Nashville Jan. 22 2011 protest

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by AlaricVanvelsor, Jan 22, 2011.

  1. To start off the funnest protest i have been on yet. We had a pre protest party where we read scientology books, watched what is scientology, and anonymous hate crimes all for the lulz.

    We came out today and it was probably the best protest i have been to not only was there a newfag but we also interrupted the cult giving out hot tea to people who were auditioning for some top secret show or something LULZ.

    Also on the side of the building we saw what looked like sea org members going into the building. Also there waas a guy shoveling snow and ice with a shovel maybe a third his size i am pretty sure he was an rpf but i could be worng.

    LAter we left to a local bookstore where desu showed us his secret source for scientology doorstops for a $1.50 each. Did i mention we met the only free zoner in Nashville! At first we thought hmmmmm an X scientologist but in fact a freezoner and a creepy one at that lol. He listed off many books we hadn't heard of to look for so google time hahaha. Oh and Zonker had to tie her shoe so as she was doing so he ran his hand through her hair! Needless to say we made our swift exit and had a merry day.

    So in the end the day was very successful. We had plenty of honks, a nice "Fuck Tom Cruise", a city bus honk, a mail truck honk, a few middle fingers, and a hell of a party.

    By far this was the best time i have had protesting it was AWESOME!
  2. Just some snaps lol :D


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  3. that's great that you had good times! cold there too I heard. way to go guise.
  4. Anonymous Member

    What a great day! Aside from the getting groped by the freezoner dude that is. I have 3 new books still shrink wrapped. Dianetics the Orginal Thesis, The Fundamentals of Thought and TWTH. Buck fifty each.
  5. juche Member

    Today was absolutely spectacular.

    Last night we had a total of six Anons in-house for discussion and partying -- we had all intentions of making new signs but somehow between doing RiffTrax for What Is Scientology?, drinking absinthe and playing Tetris on the NES, we lost track of MEST and didn't make a single damn one. Oh well.

    Today was our normal protest with fresh batteries in the boom box, a new Anon, a shitload of honks... the soundtrack was all Queen. After the protest, we went to our regular post-protest om nom noms of sammiches then discussed the bookstore south of town with a bunch of Scientology books; on a whim, we decided to go out there and struck gold. The books we got today for our Muffjuxon house were A History of Man, Introduction to Scientology Ethics, Self-Analysis, The Way to Happiness, The Problems of Work, Dianetics: The Original Thesis and The Handbook for Clears.

    And just now as we read off what they were, Nixon asked what happened to our second copy of Dianetics, to which MuffinKat said 'oh, it's in my bathroom.' We have no idea how it got there, who put it in there, et cetera, but it seems like a good place for it. ANYWAY.

    The Freezoner conversation was interesting, very interesting. Zonker will probably come through and give a better explanation and point-by-point on this.

    The pre-game party was fabulous and it'll probably start being a set thing for us, maybe with some stress test booth visiting involved.
  6. Indeed we must hit those stress test booths imediately lol the lulz will ensue hahahahhaa

    I should have bought a doorstop or a paperweight but i ish poor anon lol
  7. Zak McKracken Member

    This is a FANTASTIC picture.

    Thank you!
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  8. MuffinKat Member

    Not mentioned yet: while we were protesting on "our side" of the street, we saw a couple of mattresses and box springs in the parking lot being moved into the building. We tried to run across the street and to the back of the building in time to get pics, but by the time we got back there the mattresses were not to be found.

    However, while we were back there was when we saw a cultie coming out of the org handing out hot tea and fliers to people standing in line down the street for some TV audition. Myself, Zonk, and a third anon were standing around when she walked past and offered us tea; ThirdAnon replied with "no thanks, I don't take drinks from cults." It was glorious.
  9. Anonymous Member

    Don't forget hot tea in a small plastic punch cup fail. Seriously, a plastic cup?
  10. MuffinKat Member

    Lol yes. Not even insulated cups.
  11. Anonymous Member

    Oh Nixon, tell them about the guy working at the book store.
  12. lokimotion Member

    Excellent post-game Nashanons. Kudos for enduring the cold for epic protest.


    BTW, love the hat.

    America Idol audition, maybe?
  13. MuffinKat Member

    Nope, American Idol's about to start airing. The people in line were really weird and fucking secretive about exactly what show they were auditioning for. It was dildos.
  14. lokimotion Member

    Porn, maybe?

    Don't really follow Idol. Just aware that they're suppose to be in Nashville.
  15. MuffinKat Member

    Not enough 'staches and French manicures.
  16. Anonymous Member

    LOL, thats what I said. Of course then Desu wanted to go back over there...
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  17. none given Member

    Hey, all you failtards across the world.
    Nashville is a small midwestern city best known for a few fat musicians and good BBQ.
    Can you take a challenge?
    Way to go Nashanons.
  18. Anonymous Member

    So about freezoner guy. We were standing in front of the LRH books, brand new, with CC Nash written on them, when this man asked us why we were looking at them. I gave him a YFTC and told him we protest scientology and like to read all that we can about it. He proceeded to tell us he was an ex, was in for 13 years at Big Blue and left in 1983.Public, never on staff. He strongly still believes in the tech and that he once slept with the reincarnation of Bing Crosby's wife. He told us about several sites on the net he likes, which he wrote down for us. Other than that shit, he feels like Miscavige and LRH were both responsible for current abuses in scienotlogy, that the sea org is slave labor and then tried to go home with us. Very interesting and not as creepy as it could have been until he stroked my hair.
  19. Anonymous Member

  20. none given Member

    As the kids say: "dox plox?"

    EDIT: asked and asnwered.
  21. Anonymous Member

    Check the post above yours.
  22. none given Member

    Temporal overlap fail: a new feature on this fast moving board.
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  23. Anonymous Member

    Srsly, lol.
  24. MuffinKat Member

    The hive...
  25. First time out to a protest, I had a lot of fun! The whole group is a lot of fun and all the people were, for the majority, on our side. I'll definitely try to come out to more. Sucks that I missed the freaky free zoner, I had to leave early.
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  26. YAY thank you im glad i could deliver :D

    hahaha it was cool meeting you dude
  27. desudesuchan Member

    freakzoner was freeeaky..... and hard to listen to. its sad to think he's been "out" for so long yet is still not out... I wonder if he considered his haircut one of his "wins", the bowl cut combover never goes out of style! Keep rocking it old dude!
  28. Anonymous Member

    Lots of stuff in those links. Haven't really looked into the free zone aspect of Scientology because mostly I don't care what people do outside of org. scn. Most of the sites are old and not well maintained. This one is new to me, can't figure out how I missed it.
  29. juche Member

    The FZ guy also told us that we could experience a lot of good if we audited one another.

    lol no.
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  30. conatus Member

    inb4 "touch assist" . . .
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  31. "Through it's [sic] unique, nonjudgmental approach, Idenics has facilitated the desired results with 95% of our clients [citation needed]."

    uhhhh hahaha
  32. Anonymous Member

    Didn't say how many clients they had.
  33. juche Member

    lol check out what Desu just texted to me:

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  34. What do you guys think about protesting around 11 am on Sunday next time? There Sunday Service starts at 9:30 am so they will probably be leaving some time around then. We could hopefully catch some of their newer members, or at least more members because last time we didn't actually see that many scilons. Or do you think that would be less productive protesting at worship, or whatever they do?
  35. Anonymous Member

    Its. Its <sniff> beautiful.
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  36. tell me in all thats holy that those are new lol we have to go mess with them if so lol
  37. lokimotion Member

    This makes me happy.
  38. MuffinKat Member

    The booth? No, it's not new, and normally it's stacked high with LRH drivel and FREE STRESS TESTS OMGZORZ

    So seeing it emptier than Herro's mother's heart is pleasing.
  39. desudesuchan Member

    i can only hope its like that every day, and not just mondays.

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