Nation of Islam to Clear the Planet

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, Feb 20, 2011.

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    Brother Jesse's Blog (final call author)
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    Louis Farrakhan clearing the planet Saviours Day 2011
    Scientologist Alfreddie Johnson behind Ole Uncle Louie
    "Health Minister Alim Muhammad" "Brother Minister Tony Muhammad" Scientologist Alfreddie Johnson recruits
    a New NOI dianetics symbol?
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  4. Anonymous Member

    What do Jewish Scientologist think of Minister Louis Farrakhan's Anti-Semitic Rants Reverend Alfreddie?
  5. Anonymous Member

    Do not adjust your sets- it is the old "puss bag" L Con Flubbard at Saviour's Day
  6. Anonymous Member

    Postcardmania representin @ Saviour's Day 2011
    must have been visiting the Toilets when Louie was ranting about the Jews
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    Louie @ Celebrity Center LA
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    1000 NOI Dianetics Auditors by Saviour's Day 2011
    Did they Make it?
    they want 1000 more by Holy Day of Atonement August 2011
  10. Anonymous Member

    Minister Tony Muhammad and Toure Muhammad

    Tony Muhammad & Alfreddie Johnson co-authored a the new book "The Power of Words"

    Toure Muhammad
    Team Leader at TAG TEAM Marketing, Inc.
    Chief Marketing Consultant at Bean Soup Times
    Scientologist Delxino and Debbie Wilson are the founders of TAG TEAM Marketing, Inc.
    Martyzone vs Kool-Aidzone battle royale
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  12. RightOn Member

    this is getting good
  13. Triumph Member

    How do the Scientology Handlers for the Nation of Islam go back to their Orgs and explain what the hell is going on with Farrakhan and the NoI

    the staff who are helping them train..have to keep their mouths zipped an play along "for the greatest good" BS

    the staffers are probably more concerned about their smoking privileges being curtailed when NoI members are present.

    there are a few Conservative leaning Scientologist how do they reconcile this?

    what about those who have a Jewish Family or background? for instance Kirstie Alleys quote: "Scientology Jew" accountant Saul Lipson

    (Kirstie did call him that on the Today Show) and accused the Today Show of anti-Scientology “bigotry"

    does someone Like Kirstie close her eyes to real bigotry?

    do the Scientology Celebs just bite their tongue and bury their head in the sand ...when it comes to Louis Farrakhan?

    it will be interesting to see how some might react...

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  14. Triumph Member

    Scientologist Hanan Islam NoI Minister Tony Muhammad Scientologist Alfreddie Johnson

    the Book Alfreddie is Holding is called The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews
    there are two volumes book one and two

    this was at an event held for Scientologist
    "How does the Nation of Islam view the white man? Jews? Religion?"

    Alfreddie Johnson and Hanan Islam of the 'World Literacy Crusade' played host to Speaker from the Nation of Islam Minister Tony Muhammad

    Louis Farrakhan said In His Saviour's day speech

    it should be required reading for all school children
    Louis Joked about sending a copy to the President and Several of his Jewish Staff.
    Rahm Emanuel former chief of Staff (now the Mayor of Chicago)
    Ben Bernanke chairman of the federal reserve. and others were mentioned.

    and a whole lot more!

    The books allege that Jews dominated the Atlantic slave trade

    Volume Two blames Jews for "promoting a myth of black racial inferiority and makes a range of conspiratorial accusations about Jewish involvement in the slave trade and in the cotton, textiles, and banking industries"

    Henry Louis Gates Jr, head of the department of Afro-American studies at Harvard University, called the book "the Bible of new anti-Semitism" and added that "the book massively misinterprets the historical record, largely through a process of cunningly selective quotations of often reputable sources"

    IMHO this book goes way out of its way to paint a picture that is based on little facts and gross exaggeration.

    NO Child should be subjected to this trash.

    "How does the Nation of Islam view the white man? Jews? Religion?"

    swell book your Holding there Alfreddie..glad to see you have a sense of humor about it...

    Alfreddie Johnson Baptist Minister My Ass!
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    NoI Dianetics auditor Graduates ready to clear the planet
    Alfreddie Johnson standing next to Supreme Captain Mustapha Farrakhan FoI
  16. Anonymous Member

    L Ron Farrakhan
    Another push for NoI auditors scheduled for the August 2011 Holy Day of Atonement convention
  17. Anonymous Member

    Yes I know about that but wouldn't OSA conveniently just cover all of that up or would it still be actively taught?
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  18. Anonymous Member

    Sea Org great at moving chairs!
  19. Anonymous Member

    Time to Play "Name That Cult Shill"
    Scientology Celubutard Center NoI Bash 2010 Same shill as above ^
  20. rascist hubby also wrote:
    … tremendous labour supply in the Bantu, the Mshombe, the Matabele, these people are very hard-working people and under proper direction are quite productive. … and here is this perfectly valid labour supply — the African, who at this time is not being well utilised at all; …
    how can the NOI reconcille this shite with their own nonsense?
    Great photos by the way !
  21. Anonymous Member

    They are so amusingly cute.

    Nation of Islam: "We just think Lron is a great guy."
    World: "But your taking their classes."
    Nation of Farrakhan: "Yes, but its just their Dianetics classes."
    World: "But your threatening to disconnect from people who won't take them."
    Nation of Dianetics: "Well cause Farrakhan says so. Its not like we're actually Scientologists."
    World: "But your joining their staff."
    Nation of Hubbard: "Look, we're just becoming clears."
    World: "Now your speaking their lingo."
    Nation of Scientology: "Your creating an electronic incident whitey!"
    World: "Dude, your dressing like them."
    Nation of Scifags: "WHAT ARE YOU CRIMES!"

    Face it. The NOI is gonna be taking OT courses and sending their kids to the Sea Org by next year.
  22. Love those bow ties - keep the bow ties at least - when the big switch comes
  23. Anonymous Member

    Waiting for the first NOI Sea Orgers getting sent to the RPF
  24. Anonymous Member

    Are you dismissing the fact that David Miscavige (the current leader) and Norman Starkey used to call Jessie Prince a nigger to his face? Of course the cult attempts to cover these things up, but we hear the horror stories with each new person that blows. There are also very few African American/Black Scientologists. The word is that they don't actively recruit Blacks.
  25. What an odd marrage - I give it 6 months and I predict a messy divorce
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    The first CoS, NoI mixer.
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    from every one dianetics auditor created
    two anon's are born

    spot the Sea Org minion
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    two displays with the same purpose. To produce green! lol!
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  33. Anonymous Member

    oh no, I am not converting...
    I am just here for the Dianetics. BWA HA HA!!!

    Hey NOI, are you receiving "special" completion certificates that differ from COS members that are going up the bridge?
    No? then guess what? you are a Scientologist bro!
  34. subgenius Member

    The whole certificates thing is so Wizard of Oz.
    You don't need a brain, just a diploma.
    Wow with one of those and $3 I can get a cup of coffee.
  35. Triumph Member

    Bet Louie is great at ordering an ashtray to stand up and sit down...flunk do it again.
  36. Anonymous Member

    Cult Inductees
    Ebony Awakenings 2010 'Scientology 'Bow Tie of the year award'
    Scientologists Pat Harney-Juan Bogan-Alfreddie Johnson
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  38. Anonymous Member

    Holy Day of Atonement Aug 2010
    Saviour's Day Feb 25th 2011 same guy Name?
  39. I feel like I just came into the theatre when the movie was half-way over. From what I can figure out -- This is weird.
  40. Anonymous Member

    Big Pharma couldn't make it any tripper

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