Narconon's Bridge To Total Freedom - New Hubbard Doc

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Intelligence, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. Intelligence Member

    Will be using a short segment of this video along with some other proof that Scientology IS Narconon.
    Will ship off to various Canada Governments and Health Authorities,..., and my Lawyer of course.
    Should have it done today and will post ASAP,.., having fun in BC:):):)
    Will mention Arnie in the credits:)

    Will meet with Gerry Armstrong for Protest on Saturday.

    Steve Wiseman invited me for a meeting,.., won't say when,..., until after meeting. We have a lot to discuss :):):)

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  2. Intelligence Member

    "Narconon-Scientology Bridge To Death" video being uploaded right now:)

    Will post ASAP.

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  3. Intelligence Member

    Credits To: Arnie Lerma; Colin Henderson; Senator Celine Payette; Quebec News Media; Anonymous.

    Thank you all:)

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  4. Tremendous find........

    Solid proof, in writing no less, that Narconon is 100% not a secular application of Ron's standard tech and is in fact Hubbard's very own bridge to the bridge of "Freedom". (That word, Freedom, I don't think it means what Scientologists think it means.)

    Narconon is standard tech, therefore, 100% Scientology per LRH himself.......Thanks, Ron

    Was the long time, drug abusing L. Ron Hubbard the first failure of his own insane cure for drug addicts?

    "There are many people who have a problem with drug abuse and crime."

    Hypocritical L. Fraud Hubbard was most certainly one of them, and then some, lol

    Was he ever.........

    Great job all......

    Gl with this critical case David......
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  5. Intelligence Member

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  6. Anonymous Member

    LOL Big time. Aparently Scientology doesn't really imporve the scilons IQ, otherwise they would have thought of a better slogan than the Bridge to the Bridge. Fucking retards.
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  7. JohnnyRUClear Member

    At the end of the video, "Anonymous" is misspelled. Also, it's still somewhat disjointed and I had a hard time reading some of the text screens early on. The material is great, but it lacks the touch of a video editing pro.
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  8. jensting Member

    Awesome video and excellent work!

    Best regards

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  9. Anonymous Member

    Did he mention anything about contacting the police regarding these events? I mean that's extremely criminal behaviour if the description is accurate.
  10. Anonymous Member

    I just can't get over this image. It bothers me. What is at the end of the second bridge? show me. I'll pay millions for that. I need to know! Is it Xenu? Is it the Space Opera? Marcab? Clams? I just can't take the suspense. Can somebody shoop something at the end of this Bridge, so that my OCD subsides?
  11. Anonymous Member

    Actually, B, it is anatomically correct. There is not a damned thing there.
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  12. Intelligence Member

    Note: the "five rehabs" were actually Rob doing the Narconon Trois-Rivieres program "FIVE" times! There were
    several patients there who were back for their 2nd; 3rd; 4th; and I think Rob sets the record at 5 times.

    When a patient graduates, the Case Supervisor "Certifies" them as "Completed" the program; therefore "Cured."

    If a Patient relapses, it's never Narconon's fault or responsibility; it's because the patient must have "missed" something
    while in the program and needs to go back for a "Repair." The Case Supervisor never takes responsibility for "Missing"
    something in the file before certifying them. It's a "Shell Game."!!

    I often wondered why the hell someone would keep going back for more; and more; and more???

    The "Brain-Washing" and "Mind-Comtrol" is real and powerful! It twists one's thinking and reasoning.

    It's baffling, cunning, deceptive, and destructive. Mmmmm,..., kind of like an addiction to alcohol, cocaine or heroin!
    Even though you know or feel that the program is messed up and does more harm than good; the soul is dragged
    back for more punishment.

    What a "Racket"!!!

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  13. Anonymous Member

    doesn't Arnie Lerma looks a bit scary someimes?
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  14. Intelligence Member

    Ruined lives!

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  15. Anonymous Member

  16. Anonymous Member

    Mostly to RTC...

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  17. Intelligence Member

    What's at the end of the Bridge and what happens to many while on the "Bridge Road Trip".

    Disaster and Mahem!

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  18. Intelligence Member

    Here is a substatiating Email Leak doc - - up onto the Bridge from Narconon:

    Isn't this^^^ a thing of Beauty:)

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  19. Sooooo..........Carolyn offers to get debugs off of Scientologists horrible dental bridge work for a fee?
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  20. Intelligence Member

    Now, because we're going after ABLE Canada in some Cases, ABLE must be tied into the COS
    as the Controller of Narconon INT >>> to NN TR.

    These below are some old archives I had stowed away for contributing to this purpose.
    There are over 60 pages of dox that combine with these.


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  21. Intelligence Member

    Now we're going to add some more dox to this "Bridge to the Bridge" expose.

    Received some delicious info that will substantiate and paint quite the clear picture
    of NarcononScientology as ONE:)

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