Nashville, TN: 26 February Post-Game

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by juche, Feb 26, 2011.

  1. juche Member

    Six Anons came to our way-at-the-end-of-the-month protest today. Lots of honks including Dixieland and an ambulance siren, weird guy wearing a Scientology polo pulling weeds from one tree during the two hours we were there and a staff member intently watching Alaric from a minivan. All in all a good protest and a successful postgame shopping at McKays -- one new book for the Muffjuxon household (Clear Body, Clear Mind) and three CD sets (Dianetics, Scientology: A New Slant on Life and something else that I started listening to and suddenly became worried that I was going to crash my car because my brain was rapidly shutting down).

    Pics to come, planning thread already open. We're having the next protest on the 19th of March.
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  2. Cool beans.

    About the Dixieland honk: are you talking about one of those cars that sounds off with a little ditty, Dukes of Hazzard-style?
  3. juche Member

    Oh indeed.
  4. creepy van guy going to his creeper van






    OT fail


    another ot fail


    Double bubble all the way :') its so beautiful


    creeper in creeper van on his phone this guy kinda bugged me not gonna lie it was really creep (hence why i call him creeper in creeper van) he had an IAS symbol on his shirt




    RPF Co$ logo sigh poor rpf


    RPF guy working


    Tired RPF is Tired

  5. LocalSP Member

    I didn't know Abe Vigoda was a clam.

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  6. LULZ win!
  7. Anonymous Member

    Well done!
  8. OTBT Member

    Must have been a whole lotta weeds around that tree.
  9. ravenanon Member

    I didn't know the rpf had shirts and logo o wow!

    Congrats on a great raid!
  10. desudesuchan Member

    lolz.. abe vigoda...
  11. MuffinKat Member

    And let's not forget the shouts from passing cars: "ignorant", "haven't you ever heard of freedom of religion?", and in response to our "Scientology Kills" sign: "Christianity has killed more!"

    Zonker hit the nail on the head with her sardonic reply of "obviously a history major".
  12. OTBT Member

    Yeah, news to me too.
  13. juche Member

    All I know is that I want one of those shirts, so there better be one that appears at Goodwill.
  14. Anonymous Member

    Try the Thrift Store on the way to where you found those Scientology books from the org.
  15. RightOn Member

    Great stuff!
    RPF shirts? Are they trying to make it look more like it is an honor to be on the RPF? No doubt the Sea Orgers prolly have to pay for them
  16. xenubarb Member

    To be fair, you don't really KNOW for sure if that guy was RPF or just some staffer. I seriously doubt they'd have special shirts for the RPF, so what's maroon?
    Dianetics/Stress test wear red shirts. VMs are yellow. They're color coding their workers.
  17. MuffinKat Member

    Now we try to figure out what maroon stands for.
  18. Anonymous Member

    Saw the same guy out pulling weeds the other day in the driving rain. If it isn't RPF it is the single worst work detail at the org.
  19. OTBT Member

    Tommy Davis said somewhere last year that it was something like a privilege to be on the RPF, vacation or some such BS. I can't be arsed to dig up TD's quote.
  20. juche Member

    For some reason, I'm listening to The Fundamentals of Thought again. This is just fucking awful.
  21. OTBT Member

    Masochism works and it hurts people.
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  22. Anonymous Member

    In Clearwater, the EPF wear dirty gray t-shirts with no logo and even filthier bluejeans. RPF wear thick black sweats in the horrible Florida heat. They have to run everywhere. Here's grainy, horrible video of RPFer running with such disregard for his safety that he runs out into traffic of Ft. Harrison Ave. and just throws his arms out to stop oncoming traffic.
  23. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, that sounds like the real RPF, not Tommy Davis' vacation version
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  24. juche Member



    IN 2011. Time travelers~



    Planet. Schmanet. Janet.






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  25. lots a pics :D pics cause it happened :D
  26. subgenius Member

    When I was in DC raiding there was this guy in a gray shirt pulling weeds. I'm now convinced its RPF. Said not a word.
  27. subgenius Member

    You glorious bitches and bastards.
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  28. Ha, Scientology banner from 2009, Janet's Planet, Monster hat, lots of good pics. And flip-flops! I'm jealous of your weather.

    But watch out, broskies. The next move for Nashville Scientology, following up on their history of hiring stupid security goons, may be to hire out Officer Bubbles.
  29. Anonymous Member

    Dirty gray plain t-shirt and dirty pants (usually jeans)? Probably Estates Project Force=EPF. New Sea Org are put through this crappy EPF program when they first join. It sucks. They do hard manual labor for long hours, eat crap food, study Hubbard shit, and get little or no sleep. Usually they don't want the public to see EPFer's, but it does happen. It's rare to see RPFer's. They keep that particular hell out of the public eye as much as possible.
  30. Anonymous Member

    He was out there again today. I don't think he was pulling weeds. Judging from the amount of time he has spent around that spot I'd say he is auditing that damn tree.
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  31. desudesuchan Member

    while hubbard wasnt above auditing plants, you need an e-meter. and according to the guys at the stress test booth you cant audit plants with a new one, because it doesnt have the right connectors.
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  32. MuffinKat Member

    I demand the story on this, Desu
  33. MuffinKat Member

    It's not ok to call it a fail when I whip my hair back and forth.
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  34. desudesuchan Member

    i talked to my favorite stress test guys about my '51 edition of dianetics. the old guy was interested and the fat guy got pissed. The auditing plants thing came up and i asked if they had ever tried confirming the plant thing on their own. Got the answer that there was no need, because it was proven, and that the current e-meters didnt have the right connectors (he popped one of the cans off, they apparently have a little plug connector thingy in the end.). I know... not near as exciting as the recording was.

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