowed to move to the next level. Fear of being kept indefinitely in a program where they are forced to repeat actions like staring at another person or a wall for days on end, I suspect, is pressure enough for Narconon to get what it wants. These testimonies about how great Narconon is serve a self-promoting purpose for the institution and have no value to the patient. Testimonials have been used to slander ex-patients if they speak out, as in the cases of David Edger Love and Colin Henderson. Please see this video that shows David Love giving such a testimonial ( ) This video was posted in retaliation for David Loveʼs success in getting Narconon shut down in Canada. By publishing this testimonial, Narconon violated Canadaʼs laws, because David Love had informed Narconon that he rescinded Narcononʼs right to use it. Narconon has refused to remove the video and has gone on to claim that David Love betrayed Narconon. This is relevant because Narconon International is the parent organization responsible, and it has refused to intervene. More recently, Gary Smith of Narconon Arrowhead asked that Colin Henderson, an ex-patient from that location, sign an agreement allowing Gary Smith to comment on Colinʼs accusations and release confidential information about Colin. Narconon Arrowhead would no doubt have used the statements Colin Henderson made during the program against him. This is an Orwellian environment of people being vulnerable and manipulated or coerced into giving testimonials so that, if they later criticize Narconon, Narconon has videos and statements that it can wave to the world as a reason why you should not believe these persons.

    3. Recognized brainwashing techniques are used on patients in TR drills, Objectives (Scientology), and other non-medical procedures that patients are commanded to do. Narconon counselors are trained to “look for signs that the patient has cracked” (Narconon BOOK 4-B). This goes on for many days at a time, where patients are forced to look at walls and touch objects and repeat meaningless random tasks. Patients that I have spoken to have told me they thought they were going mad. Here is some course material from Narconon confirming that Narconon engages in this behavior:

    4. The withholding of medication. Scientology, which essentially runs Narconon, is anti- medicine and vehemently anti-psychiatry. Scientologists believe that only L. Ron Hubbard practices can help people. In fact, they believe that psychiatry is evil and responsible for things like the death camps in WWII. This is not conducive to the standard of modern mental health practices one expects a drug rehab to institute in its program for recovery. Nor is the withholding of medicine from patients. Please request from Colin Henderson and David Edgar Love statements on this subject as they both have detailed information on the withholding of medicine.

    5. Pressuring people to disconnect from their friends and families if they do not support Narcononʼs ideology. Disconnection is a Scientology practice to control members by isolating them from outside critical thinking. Since ex-patients are often hired outright and live in the Narconon compound, this is particularly dangerous to their mental health. Narconon staff behaves as a closed community, not trusting outsiders, and is documented as trying to intimidate family, protestors and the press who challenge Narconon.

    6. Threats of retaliation to staff and patients for speaking out or for meeting with people that Narconon does not approve of. This violates whistle-blower protection and interferes with the right of free association.

    7. Narcononʼs lack of a real detox program delays critical treatment. It also gives a false sense of accomplishment and security. Patients are often not given a proper medical evaluation, prior to or during the program. This can lead to things like heart attacks, liver damage, and strokes. After exiting the program, patients have not learned accepted detox and rehab coping skills. Instead, they learn things such as how to talk to ashtrays and walls. This puts them at great risk of relapsing, and when they do relapse, of engaging in counterproductive attempts to address their relapse.

    8. The use of niacin and long hours in the sauna. As stated in #7, the lack of proper medical evaluation and monitoring, combined with the (proven to have no value) practices of having people take 30 times the recommended doses of niacin and sit in a sauna for 5 hours a day, do put people who are already in ill health (as addicts often are) at great risk. It can also compromise healthy persons as well. I recommend reading the Wikipedia article about the toxicity of niacin.
    The following link points to a chart that says 150 milligrams is the maximum daily recommended amount of niacin one should take and describes the health effects that can take place if one exceeds it.

    Next, I recommend reviewing Narcononʼs own course materials promoting 4,000 milligrams for daily consumption, nearly 30 times the recommended amount.

    There is also the issue of exceeding safe amounts of exposure in a sauna. Manufacturers of saunas often state that 15 to 30 minutes is the maximum safe allowance. Yet Narconon has people spend up to 5 hours a day at temperatures of up to 170F.
    In fact, I recommend that you review Oklahomaʼs own findings on this matter:

    Vitamin "bombs" risk poisoning their users. The State of Oklahoma's examiners reported in 1991 that "The use of high amounts of vitamins and minerals in the amounts described administered by Narconon can be potentially dangerous to the patients of Narconon according to the more credible medical evidence ..." Many of the dosages set by Hubbard far exceed the recommended maximum intakes set by the United States Institute of Medicine's Food and Nutrition Board (FNB). Typically, Hubbard's dosages have not been amended for decades, despite the advance of medical and scientific knowledge; the Scientologists are required (by Hubbard's own instructions) not to alter his doctrines, even where they conflict with proven science. The Food and Nutrition Board is responsible for setting recommended dietary allowances (RDAs) and upper limits (ULs), the maximum level of daily nutrient intake that is likely to pose no risk of adverse effects. In almost every single case, Hubbard recommends dosages well above the safe limits, in some cases as much as 142 times more than the toxic level. The side effects of such huge overdoses range from liver damage, hair loss, brain swelling and nausea up to fatal heart and respiratory failure. The following table shows the levels recommended by Hubbard and the FNB, and the proven consequences of dosages beyond the FNB's upper limits.

    9. While Narconon is more than willing to dump what it sees as its failures or at-risk people on the street, at homeless shelters or at bus stops, Narconon has also adopted the attitude that it can force people to stay at Narconon against their will. I am unaware of any law that exempts Narconon from the prohibitions against kidnapping or against the unlawful detainment of free persons.

    If CARF maintains its accreditation of Narconon, Narconon should have a 24-hour hotline to which Narconon patients have unrestricted access so that they have a way out.

    I expect a written response and the ultimate findings from CARF in response to this complaint. I was told that due to privacy issues you typically do not release your findings. I do not accept that and I expect that both as a journalist and a concerned citizen for CARF to release as much information as possible to me. I understand that you might need to redact names of patients to be in compliance with the law but all non- protected information covered by the law I request be forwarded to me. I will be sharing this complaint with Oklahoma and Federal Authorities looking in to this matter as well as the other members of press and any parties wishing to take legal actions against Narconon. As someone who has covered this story and collected information on it, I welcome CARF to reach out to me as a resource for information should they have questions.
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    TO: CARF International
    6951 East Southpoint Road Tucson, AZ 85756, USA
    From: Radio Paul
    Dear Ms. Hosea:

    I want to thank you for your prompt response to my 8-6-2012 complaint. I am however concerned about the part regarding “resolving personal disputes”. To the contrary, I merely highlighted the abusive conduct
and behavior that is going on at Narconon Arrowhead which should give your organization pause regarding its ongoing accreditation.

    According to CARFʼs own Standards booklet, these serious issues behoove your organization to do a full investigation.

    I would also think with the recent deaths and the state looking in to 
this, it would be a top priority for CARF. Rest assured I am communicating with state agencies on this as you suggested and I would remind CARF that the state of Oklahoma did its job in 1991 by revoking Narcononʼs certification. I would like to know what standards CARF saw that allowed it to give accreditation to Arrowhead that the state did not? Who reviewed the practice of barking orders at ashtrays and
staring at walls and all the other issues I laid out in my complaint.
Who deemed these to be such valid and appropriate therapies for recovering drug addicts that CARF endorsed and accredited Arrowhead to run a Detox with?

    I am sure CARF does not want to see any more people hurt and I hope they investigate this matter fully. I know from your Standards, that
you have the right to demand an answer from Narconon, you have the right to suspend accreditation pending reviews and you can alter accreditation standards or revoke it altogether. You also have the
    right to do this for allegations made by any party (Page 13 of CARF Standards DMEPOS Third Edition). Also from Page 13:

    “In the event of any accreditation revocation, withdrawal, revision,
or other remedial or adverse action or any nonconformance to standards that poses immediate jeopardy to the supplierʼs beneficiaries or
hazard to the general public, CARF will promptly notify CMS, the National Supplier Clearinghouse, and ombudsman programs as

    I believe CARF is communicating that it has the right to act in the interest of those that are harmed or could be harmed and I would expect them to do that very thing. I would also suggest that CARF aggressively exercise its right to conduct on site reviews of the program and interview current patients and former patients.

    I wonʼt rehash point by point the complaint items and match them to CARFʼs standards because I believe they are self evident. If I need to
do that in the future I will but I expect CARF to know what its own standards are and to make the distinctions. This is an issue that is
not going to go away but will continue to get exposed as time goes on.
On the August 16, NBC will be covering this issue on the Rock Center Show. I will be covering it again on August 20 with a brand new guest as yet unheard from. This guest will tell about the staff selling drugs to patients, sexual abuse of patients and worse. The guest has approximately ten other former patients to back up these stories.

    I suggest to CARF that Narconon is a public menace and a risk to those that CARF calls “beneficiaries or hazard to the general public,” in
the quote above and it is in CARFʼs interest to act immediately before anyone else is harmed.

    I just read this from CARFʼs (CARF Connection Managing your risk with CARF standards Sept/Oct 2005)


    Paid workers are employees, including interns, of the organization. In many organizations, “other duties as assigned” is a common element in job descriptions. A paid worker is in a position of great trust. Paid workers in contact with children, youths, or vulnerable adults should be screened diligently.

    I can assure you this is an area of real concern as I have found that Narconon hires convicted criminals, sex offenders and staff with ongoing drug problems. The slightest effort on the behalf of CARF would validate this and other dangerous hiring and employment practices at Naconon Arrowhead.

    Again, I am happy to assist CARF however I can in this matter. I would ask, again, that you respond in full to the matters I have
    presented to CARF
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    Speaking of CARF, William Kent McGregor's "Pita Group, Inc." is on the list of defendants. Yeah!!

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  6. I asked Blown for Good about the 2002 Birthday event. Told him that we were looking for copies.

    His response was:
    'DVD's of all events exist. Original copies exist on archives at Golden Era Productions.
    Should be on Discovery list. '
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    Red = Links

    W. Kent (Mac) McGregor's Illustrious Career
    • Kent McGregor was found to have "willfully, maliciously and intentionally sexually assaulted" a patient on July 16, 1987, for which he was found liable in the amount of one million dollars. McGregor's employer, Charter Counseling Center, was found negligent for having hired McGregor and failing to supervise him. The court noted that "Plaintiff presented evidence that members of Charter's staff ... knew of McGregor's past substance abuse problem and his lack of recent clinical experience following his treatment for substance abuse."
    • After leaving Charter, McGregor worked for CARF, the Committee on Accreditation of Rehab Facilities, and in 1992 was involved in the initial accreditation of Narconon Chilocco in Oklahoma, which later became Narconon Arrowhead.
    • McGregor later married a Narconon employee, and Kent and Jette McGregor moved to Europe for a while. More on this time period can be found in these Usenet postings by Chris Owen and Diane Richardson.
    • When Kent McGregor filed for bankruptcy in 2002 he concealed from the court his outstanding debt to the victim of his 1987 sexual assault. After the victim opposed his bankruptcy filing, McGregor was forced to admit his fraud upon the court and finally settle with his victim.
    • Kent McGregor served on the Advisory Board of Narconon International. Although he was later erased from their web site and photoshopped out of the advisory board group photo, he claims to still work for them as an FSM (see below).
    • Kent and Jette McGregor returned to Narconon Arrowhead as employees around 2002.
    • According to his LinkedIn profile (archived full version as of February 2013 here), McGregor presently runs a drug counseling consulting service called PITA Group, Inc. in McAlester, Oklahoma under the name "Mac McGregor". He is also using that name on his ZoomInfo profile, where he claims to be a "diplomate" of the Board of Addiction Examiners of the NAFC (National Association of Forensic Counselors). NAFC reportedly denies this.
    • McGregor is also the proprietor of
    • McGregor's LinkedIn profile says he is an "FSM" at Narconon Arrowhead and PUR Detox. FSM (Field Staff Member) is a Church of Scientology term for a salesman who earns commissions.
    • In 2013 McGregor was accused of having helped Narconon employees cheat on written exams in 2002-2004 to become certified chemical dependency counselors. Details appear on page 105 of Lucas Catton's book Have You Told All? Inside My Time With Narconon and Scientology.
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  8. Could some post a request for The 2002 LRH Birthday DVD to be leaked over at Sp's r Us?
    I'm not a member and my socks are fake scilons.
    Maybe also a separate request thread at esmb? The request is now buried in the thread.
  9. Esmb has separate thread requesting vid. Thanks to whomever did that
  10. No crosspost to Sp's R Us? Was request dumb? Wanna know.
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    The con just got pawned. :D
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    I wonder if anyone at the IRS is looking at these "alleged" shenanigans by 501(c)3 tax exempt narCONon International Group Exemption Letter listed organizations??

    I would think if NAFC wins this, state and federal prosecutors would be able to pick up some heavy ammo for fraud charges from the fall out.

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  15. The Wrong Guy Member

    Today the case got a brief mention in the McAlester News-Capital:

    Federal case filed against Narconon Int'l, Church of Scientology Int'l and 80 other defendants

    A complaint has been filed with the Eastern District Court of Oklahoma in Muskogee alleging that Narconon International and the Church of Scientology International willfully conspired to misuse the logos, trademarks and falsify certifications that belong to the National Association of Forensic Counselors, Inc. and its subsidiary, the American Academy of Certified Forensic Counselors, Inc.

    More on this story to come.
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    The suit will be delicious to follow. It seems that with every new judicial encounter, Scientology loses a bit more traction.
    They have a lot to lose, including their "medical license".
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    Good, in depth article: http://glisteningquiveringunderbell...5/breaking-news-per-wickstroms-best-drug.html

    "Defendants misuse of NAFC mark, certifications, logos"

    A massive trademark violation lawsuit filed late Friday afternoon in US District Court in Oklahoma's Eastern District by the National Association of Forensic Counselors, Inc. and the American Academy of Certified Forensic Counselors, Inc. threatens to blow the lid off a long-rumored Narconon practice: inflating the credentials of its staff members by using expired or phony accreditation certificates.

    Among the 82 named defendants (including the Thumbelina of Scientology, David Miscavige) are and the Manistee facility's Deputy Executive Director, Jason Burdge (left).

    Prior to joining Best Drug Rehabilitation, Burdge worked at Narconon's Arrowhead facility located near Canadian, Oklahoma.

    As reported last February by Tony Ortega on his blog, The Underground Bunker, the National Association of Forensic Counselors had been looking into allegations that Narconon employees improperly received Certified Chemical Dependency Counselors (CCDC) credentials. Two former Narconon officials, Luke Catton and Eric Tenorio, came forward to say that they were given answers before taking exams by the test proctor, a man named Kent McGregor.

    This blog covered the story in April 2013, featuring A Forever Recovery's Pamela Anderson's certification by Mr. Pita himself, Kent McGregor.

    Karla Taylor, head of the National Association of Forensic Counselors, was furious that Narconon websites were misusing the NAFC’s logo and giving the appearance that the NAFC has accredited Narconon’s program, which is not the case Per Wickstrom's Best Drug Rehabilitation, Inc. and the Manistee facility's Deputy Executive Director, Jason Burdge (left).

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    And now full article:
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    Over at Narconon Reviews, Ann is maintaining a list of articles about the case:

    UPDATE – Additional Stories
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    LOL. Really. Wonder how many of the ones who knew the passwords have blown? The rest are probally brain dead in the RPF.
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  23. DeathHamster Member

    CoS has to function with staff as replaceable parts all the time as they blow, are swapped around, sent to the RPF, etc. Wog world stuff like bank accounts, phone numbers and websites would be kept track of in some central file system, so I expect they can keep going as long as they can fill enough of the body slots.

    Narconon franchises, less so. And all the referral sites created by the people working for commission? Who knows.
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  24. eddieVroom Member

    In 2002 I stumbled bass-ackwards into a job with an IT shop called Pacific Netcom in Van Nuys, and it turned out to be a WISE shop. Their clients were a who's who of Scientologist-owned businesses in Southern California. Every last one of the sites had the same port open to Windows Terminal Server, with the same admin password -- <Mod Edit, PW removed JIC :) >

    You can count on the same incompetence within the ranks of the cult proper.

    PS - I even got to share an elevator with Moxon and Kobrin on more than one occasion. Mouth shut, ears open...
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  25. AnyOldName Member

    Well at least they didn't use - password - for the password.
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  26. DeathHamster Member

    But but INCOMM is hacker proof! (Or is that hacker-proof?)
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  27. The Wrong Guy Member

    The David Miscavige summons, and other dire news for Scientology’s drug rehab network

    By Tony Ortega

    We’ve been reporting on so many problems for Scientology’s drug rehab network, Narconon, and they just seem to be getting worse and worse.

    For decades, when Scientology itself came under fire for its alleged abuses, odd beliefs, and bullying tactics, it reflexively pointed to its Narconon network as proof that it did good works. “But we get people off drugs!” was the rallying cry that the controversial church could always fall back on.

    But increasingly, in the past few years, it’s the Narconon network that is getting Scientology more unwanted attention. The deceptions inherent in the rehab model are coming in for exposure in national media (last year’s excellent Rock Center episode, for example), as well as in a deluge of lawsuits and government investigations.

    The federal lawsuit filed last week by the National Association of Forensic Counselors — accusing Scientology and Narconon of conspiring to abuse the NAFC’s trademarks to give the impression that Narconon and its employees held certifications that didn’t exist — is a significant new step, legal experts tell us. And the NAFC isn’t playing around. It has included not just dozens of Narconon entities and employees in the lawsuit, but even the leader of Scientology himself, David Miscavige.

    To drive that point home, we thought you’d want to see the official summons that was issued for Miscavige. It’s a short thing, but longtime court watchers know that there is little else that will arouse Scientology’s legal brigade like such a document.

    “A lawsuit has been filed against you.”

    Continued at
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  28. peterstorm Member

    Robert "Bobby" Wiggins:

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  29. News 9 Oklahoma: Federal Lawsuit Filed Against Narconon For Fake Certification

    Video at link.

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  30. The Wrong Guy Member

    The NAFC certification lawsuit

    Here comes a familiar strategy. Recently, the National Association of Forensic Counselors filed a whopper of a lawsuit — naming 82 defendants, including Scientology’s leader, David Miscavige — alleging that Scientology had conspired with its drug rehab network, Narconon, to misuse the NAFC’s logos and certifications in order to make Narconon seem more legitimate than it is. We’ve been interested in learning how Scientology is going to react to the suit, and we’re getting some early indications. Previously, we told you that a prominent Tulsa firm had taken on representing Scientology’s flagship rehab facility in Oklahoma, Narconon Arrowhead. But the NAFC lawsuit, though filed in federal court in Oklahoma, names defendants in several other states. Now, we’ve noticed that numerous defendants are filing “special appearances.” We’re familiar with that term from Monique Rathbun’s lawsuit — it indicates that a substantial number of defendants are going to challenge the Oklahoma lawsuit’s jurisdiction over them.

    So far, we haven’t learned yet if David Miscavige is going to file a special appearance, as he did in Texas in the Rathbun lawsuit. Also, other defendants are asking for extra time to respond to the NAFC lawsuit, which they have been granted automatically. This one is going to be very interesting.
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  31. JohnnyRUClear Member

    COP PORN!!!

    ...I mean, POPCORN!!!
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  32. wolfbane Member

    The docket on this case exploded due to 80+ defendants. That explosion caused a glitch with getting an updated copy of it mirrored in the public domain via RECAP, and the previously seeded version on archive dot org has gotten clobbered so that it's no longer read-able. A PACERfag was kind enough to snatch a digicopy of it as of June 18th, and passed it to me for posting here.

    Summary highlights:
    • Over 40 defendants haven't filed an attorney appearance notice yet. This list includes David Miscavige and Gary Smith.
    • All of the defendants who did file an attorney notice, also filed a motion for an extension of time to answer the complaint and all those motions were granted in short order.
    • All of the out-of-state defendants who did file an attorney notice, also filed a special appearance notice challenging the court's jurisdiction over them.
    • The attorney notices filed so far reflect some major teams are taking shape to fight this enmasse, with a short list of high profile law firms getting multiple defendants. Two of those firms have a rather lengthy list (Team breakdown to follow later today once I get done dissecting the attorney info in the attached document)
    Other noteworthy stuff:
    • This case was reassigned to Judge Ronald A. White, Magistrate Judge Kimberly E. West no longer assigned to case. (Entered: 06/05/2014) There is no obvious explanation why that happened.
    • Email notification of initiating event to Patent & Trademark Office (Entered: 06/12/2014)
    • Defendant David S. Lee from Indiana has additional representation on his case, and he jumped the gun and filed a MOTION to Dismiss for Lack of Jurisdiction and Brief in Support (Entered: 06/16/2014). See:
    David Lee is an interesting twist. He is the founder of another named defendant Intervention Services and Technologies, Inc. dba Intervention Services, also in Indiana, that hasn't filed an attorney appearance yet (as of June18th). He also had a connection to the Pita Group situation.

    For those who don't lurk on RFTTP: this is the same dude that came forward last year and went to great lengths to speak out against Narconon. He readily admitted to all the harm his company had done since he first got involved with the Narconon program in 2001 as a student. See his full public disclosure along with some interesting Q&A responses later in the thread here:,12144.0.html

    David Love pulled out one of Lee's more significant posts and reprinted it here:

    So it's bittersweet seeing that David Lee got swept up in this case after severing all his ties with Narconon in 2012 and coming forward to speak out against them in January 2013. (speculation alert) But perhaps that may play out to the plaintiff's advantage if his motion to dismiss goes down in such a way that he ends up revealing dirt that can be used against some of the bigger entities named in this case. (/speculation)

    Attached Files:

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  33. fishypants Moderator

    Very interesting. Please convey our thanks to PACERfag.

    Re 'Intervention Services and Technologies, Inc': I wonder what kind of 'technologies' they claim to use?...

    From their website they seem to be dropping the idea of 'technologies'.

    No reviews and no complaints at the BBB, which is interesting in itself:

    They claim to be "The Nation's Leading Intervention Provider:" which seems unlikely.
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  34. Anon1942 Member is a cash cow for whoever pays them the most.
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  35. DeathHamster Member

    And it's a franchise operation, with little control of the branch offices.
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  36. RightOn Member

    very true
    but not so much the "most"? anyone can list their business if you pay the fee.
    The general public still believes that if a business is listed with the BBB, then the business is totally credible.
    At least you get to see complaints filed by others against businesses. And businesses listed with them don't like for others to see those complaints and will try to resolve for the most part. (I think)
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  37. BigBeard Member

    Is this the same Judge Ronald White that was involvoed in the Keith Henson & Grady Ward cases 'back when'???

  38. DeathHamster Member

    That was Judge Ronald M. Whyte.
    Category: Judge Whyte
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  39. Quentinanon Member

    moar liek Wigged out Wiggins.

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