Nashville, TN: 23 April 2011

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by juche, Apr 23, 2011.

  1. juche Member

    Still at the protest, but I felt like this needed to be mentioned ASAP: today, I was served a subpoena by Scientology AT the protest. I feel kinda special.
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  2. Xenu Is Lord Member

    A subpoena for what? Was it a C&D or a lawsuit of type?
  3. Anonymous Member

    What kind of subpoena? In which case?
  4. juche Member

    The assault that happened two years ago. I didn't even realize anything was being done with this anymore because I hadn't heard anything in, you know, two years.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    But who is getting prosecuted? I remember at the time anons got citations, right?
  6. Anonymous Member

    How soon they forget. One anon was issued a citation which was later dismissed because it was bullshit. That anon was assaulted by CoS hired thugs and is now suing the CoS, as well he should. The subpoena is for that case.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    I didn't forget. I wasn't "active" back then and didn't know about the event. It's a good thing the anon is suing.
    Actually, we should sue them more often. Use their own weapon against them.
  8. Anonymous Member

    Really? But you knew about the citation? And not the lawsuit? I would classify that as partially active.
  9. Anonymous Member

    "Active back then"! I'll have to remember that excuse.
  10. Sponge Member

    There's a huge thread or two somewhere on wwp.
    To save you trudging through all that, here's a clutter-free timeline from the media reports section of OCMB:


    I presume that'll be for the depositions.

    <any excuse for me to post old shoops, lol>
    View attachment 4lightsbolognasmoxon.jpg
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  11. Anonymous Member

    The bologna, it was a lie.
  12. MuffinKat Member

    Aside from the subpoena, it was a damn good protest! We numbered 14 at max capacity. Much honks, including from a dump truck (probably cuz of my dumps, which do muchly resemble a truck, and my thighs, like what what what) and the requisite Goodwill truck. We seemed to have more crazy people yelling out of windows than usual--I think it's that spring fever, or some tainted Easter candy.

    Pics to follow!
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  13. desudesuchan Member

    its sad.. because anything related to the suit is just delay tactics, because the whole damn incident is on video and on teh youtubes. that said, had a blast as always. there was much lulz at hubbard teaching us all about radiation, and pinkie pie provided the paarty!
  14. MuffinKat Member

    Oh yes, we had dramatic readings from All About Radiation. Vitamins, milk, and chocolate! A menstrual scilon party. That sounds absofuckinglutely terrible.
  15. over9000OT Member

    Good job Nashfags.

    So, does the subpoena mean that the lawsuit continues apace?
  16. MuffinKat Member

    None of us actives have been informed of anything, so for me, mum's the word. Although I dunno if keeping mum about nothing counts.
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  17. Anon500 Member

    Mummified bologna.

    Nice to hear that the case is continuing, though it's kinda lazy of the prosecutors not to investigate this as a criminal matter as well. Illegally closing a state highway and assaulting people on an open street, while going armed in menace to the public, and then lying to the police. I mean, come on - isn't this the kind of stuff the FBI civil rights department was created to crack down on? Sounds like a faint fart from the Jim Crow days.
  18. Anonymous Member

    The FBI was given video and other information. What they did with it we will never know.
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  19. Anon500 Member

    Ah. Good to hear that you've done that. Doing it right.

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