Nation of Islam to Clear the Planet

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, Feb 20, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Scientologist "Alfreddie (Hello somebody!!!) Johnson" behind Ole Uncle Louie
    Louie Says Jump the Fruits say How High?!!

  2. Anonymous Member

  3. anonsoldier Member

    Fresh culties to troll. On the one hand, means more money for the cult, but there's a massive FBI probe so we probably won't have to worry about winning through attrition. On the other hand, fresh meat has so much energy because they haven't yet realized that no matter how they apply the tech they can't handle us and are gonna give us so many lulz.

    This is like Scientology gave Anonymous a present.
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  4. Anonymous Member

  5. Anonymous Member

  6. Anonymous Member

    What state is that in? Obviously a red exit sign state rather than a green one like California.
  7. NOI's history of violence is a concern. They need to be challenged but it could get ugly quick. They have NO fear as negative press.
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  8. RolandRB Member

    The more violent they are the better for when they cotton on to this quote:

    "You shouldn't be scrubbing the floor on your hands and knees. Get yourself a nigger; that's what they're born for." -L. Ron Hubbard
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  9. You mean it wasn't the drug companies/psychiatry who were behind Malcom X's murder?
  10. Anonymous Member

  11. Anonymous Member


    some one should break the news to "Brandon Oncehada Slavename" that if he keep hanging with Alfreddie and Tony he can change his middle name from Oncehada to Haza or Hasa

    Just saying word clear cult
  12. RightOn Member

    That is WAY too many people in attendance
  13. Free-Thought Member

    All religion causes pain and is a set back to humanity, but should still be respected as sheep have a right to chose there path. But any orginisation that requires finance and total obidenence from there sheep diseves no fair treatment or mercy. There is no place for cults in the mordern world, people shoud not deny the truth or force there storys on others. Religion should not hold a place in government as it directly challeneges our rights to freedom.

    Do not Fear the few, Fear the People
  14. Anonymous Member

    Jim and Fu Mei Mathers with Alfreddie Johnson onstage Saviour's Day 2011
  15. Scatman Member

    Looks like Jim Mathers wearing glasses.

  16. Anonymous Member

    When he was talking about white people coming out of cave 4000 years ago, the camera panned on a group of sqirming scilons in the audience (2:39). Wonder if anyone can identify them? Basically he was saying all white people are SPs and need to be kicked out of everything!
  17. Anonymous Member

    Not Jim Mathers
  18. Anonymous Member

  19. Scatman Member

    Spin of Savior's Day event to raise money.

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  20. LocalSP Member

  21. Anonymous Member

  22. Anonymous Member

    The Unitarian church paid for Charles Darwin's education, the Anglicans paid for Issac Newton's and the Catholics paid for Gregor Mendel's.
    Also, if you grew up in North America or Western Europe the odds that a "faith based organization" contributed to your medical care approach certainty. (mostly because Catholics and Jews fund research)
    Uninformed knee-jerk reactions lead to mindless generalizations and are a setback to humanity.
    td;dr; you are a bigot. You should feel bad.
  23. Salvation Day, 2011?

    Does anyone believe that David Miscavige is the least bit interested in the salvation of NOI members and not their money for services and protection of Scientology's fraud?

    My bet is Louis Farrakhan is getting a big kickback on NOI's members Scientology services.

    This heavenly merger: Scientology and Nation of Islam will certainly contribute heartily to the destruction of both by Theta-Jihad, imho.

  24. Anonymous Member

  25. I can't wait to watch it unravel - Its as if they didn't do ANY research on each other - maybe the bigwigs don't care because their pockets are getting lined but the rank and file are going to be pissssed !!
  26. Anonymous Member

    Who is the blond lady?
  27. Anonymous Member

    Farrakhan and DM both have an agenda--and the agendas will only converge temporarily.
  28. Anonymous Member

  29. Word on the street is Farrakhan won't take kindly to Hubbard's RPF when David Miscavige declares him an SP like he's done to so many of Scientology's higher-ups.

    Where's Heber Jentsczh? (In Da Hole at Gold Base)

    Where's Shelley Miscavige? ( ? )
  30. Anonymous Member

    Scientologist Al Baker & ????
  31. Anonymous Member

    "I have recently been examining all the known superstitions of the
    world, and do not find in our particular superstition [Christianity] one
    redeeming feature. They are all alike, founded upon fables and

    Thomas Jefferson

    "This would be the best of all possible worlds if there were no religion
    in it."

    John Adams

    "Religious bondage shackles and debilitates the mind and unfits it for
    every noble enterprise, every expanded prospect."

    James Madison

    "A man compounded of law and gospel is able to cheat a whole country
    with his religion and destroy them under color of law."

    Benjamin Franklin
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  32. OTBT Member

    It's the un-converging I'm looking forward to in the (hopefully) near future. Hope its a long and drawn out divorce, with lots of threats and black PR and lawsuits. And fair gaming each other.
  33. RolandRB Member

    It might be useful to collect together all the racial slurs that DM has handed out to Jesse Prince and others. I wonder how long it will be before he launches into one of the NoI members with his customary c***-s****** n***** phrase.
  34. grebe Member

    Those white devils sure know how to suck up.
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  35. Anonymous Member

    Like high speed vehicles at an intersection.
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  36. DeathHamster Member

    I'm sure that the only NoI members present for that one will be ones that are a trusted part of the scheme.

    A tape/video of how Scientology spins this to their members leaked and played to the general NoI membership would be truly epic. (Or would it be too soon, and we should let those sub-critical masses properly smash into one another?)
  37. Anonymous Member

    Oh, please let them epically smash into one another! Anonymous has been so good. We deserve the lulz.
  38. I think we should let nature take it's course. Sit back and watch the fun.
    So who's the blond stooge ??
  39. DeathHamster Member

    Are we sure that he's a scilon? He looks more like an evil Red Lectroid from Planet Ten.

  40. RolandRB Member

    I think that there will be a big bust up between the two cults and a murder before 2011 is through.

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