Nashville Feb. 26, 2011 Planning

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by Anonymous, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Did we already decide on a date? I forget. If not lets do it.
  2. juche Member

    MuffinKat and I aren't available on the 19th because we're working with Remote Area Medical that day. Nixon works on the 12th and the 26th, so... this will be an interesting thing to work out. I'll talk to Nixon when he gets home from work today -- maybe he can switch Saturdays or something.
  3. im free whenever as usual :D haha
  4. Anonymous Member

    The 12th?
  5. desudesuchan Member

    i'll suggest the 19th, because its roller derby day, dammit!
  6. Anonymous Member

    19th works for me. For now.
  7. whohellami? Member

    is any 1 driving from Arkansas lol im like 2hrs away ill pay gas my stomaches full of it!
  8. juche Member

    I guess I'll be missing out this month then -- I'm not available from 5a to 5:30p. We'll have to meet up somewhere at some point to hand off posters and the boom box.
  9. Anonymous Member

    Another day? 12th?
  10. Anonymous Member

    Another day? 12th?
  11. whohellami? Member

  12. Anonymous Member

  13. juche Member

    We're going with the 26th I do believe :D.
  14. whohellami? Member

    good the 12th was way too of a last time kinda thing.
  15. lokimotion Member

    Keep hearing about some auction going down, I think, at the W O Music school on the radio. Think it's in March, but something to consider for the next planning thread.
  16. Anonymous Member

    It could be the birdhouse thing they did last year, or the Red Shoe Ball. Both are fund raisers for good causes in the community. Would be nice to have a date for those so we don't interrupt.

    I had the 26th marked for protest.
  17. juche Member

    The people who take their kids to W.O. are really nice to us. I'd rather avoid messing up their things with our protests, tbh. People who have weddings there have also been really good to us.
  18. Anonymous Member

    Just wondering does Nashanon have their own website to keep up with events and stuff or does it all just take place here?
  19. lokimotion Member

    This is the website for the auction, birdhouse thing. Says it's on March 10th, which is a Thursday. There shouldn't be any conflict.
  20. juche Member

    We use Skype for the vast majority of planning.
  21. desudesuchan Member

    i'd suppose one of us could go in there and ask for a schedule of events?
  22. Anonymous Member

    Protest tomorrow! Supposed to be nice, in the low 60's.
  23. Anonymous Member

    Today at 1:30.
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  24. juche Member

    Leaving the house now, see you all there~
  25. Anonymous Member

    Been trolling the Org on my way to and from an event in Berry Hill yesterday.

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