Nashville, TN: 19 March Post-Game

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by juche, Mar 19, 2011.

  1. juche Member

    It was an awesome day. We got there at about 1:45 with some boba smoothies and after setting up, some angry woman who was getting married at the music school came flying out with Cthulhu hair screaming that she was getting married and we were a distraction, so we needed to protest somewhere else... at which time we moved diagonally and probably made more noise that reached the music school anyway. As of when we left at 4:30, the wedding had not started. Bitch~.

    The weather was absolutely beautiful today, in the 70s and a nice breeze. We had fresh bubbles and a couple of new signs. The honks were so plentiful, so damn plentiful. There were a lot of people going in and out of the Org because of the event today (LRH's 100th birthday). There was apparently a cake contest -- at one point, three protesters walked to the other side of the building and some guy was eating cake. He took one look at them, looked at his cake, walked to his car, popped the trunk, set the cake in the trunk, closed the trunk and walked back into the building. We have no clue what the fuck.

    Damn awesome day though -- we got more honks on the new corner and seemed to piss off the scns a lot more. There were ten of us, up to thirteen for awhile because of random people who dropped by. Pics will be soon as well as other accounts and stories :D.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Awesome protest was awesome! More after "MST 3k, The Movie".
  3. anoninoob Member

    YAY Nashville.

    just for the extra win, the MST3K The Movie Deleted Scenes
  4. juche Member



    On the wrong side of the street, so no Colt 45, but we do have a thing of Black & Milds.









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  5. Great turnout and those were great signs. Thank-you for doing what you do with such devotion. As an ex-cult member it bothers me to no end the thought that someone may actually join and become a new Scientologist. You people keep the pressure on the cult and hopefully keep that from happening.
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  6. Lorelei Member

    Well done, NashAnons!
  7. Ann O'Nymous Member

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  8. RightOn Member

    wow! nice turnout!
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  9. amaX Member

    Great turnout! Well done, NashAnons! <3
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  10. Anonymous Member

    I have to say that I was a bit taken aback when the 3 ladies started walking up the sidewalk with signs. Had a moment until I saw the "Happy National Corndog Day" sign. Figured even if they were protesting against us at least they had fun signs.

    Also enjoyed the Ice Cream man ringing his bell for us.

    The handler was a hoot. "So, do you get paid?" "I'm not a Scientologist, I am a Muslim".
    "Why don't you protest the Catholic Church?"
  11. conatus Member

    Reverse suit guy FTW. Anons have eyes in the backs of their heads so they can see their thetans three feet behind them.
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  12. over9000OT Member

    Well done Nashanons. I'm impressed by bell love from the ice cream man.
  13. juche Member

    By this way, this chick came out and spoke to us yesterday. She claimed to be a Muslim and that she was only at the party for the cake. She also told us that we needed to stop wearing masks because it automatically made black people think of the KKK. When we said we never had any problems with that and that the majority of our supporters were people from the predominantly black Edgehill community if we were going by honks alone, she told us that 'black people just do that to make noise'. She seemed... classy. Very... classy.
  14. xenubarb Member

    Yeah, they just honk to make noise...and talk to hats.
  15. Diablo Member

    Great Job...scilon's hate horns because it shows support for anonymous, which btw DM has handled!
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  16. juche Member

    We were also able to continue augmenting our Scientology book collection by purchasing Art by LRH, a hardback copy of Scientology: A New Slant on Life that used to be owned by CC Nashville and CD sets of Dianetics: The Original Thesis and Dianetics: The Evolution of a Science at our regular used bookstore post-game :D. We're gonna need a new bookshelf soon at the MuffJuxon Hobohouse.
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  17. desudesuchan Member

  18. Anonymous Member

    Good find Desu! That is the same woman.

    I didn't talk to the other guy, but was fairly certain that the woman was NOI. She threw around enough of the terminology and tired old arguments that the scns do so the affiliation does not surprise me. What did surprise me is that they sent people out to "handle" us and that both were black. We don't have that many black scns here. I should have known they were imported. If we have done our job properly I would hope that the black community in Nashville would be well informed enough not to join. Judging by the sheer number and volume of honks we get from the Edgehill community I would say we have.

    Stuff she asked us:
    Do you get paid?
    Why do you wear the masks?
    Why don't you protest the Catholics or other religions?

    Damn, can't remember what else.

    I wonder if the guy that hovered around the front door of the org was NOI as well?

    Her asking us not to shout mean things at the people going into the org sort of puzzled me. We never shout mean things, only warnings. She was also a little more pointed with her questions regarding Dianetics. As always the response of the Nashanons was right on target. "We aren't protesting the beliefs we are protesting the behaviors"

    It was a very productive protest and as always a good time was had by all. The pregame Battlefield Earth rifftrax was hysterically funny.

    I didn't like the new protest location at first, but it did seem to generate lots of attention.The horn love there was outstanding, even the one truck that had the horn so loud it made all of us jump. For some reason I feel like we got our message out to more people this time.

    My list of fav moments this protest:
    The lady from Clearwater who came by to talk to us about scn. Still no convinced she wasn't sent to handle us. The jury is still out on whether she was on our side or theirs.

    The Ice Cream man playing his ice cream man truck music instead of honking then double bonus him stopping so Desu could buy an ice cream

    The three ladies joining us from out of nowhere. I was very suspect when I saw them heading our way with their brightly colored signs ala WBC. The "Happy National Corndog Day" sign won me over immediately. The "Scientology is Dumb" sign was full of win. They were delightful and very good sports. Hope they join us again.

    Getting trolled on Nashanon FB page.

    We haven't had this much attention from the cult in for ever. Nashville must be doing it right.

    I got a little bit of video, not much. Got a little of backward suit anon that is very funny and backward suit anon got some of our chat with NOI lady. Will post it along with the stuff from other raids I haven't gotten around to posting.

    All and all another great raid. They just keep getting better! You'd think after all this time they would get to be routine but no, they just keep getting better.
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  19. Anonymous Member

    p.s. ATLanons please to be keeping your NOI/CoS scilons in Atlanta. They are annoying and did not bring us cake.

    Since the rest of the Nashanons seem to be too polite to post this shit and since she (General Hafeezah) gave each of us her card I am going to post it:
    Here is her picture:

    Obviously the NOI caek is not a lie.
  20. Anonymous Member

    she asked classic sci questions
    they always drag other religions in. 'specially catholics
    me thinks she was briefed
  21. juche Member

    She claimed to have been raised Catholic and then converted to Muslim. lol no.

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