National Association of Forensic Counselors vs. Narconon

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    Mention of Lamnham Act, triple damage and attorney's fees in the complaint:

    Page 40, chapt "Federal trademark infringement"

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    I think that this - Best Drug Rehabilitation.Inc., - is Wickstrom's racket.
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  3. DeathHamster Member

    narconon-drug-education . The Virtual Workforce Co. Ltd.
    inuklocal . The Virtual Workforce Company Ltd. Probably same as londonlocals theta news

    That looks like a nice thread to tug on.
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  4. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Sounds good.
  5. anon33 Member

    Imho, the NAFC has to act and they have to play to win, or they will be exposed like the other no-credit agency who gave some partial accreditation to Narconon. A simple sentence on Wikipedia, that the independent no-credit agency is funded by who they accredited could cause a collapse, and others struggling to avoid the same fate.
  6. wolfbane Member

    Holy farking shit, this complaint is a beautiful thing to behold. I particularly like this bit best:


    This mention of a DM drug rehab speech from Ruth Eckerd Hall sounds vaguely familiar. Anyone know or remember moar details? Date, event, whether or not video exists?
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  7. Anonymous Member

    The Narconon Drug Abuse Prevention Programme:
    Theory and Background

    Illicit drug and alcohol use is a fact of life in today’s society. To use or not to use such substances is a decision which all young people must address for themselves at an early age. Governments, schools and social programmes have attempted to forestall such abusive behaviour by young people through school and community based programmes as well as broad advertising campaigns, taxation and law enforcement. Yet the continued presence of substance abuse by youth in this country is unquestionable testimony to the fact that we need to ado a more effective job for the sake of our young people and the well-being of our society.

    Despite the efforts and concerns of many and the varied approaches utilized to address this issue – ranging from abstinence to harm reduction – the fact remains that we need to make our anti-abuse efforts more effective than they generally are today. Narconon’s Drug Abuse Prevention Program is a supplemental program designed to increase the effectiveness of existing anti-abuse programs by providing substantive information which young people can understand and utilize to make personal, informed decisions regarding their use of such substances.

    The Narconon Drug Abuse Prevention Program provides a distinctive format for the presentation of information to pre-adolescent and teenage students. Presenters are trained in a flexible approach which engages students at their level of understanding and conceptual ability. The goal is to present factual information which students can and will use to decide for themselves whether or not to use drugs and alcohol.

    The program is based on the proposition that when young people are provided with accurate facts about drugs and alcohol and about the potential impact of such substances on their physical, mental and emotional health, they will reach their own informed decision concerning their use or not of such substances. Starting from this premise, the Narconon Drug Abuse Prevention Program has been refined through the experience of presenters who have spoken with young people through classroom and school presentations for more than three decades. During this time the presentations have been made to more than 2,100,000 students in the United States, Europe, the Commonwealth of Independent States, Latin America, Africa and Asia.

    The program is designed as a supplemental presentation to support the substance abuse program that a school is using as its basic drug prevention curriculum. Its presentation is designed to provide information which is either lacking or not clearly presented in other alcohol, tobacco and drug prevention formats.

    The program, although it involves lectures, is not a didactic approach. The high degree of interaction which the presenter develops with the young people is, in fact, a key feature of the program. This is a a point which is stressed in the training of presenters as it is well recognized that students must be interested and engaged for learning to occur (Tobler & Stratton, 1977). Fundamental to Narconon Drug Abuse Prevention is the understanding that the program's effectiveness is dependent first upon engaging the cognitive processes of the students. They must be interested and the delivery process must be sufficiently interactive to ensure their engagement with the materials. Even the most salient materials will lack impact if no one is listening. Thus, presenters are trained to establish a very personal rapport with the students and to maintain their interest by focusing the presentation on their experiences, such as what they have observed personally or seen in the drug use of others. Without in any way glamorizing drug use, presenters in fact do the opposite by discussing the actual long-term deleterious effects of drug abuse. The presenter overtly or implicitly asks the students to think about people and situations in their environment or experience. The creation of a free and open atmosphere where students can question and get their concerns answered is also a vital part of the Narconon Drug Abuse Prevention Presentation. Though this process, the student is brought forward to an understanding that the material being discussed is relevant and credible.

    Information-based programs too often focus on the negative. Scare tactics tend to be ignored by teenagers and rendered null for younger children as their subsequent experience proves the information to be overly simplistic - or even patently false. Information as imparted in the Narconon Drug Abuse Prevention Program is different. The presenter does not tell the student what to do or not to do. The focus is on the actual mental and physiological consequences of the substance use. The presenter ensures that the students relate to the information being discussed, encouraging them to examine it and compare it to their own observations. The thrust of the program is to develop in the student the ability to make his or her own informed decision. A lasting impact will be achieved only when the student makes such an informed decision and when the facts upon which that decision rests are ones that the student will continue to hold true in the fact of his or her subsequent experiences.

    Narconon Drug Abuse Prevention presenters are trained so that they can cogently present material regarding a wide range of drugs. There is, however, no single presentation which is unvaryingly followed, for three reasons, First, there are very considerable differences in the cognitive skills of pre-teens and those of teenagers. Second, there is likewise a great difference in the awareness and experience of drugs between the two groups. And, thirdly, students in classes of the same grade in different schools or areas present very different problems and concerns. Thus, as the presenter interacts with the students, the nature of their questions and the level of their argumentation skills necessitate different approaches for different groups.

    The impact of drugs on the body and mind is at the heart of the Narconon Drug Abuse Prevention Program. The program presents that drugs are essentially toxic substances. It helps the student understand that a drug might have both a positive and a negative impact.

    Presenters recognize that students have an interest in illicit substances as a source of recreational enjoyment (to "have fun" to "get high") or for a variety of other reasons. The presenter must be able to help the students understand what they may perceive to be positive effects of drug use and to encourage the students' understanding of the costs associated with such short-tem benefits.

    The presents helps students understand the impact of such illegal or illicit, abused substances. The presenter also helps students to become more aware or appreciative of possible long-term consequences of illicit drug use, including possible negative effects from drugs which may remain stored in the body for different periods of time. As the emphasis in all presentations is on a high degree of interactivity with and among the students, the level of sophistication of the presentation of this information necessarily varies. The concern and effort in regard to such materials is that the student needs to have an understanding of both the short and long-term consequences of the use of illicit substances.

    From a continued monitoring of satisfaction surveys, it appears that the achievement of this awareness in the students is central to the effectiveness of the presentations. Students who recognise that there are negative costs inherently associated with the apparently positive features of drug use are more able to evaluate for themselves whether or not to use drugs. Moreover, this framework for understanding the costs and the benefits of drugs enables them to view drug use in their environment in a different manner. For example, they can see both the "high" which their friend may obtain from ecstasy, and also the difficulties that the friend experiences when the drug wears off. From this perspective, they are less likely to consider only the ostensibly attractive side of drug use.

    Also fundamental to the program is its emphasis on providing the student with accurate information to facilitate the students' own decision-making process. The presenters are trained to always answer questions honestly and in a manner that the student understands. As students are frequently interested in the apparent positive effects of drugs, the preliminary desirable physical or emotional effects are often discussed, including what occurs that appears to create that impact. But the presenter will also ensure that the student understands the consequent detrimental effects of the drug. The presenters never tell the students not to do drugs. Rather they seek to provide the student with the information upon which to make his or her own decision.

    The program understands that single, stand-alone presentations do not produce sufficient "dosage" of information that it will likely be retained as long as it needs to be. Therefore, the presentations are generally repeated at least yearly and with more sophisticated data as the students mature.

    Preliminary analyses of after-presentation surveys have shown that students do understand this concept and find it and the material presented concerning the effects of drugs to be meaningful information upon which to base their future decisions (Beckman, S.L. and Chapman, S.L., 1989).
    The basic information which presenters use is neither new nor controversial. It is taken from such sources as the descriptions of illegal substances found on the websites of organizations such as the National Institute of Drug Abuse, SAMHSA and ONDCP as well as scientific studies of the disposition of drugs and toxins in the body.

    Presenters provide students with information on the longer-term effects of drug use so that they can think with the consequences of such actions. One such presentation element concerns the retention in body tissues of certain drug metabolites and their potential for interaction upon the individual at times after the original use of the substance. This is a widely accepted fact supported by a growing body of evidence from the scientific community.

    It is the view of the Narconon Drug Abuse Prevention program that its presentations would poorly serve students if it were to fail to alert them to these dangers, given the evidence of adverse events and potential for long-lasting public health issues. The message that drugs contaminate the body and that this has consequences is essential for students to know. Accordingly, they are given information that there is much evidence that drugs store in body tissues and organs for a period of time and one should this contemplate that what one puts in his body today may not be gone tomorrow. Satisfaction surveys done after the presentations show consistently that this message is understood and considered by students to be important information which they had not learned elsewhere.

    In summary, the Narconon Drug Abuse Prevention program is distinctive in its focus. It places emphasis upon the presentation of factual material in an interactive manner which takes into account the cognitive abilities and skill level of the students. Its helps students make their own informed decisions regarding drug and alcohol use. It does not utilize "scare tactics" but rather addresses the issue of drugs and drug use from a rational perspective encouraging students to fully consider the long term consequences of their decisions, not just apparent momentary benefits. The program seeks to provide students with information and understandings which will enable them to make personal, informed decisions not to use abusive substances.

    The role of the Narconon Drug Abuse Prevention Program is to supplement a school's alcohol, tobacco and other drug curricula. It provides students with information that they can use in thinking about such substances, which will provide them with a factual understanding that will support their choices through the years. It is our belief, founded upon satisfaction survey results, post-presentation discussions with students and teachers and follow-up contacts (including requests for subsequent presentations and referrals to other schools) that Narconon Drug Abuse Prevention presentations provide young people with needed information and strengthen their decisions to avoid future substance abuse.


    Clarke R.N. Carr, CCDC (Certified Chemical Dependency Counselor)
    President Narconon International
    Gary W. Smith, CCDC
    Executive Director Narconon Arrowhead

    For more information about our drug education programme please
    contact us.
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  8. DeathHamster Member

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  9. Intelligence Member

    This Fker is going down -- just a matter of time. Have some Video and Audio on
    him that will be posted in due course. Waste of skin Con-Man!


    Video mixed with humorous fun moments. Met with 2 Chicago Anons at park, then went to raid at Scientology ORG. Then rushed off to South Bend, Indiana, to meet with 2 citizens opposing the new Narconon "Tranquility Detox" scam by Per Wickstrom. Arrived in Ohio at 3:00am and on our laptops now.



    FUCK YOU OSA! -- I don't have fear of death. *YOUR* only fear should be ME coming back reincarnated - LMAO:cool:
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  10. tinfoilhatter Member

    God, I can not fathom how much those damages would cost.

    Consider this:

    They masqueraded as having National Association of Forensic counselors approval, lied about a 77% success rate, and had numerous deaths, and even more failed rehabilitations and relapses. There incompetence has sullied the name of the association.

    That is a huge damage by itself.

    Now triple it. Triple it, and realize that they have successfully connected this to the Cult, that they are suing everyone responsible, and that this is going to drag everything about narconon straight to the surface. Lots and lots and lots and lots of legal dox. Insurance companies PAY people to keep track of medical lawsuits like this, So they will also see what they shelled money out for.They will not be happy, their company lawyers and accountants are about to lose sleep over this.

    No, this is a trust fund accountant's wet dream right here. there is a 90% chance that the cult will lose the first time through, without chance of appeal. They will have to form a very very large trust to pay this off. Once a large trust is formed to pay off damages, ALL THE LAWYERS, come out of the wood work and start suing.

    Now is the time to protest, now is the time for caek, because very shortly, there will not be enough OSA to deal with these legal troubles, and worse still, these lawyers seem to know ALL about the OSA, and have most likely hired their own counter PIs to look for shenanigans. They will be preoccupied.

    Furthermore, Dox on the web will be important, as tons of paralegals will be scouring for every bit of information around. SO make sure every thing that is relevant can be found easily.....
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  11. Sonichu Moderator

    Holy shit it's totally on! Trademark abuse is an excellent way to start pulling apart the Scientology lies in a legal battle.
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  12. Anonymous Member

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  13. failboat Member

    This was all I could find. Found at -
    Links removed - there may be more to find, but I wasn't willing to do the dirty digging on Sci sites.

    Featured speech:Opening Address
    In honor of L. Ron Hubbard’s Birthday 2002 (continued)
    Scientologists from around the world pay tribute to L. Ron Hubbard in an event transmitted via satellite, from a packed Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater, Florida. They participated in the annual celebration of L. Ron Hubbard’s birthday:

    David Miscavige:
    "Narconon executives have now been welcomed to the Board [National Board of Addictions Examiners], with authority to verify completion of those requirements, themselves. Now that’s L. Ron Hubbard technology leading the way, for the entire field of drug rehabilitation!" Continued>> (link removed)
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  14. failboat Member

    Here's the relevant information -


    This matches the NAFC complaint exactly.

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  15. sallysock Member

    Yikes, In my excitement, I failed to cross post the link to Larry over at Tony O's for this great find. OP has been updated.
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  16. tinfoilhatter Member

    We should make sure that the NAFC lawyers have access to miscavage's speeches. In case the midget tries to weasel out of yet another disposition.
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  17. Quentinanon Member

    If it isn't racketeering, it isn't scientology.
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  18. Quentinanon Member

    With brevity.
  19. Anonymous Member

    This thread comes to mind:

    I seem to have a cult video that matches the 2011 date.

    Watching and listening to the cult video now for the NBAE Certifications footbullets...
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  20. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Who did the research? Anyone know because I heart.
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  21. failboat Member

    From the stuff I posted above, it appears the material is from a 2002 celebration of LRH's birthday.

    It's possible he could've recycled the material again in a later speech, like this one in 2011 you're talking about.

    I have a feeling that the folks over at RFTTP helped - whether it was directly or indirectly, idk.
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  22. Anonymous Member

    Thank you for the focus.

    I have no cult videos from 2002, but I have several lrh bday videos. I'll check for the recycling, but I think you've nailed the material in post #54.
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  23. Intelligence Member

    These names on the Lawsuit list are all involved in NN TR.

    Apparently, Nick Hayes, an ex-NN TR Student, then a Reg, is now a Sea ORG member
    in Quebec City? Waiting for more Intel?

    My Canada targets below will now have asset searches done and see if they own property
    and in which Province. IMO, a Lien is appropriate once I file additional Lawsuits, and it's easy
    to do with the right Judge.:rolleyes:

    Without a doubt, OSA and these Defendants are monitoring this Thread, so I won't post
    much more until the Court Documents are file in Montreal and Ontario and their Law Firm
    has received notice.

    I'm going to hit them on a different angle with Lawsuit as to NOT be dismissed due to double jeopardy
    or any conflicts. USA and Canada laws are a bit different, so I'll wait till I talk to the Montreal Court Clerk
    this week.

    AND, if I'm right, and I think I am ... Yvette Shank is in for surprise soon. I was at NN TR when
    she was advising the ESTO Officer and have Dox on her being at NN TR after I left. AND, we've got
    her on the Dead Agent attacks and will serve her a subpoena, as well as to other witnesses whether they

    want to testify or not. Emails will catch their lies.

    The TIMING of all this is EPIC!:D
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  24. Disambiguation Global Moderator

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  25. Ogsonofgroo Member

    These recent events make me happy in mah pants! Shine on you crazy diamonds!

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  26. tinfoilhatter Member

    "The TIMING of all this is EPIC!"

    Its way to convenient to be coincidental. I would not be surprised if the OSA is being monitored right now.
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  27. Intelligence Member

    I think you are right in NOT being surprised.:rolleyes:

    I met with the SQ Intelligence officers for 2 hours a while back and they rival the FBI in their
    investigations and monitoring methods.

    A Report was directed to the SQ a few weeks ago by a Quebec Anon over Me being Dead Agented and
    my family and friends being harassed and intimidated. Quebec does not Fuck Around with this crap --
    they get shit down. It may take time, but it get's done!

    Here's a wee Tid-Bit of Lulz for you:

    When the NN TR Lawyers met in the Human Rights Commission board room to discuss David Love
    signing a GAG ORDER, they told the Commission Lawyers: " Narconon is so poor, we don't even know
    if 'they' will pay for our Taxi fare over here for this meeting?"

    I was LIVID when told this!

    I responded, saying:

    "Who the fuck do you think is paying for NN TR's legal fees? If NN TR is threatening
    bankruptcy because they owe $500,000.00 in Taxes and Labor Relations Board against them, where are they coming up with the 5 figure amount to shut us all up? Narconon is receiving interest free loans from California,
    and if you don't believe me, ASK THEM!"

    The 2 hour meeting I had with these 2 Commission lawyers was, in my opinion, a waste of time. They
    just didn't 'get it' or have a clue of what/who they were up against.

    I LOVE that DAVID MISCAVIGE is NAMED in the new Lawsuits in the USA!

    Little Davey may have a billion $$$ in reserves for these battles, but once this Snow-Ball hits
    his 'Black-Heart-House' and the IRS and Revenue Canada is finished with him, bye-bye-bye.:D

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  28. tinfoilhatter Member

    If he has a billion in reserves, then the US government knows now, thanks to FACTA. They DOJ needs a high profile take down right now to make everyone think they are useful again, so taking down something as unpopular as $cientology would do just that. Also, the SQ and the FBI and all the other foreign law enforcement agencies do communicate with one another, thanks to various international treaties. Furthermore, it would not surprise me at all, if they are using foreign help to by pass any legal barriers that they may have encountered.
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  29. Intelligence Member

    YES!!! This is the post I was looking for to finish the Wire Service News story that should be up in an
    hour or so.:oops:
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  30. Intelligence Member

    SHIT! They are taking down Links - LMAO:oops:

    Have most screen captured, so no big deal.

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  31. wolfbane Member

    Excellent find! Crossposting as a necro bump to vidfag thread related to archiving event videos, as a /r/ for peeps who save stuff to check their stashes:
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  32. eddieVroom Member

    Nothing keeps OSA occupied quite like an ex or Anon with a picket sign.
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  33. Quentinanon Member

    Because they are the only people who can confront anything. <sarcasm>
  34. Kilia Member

    I haven't been this excited since I last had sex! (don't ask)
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  35. This information cross-posted to ESMB:
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  36. sallysock Member

    Pooks, Posting as Cerriwden wrote about the 2002 LRH B Day Event
    Bold is mine.

    Date: 4 Apr 2002 18:43:06 -0000
    Message-ID: <LP1B0IHM37350.5299305556@anonymous.poster>
    From: "Cerridwen" <>
    Subject: Report on the 2002 LRH Birthday Event

    The 2002 LRH Birthday Event was a bit of a bore this year.
    My husband absolutely refused to go with me to this event so I went with a girlfriend. We made a night of it and went out to eat at this really nice Italian restaurant. I had the excellent veal piccata and she opted for the blackened chicken alfredo. We both had a couple of glasses of merlot which could account for my lack of specifics in the reporting of this event.

    As with each International Event, there is always a thread or a theme that runs throughout the event. The basic theme of this event was to get Scientologists "rehabbed" on getting back on purpose on the 3rd Dynamic. In wog speak that means to get them to be more active and especially to get them to join staff.
    It's never done in an obvious heavy handed way, that is, one would not get. "Ok you worthless shits, get on staff". But instead it's done by "enlightening" and pushing lots of Scn buttons. But it's pretty much known and unspoken that both Org and Sea Org staff think that anyone that is not on staff is a worthless piece of shit.

    Keeping this theme in mind, the rest of the event and the news, wins, and briefing were all given with the idea of getting the public revved up to join staff or at least contribute more to the C of S.

    Throughout the event the cameras panned the crowd and we got to see Priscilla Presley, Lisa Marie, Nancy Cartwright, the CO Flag Debbie Cook, Sally and Craig Jensen and other Scn "got bucks"types.

    As per some policy, Scientology's Rich and Famous get front row seats at events.

    DM as always is the first on stage and starts the event with a standing ovation.
    DM is wearing the same very nice single-breasted shawl lapel tuxedo with the white straight cut handkerchief in the breast pocket and a black bow tie. He is wearing his hair just slightly longer and it is much darker than it was 5 or more years ago. I have no way to confirm this but I think he had lifts in his shoes. Either that or the winners of the Birthday game were all kind of short.

    DM starts in with the Wins and Expansion News and talks about ABLE. Narconon Arrowhead is the big news.
    Per DM Narconon Arrowhead is busting at the seams with public and they have had to build bunk beds to accommodate all the public there.
    Not only that but Narconon arrowhead is the place where Narconon staff are sent to train so that they can then go back and start new Narconon's all over the world.
    DM spoke of some accreditation agency, whose name I can not recall (I can't take notes at this thing.) This accreditation agency does have the word "Addiction" in it and I apologize, as that is all I remember of the name. I do not believe it was CARP or the other agency that Narconon lists on its web pages. DM said that this accreditation agency ALWAYS had a policy that they would only accredit counselors with "college degrees".

    DM stated that the Narconon staff did a presentation to this accreditation board and convinced them that the Narconon/LRH tech was far superior to any college degree and the Accreditation Board was so damn impressed that they certified 22 Narconon Arrowhead counselors.
    I believe DM stated that there are twenty new Narconon's in the world with 2 of them in the US.
    When the next issue of Int Scn News comes out I am sure it will list all the specifics of the event and I will post them for you.
    DM also spoke of Narconon PSA's (Public Service Announcements) and their continued playing on CNN.

    This is all due to the fact that CNN was so damn impressed with the Narconon program. Anyway, per DM, CNN will continue to air the Narconon PSA's as long as Narconon continues to provide CNN with them.
    The CNN PSA's are creating a very big reach for Narconon per DM's briefing


    I invited her to look at this thread.
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  37. Cross-posted to ESMB:
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  38. Intelligence Member


    CANADA WIRE SERVICE - May 19, 2015

    Scientology Miscavige Narconon new Lawsuits in Canada and USA

    CIVIL CONSPIRACY - Trademark
    Stunning Scientology Narconon news keeps circling the globe, and this time, even Scientology's leader, David Miscavige is named as a conspirator:
    &quot;Defendants intentionally engaged in a common plan to utilize NAFC's Certification, Mark and Logo to attract customers to Defendants' drug treatment facilities. Defendants acted in concert, agreed and cooperated to achieve such misuse and each took affirmative steps to encourage the achievement of their plan.&quot; MORE HERE:
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  39. Scientologist Tom Cruise: '' We don't need to ask permission. We are the authorities on getting people off drugs (Narconon), we are the authorities on the mind.''

    Memo to Tom Cruise: A former Narconon operator and a true authority on Narconon and Scientology appears @ the 1:10 mark and exposes the scam but good, Pooks 1 Cruise Zero.

    Thx, Pooks

    The 2014 Narconon Lawsuits Palooza
    GL David Love and the National Association of Forensic Counselors
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  40. Aah - you be correct! I am assured.

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