Nation of Islam to Clear the Planet

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, Feb 20, 2011.

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  2. RolandRB Member

    The look on that tall white guy's face is like "Oh my God, it's a disgusting black person".
  3. Anonymous Member

    Alfreddie with TC around the time of the Last Samurai
    time for TC to have a sitdown with Louie Louie
    and have a meeting of the crazy-minds
  4. Anonymous Member

    yikes the scilons have been cozy with NOI for a long time now.
    Did they keep this sorta under wraps to the general public until they became really desperate? Or did it just take this long for NOI to tell their members "do Dianetics or GTFO" more or less.
    OR is it becasue it took Farakhan a while to get super brainwashed?
    I dont' remember hearing much of anything about this 2 years ago. I know they have been hooked up since like 2006, but it is just lately that the union has become more open.
    Nobody knows the real reason behind the wait. I guess
  5. Anonymous Member

    Were just Here for the Dianetics

  6. Anonymous Member

    Poor Connie! What would "Bob" say?
  7. Shouldn't that be, "A pricey gift"?
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  8. subgenius Member

    He'd say, "Act like a dumbshit and they'll treat you as an equal."
  9. Anonymous Member

    from Alfreddie Johnson's World Literacy Crusade (Scientology front group) web site
  10. subgenius Member

    indeed it should
    (btw are you sure the humans are dead? did you poke them with a stick? did you use poisonous gasses, and poison their asses?)
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  11. I touched one it was definitely dead.
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  12. lostatsea Member

  13. Doing low level courses is one thing and it seems that most of them are doing just that but how will they feel when they get regged Scientology style for the expensive stuff?
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  14. Anonymous Member

    There is talk at the moment that an FOI member has committed suicide in greenwood.
    There are also talk that farrahkhan is trying to keep it quiet.
    Although foulplay is ruled out.
  15. Anonymous Member

    Frederick Jermaine Carter is the young man in question.

    the NOI asserts its a modern day Lynching. In fact they have been making ALOT of noise saying this is absolutely the case.. irregardless of the ongoing investigation

    the NOI/FOI are allegedly investigating it. this is very probable

    the NAACP is also monitoring the case ..and they at one point made the claim of it possibly being a lynching.

    the incident called a suicide by authorities

    Louis Farrakhan spoke in Jackson Miss yesterday..and did not mention the incident.

    I haven't seen any clear indication Frederick Jermaine Carter is a member of the NOI or the FOI yet.
  16. Anonymous Member

    ^^ thanks anon i just heard about.
    Although i knew someone would have dox.
  17. Anonymous Member

    theres a few articles on the NOI final call web site about it...

    in one or 2 of the quotes "My brother" is not in the biological sense..
    and dosent mean "Frederick Jermaine Carter" was any relation to the men giving the quote..
    its uses as a generality..
  18. Anonymous Member

    clearing the planet One burger king at a time
  19. Anonymous Member

  20. Anonymous Member

    connects Dianetics to the supreme wisdom? what planet are you on?
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  22. Anonymous Member

    Looks like they're really eating this shit up and the NoI is rapidly becoming a bunch of L. Ron Hubbard robots. :\
  23. Anonymous Member

    baaaaa...... baaaaaaa
    Bah bah black sheep have you any wool money?
    yes si,r yes sir, three bags full
  24. Anonymous Member

    Louis Farrakhan has a ready made army who's spiritual salvation is at hand.Its easy to sucker them in-mass,because they have already been worker over,and alot will follow him without question.Because they have been doing it all along.

    faith is a funny thing, it can lead you into the wrong direction if you don't question it from time to time..

    Hes definitely using pull suckers into the NOI

    theres another big push to train more auditors by the Holy Day of Atonement in August..then the plan is to unleash them onto the public..and sell them
    NOI Dianetics and pull them into the mosques. There calling it the "Million More Movement" the NOI Auditors are the Saviour's of Louies latest money grab.

    Some of the newly trained auditors are tackling other Scientology courses.
    the plan is to train auditors In these courses at the Idle Morgues and set up Auditing to the general public at the Mosques and New Missions
    as they pull in moneyz and more suckers.

    and they want to hook Celubtards too.

    They are setting up their own Org boards, and emulating Scientology Management structure. and setting up front groups.
  25. Anonymous Member

    will they be harder to stop than the 'ol COS?
  26. Anonymous Member

    posts by everyone facebook search l ron hubbard
  27. Anonymous Member

    IMO, it's not a question of whether they'll be harder to stop than the cult, but it is a question of how long before these two factions destroy each other from the inside. I believe Farrakhan is more powerful and has more minions than Miscavige.
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  28. Anonymous Member

    foolbook-posts by everyone-scientology
    this is a Scientologist viewpoint
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  29. Scientology has grown 5 times more than ever in the last 5 years alone according to Tommy Davis.

    They were claiming 10 to 12 million members worldwide at that time, so if you dew da math, there's a zillion.2 scientologists exactly today and expanding faster than ever, the fastest growing religion in the world says Davey Miscavige and he would never lie.

    After all, Mr. Miscavige is the ecclesiastical leader of a religion that is even recognized as such in 2 of 163 countries in which they sell their outrageously overpriced mind-control processing in for fixed donations.
  30. over9000OT Member

    Oh LOL.
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  31. Anonymous Member

    I remember hearing from an African-American friend once, that there are black people, and then there are niggers. The NoI is a bunch of dumb niggers in the most pejorative sense of the term, and Louis Farrakhan is the biggest dumb nigger of them all.
  32. Anonymous Member

    Check this shit out.
  33. Anonymous Member

    Found this very interesting:

  34. Sponge Member

    Nation adopts new technology to serve Black Nation, world (official NoI news site) 4th April 2011

    ...continued in next post......
  35. Sponge Member

    ....continued from above post.....

  36. Sponge Member

  37. Anonymous Member

    "an elderly couple could not afford to pay for a hotel near the closest Scientology Organization to study so they moved their trailer home onto the grounds until the husband finished his course"

    Scientology.... will even move your trailer to rape you for money.
  38. Anonymous Member

    "Despite the three-hour drive to her nearest study center, Donna Muhammad of Mosque No. 55 in Memphis scrambled for childcare and hit the road. “There were times I had to go on my own and I drove there in the morning. I would leave at about 5:45 a.m. and get back by about 11:30 that night. I had to do that about four times but all the other times I traveled with our group of nine but I thought our journey was hard until I met believers who had to travel six hours to Dallas (Texas) to study,” she said.

    Scientology.... it's all about family and togetherness.
  39. Anonymous Member

    Coming soon: The Scientology/Nation of Islam Ideal Org and Trailer Park!

  40. grebe Member

    The little kid in me finds this pick kinda awesome. It's like a whole bunch of cool forts all over the place.
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