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Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Anonymous, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. Horseradish Member

    When I first arrived at WWP, I heard mention there was some general dox dump for Narconon in the UK ???? More generally????
    Or is my memory playing tricks?
    I think I'm now better prepared to be able to go through that shit, but not sure where it is.
  2. Horseradish Member

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  3. jensting Member

    Yes, as I realised soon after posting this. I'm glad someone is doing it right :)
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  4. jensting Member

    Apart from owning the trademark and service mark NARCONON...
  5. fishypants Moderator


    Derek Field is their pet auditor, in the same way as Peter Hodkin is their pet solicitor.

    The names Field and Hodkin come up a lot in connection with Scientology and its front groups.

    There's no way in which Derek Field is independent from Narconon or from Scientology.
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  6. Horseradish Member

    So I woke up in the middle of the night and started reading through FOI responses on Narconon.
    This way lies madness!
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  7. Horseradish Member

    Playing devil's advocate.... It could be argued that's a mere licensing agreement, and does not necessarily involve related parties.
    So, if I wanted to use the word 'Apple' for my company 'Apple Toasters', I could come to an agreement with Apple to pay them a license fee each year for the right to do so. Totally unrealistic example, I know, but you get my drift.

    With all these culty outfits the control is exercised through appointment of directors, trustees etc. who are culties. But traditional company law, accounting standards etc. assume (a) close family membership or (b) share ownership or similar, are required for control. They reckon without cults.

    The Charity Commission compares lists of trustees for different charities, and then finding none in common, or only one or two in common, decides that there is no relationship or control between them, when the relationship is staring them in the face: they are all culties (and in the case of Narconon in the UK, they only ever have one contact or spokesman vis-a-vis the Commission: Peter Hodkin).
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  8. DeathHamster Member

    Ha ha ha. That's a corpse-covered battlefield! Did you mean Apple Computers or Apple Records?
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  9. Horseradish Member

    Quite! I said it was a completely unrealistic example. :D
  10. Horseradish Member

    But in the end, they did reach an agreement, did they not? A licensing agreement.
  11. jensting Member

    Apple Computers pay Apple Records (or whatever they're called this week). That was the case until the rightsholders to the Beatles catalogue gave up and wanted to go on itunes. What happened then, I do not know.
  12. DeathHamster Member

    Lawyers! Outta no where! Everywhere!

    But getting back on the rail, someone must have the trademark for Narconon in the UK.
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  13. Anonymous Member

    Private Eye Magazine.
    8th March-21st March 2013.
    Page 30.

    Scientology in Schools
    Drug Abuse

    How do schools keep getting taken in by Scientologists sneaking nonsense "science" into their classroom under the guise of "drugs education"?

    The latest bulletin from Scientology's offshoot Narconon boasts that 33 schools in Cornwall have been given drug education presentations, two in recent tours by Peter Dwan - who appeared on Channel 4's 4thought series last year talking about how Scientology had saved him from alcoholism.

    "The schools given Peter's presentations have been promoting Peter and Narconon to other schools and now a third tour is planned for early May," reports the newsletter. It claims one group of schools is seeking funding "from the local Navy Base" to bring Dwan to give his talks.

    Roseland Community College in Truro even put a news item on it's website praising Dwan's "exciting and entertaining facts about how taking drugs and alcohol can affect your life". It's just a pity they aren't, er, true facts.

    As reported in Eye 1321, Narconon's education booklets warn children against taking prescription medication and plug L. Ron Hubbard's barmy "science" about vitamins. Health experts around the world have warned against Narconon's rehab programmes, which entail long sessions in a sauna and high doses of vitamins.

    Last year the Church of England told it's London primary schools to stop accepting talks or activities from Narconon, but the organisation still managed to give talks to around 2,000 pupils in Newham and Islington.
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  14. kthnxbai Member

    Surely there are or were financial links between Narconon UK and ABLE (or CoS) which ought to be visible in their accounts, since that is the point of the whole thing.

    Sorry if this has come up already.
  15. Horseradish Member

    See my post no. 199
  16. Anonymous Member

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  17. Anonymous Member

    'they are taken away from you' - just like when they become a scientologist
  18. Anonymous Member

    Scientology is claiming to be the experts on the Gates to Hell?
  19. Horseradish Member

  20. Anonymous Member

  21. Horseradish Member

    I get your drift, but I'm more thinking in scilon terms than RL terms....
    They are clear n perfect n all, no?
  22. Anonymous Member

  23. More information on Scientology in uk schools and Pete Dwan, the main point of contact for schools may be "mypinkbugatti" site

    The "mypinkbugatti" site does not mention narconon or scientology, however it does state that pete has produced a dvd which costs £15 "The Truth About Drugs" It looks like pete has removed his connection to narconon on there. It used to say " buy "The Truth about Drugs" by Peter Dwan on Kindle ... I am licensed by Narconon® Drug Education services to deliver drug education talks according ..."

    More info on pete dwan and scientology here:
    Peter Dwan says Scientology helped him turn his life around after he nearly drank himself to death. Peter says that a lot of rubbish about his Church has been published by newspapers, and urges people to find out for themselves, because his faith has made him happier than he has ever been before

    Drug Education at Narconon
    Demographic info
    United Kingdom | Health, Wellness and Fitness
    Drug Education at Narconon, Chief Instructor at Positive Youth Sport Manchester
    Ive just released a DVD called "The Truth About Drugs ".It is an educational presentation and can be previewed at drug lecture org
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  24. Anonymous Member

    Pete Dwan talks on the 4thought Channel 4 segment about how scientology helped him. He had an alcohol problem when he was 21. He credits scientology for helping to turn his life around 'as if scientology saved him'. This does not quite add up, pete is 46, so that was 25 years ago and pete only became a scientologist 8 years ago
    “I know what it means to have a problem with drugs,” says Dwan. “I was only 21 when my liver stopped working and I almost died. I tell them my story. They can see I know what I’m talking about.”
    Dwan says that since he became a Scientologist eight years ago, the training and spiritual counseling has made an enormous difference in his life - from.drug free blogspot co uk
  25. Anonymous Member

    The school in Cornwall has taken down its link to narconon - good news - any connection to scientology is bad news for the schools. But then scientology/narconon comes in many guises. I am certain that another name/drug educator/front group is worming its way into schools as I speak
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  26. Anonymous Member

    The people on the left of this 'marathon for a drug-free uk' picture are involved in narconon, can anyone else confirm the identities from left : Heather Muir, Lucy Skirrow ??? , Graeme Wilson, and is that Pete Dwan or Gary Byrne???
  27. Anonymous Member

    First on the left looks like Stefania Cisco - her role includes greasing up to Camden Police.

    Second from left is Tracy Coleman. Her role is to get into interfaith events at Westminster and run 'interfaith peace' days or 'arts' events for the scientology cult to try to make the organisation look normal and respectable. Greases up to people in power for the cult.

    Next is Graeme Wilson. Don't recognise the others but none of them are Pete Dwan.
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  28. Anonymous Member

    I will find time to give this one a close reading, 23 pages + covers.

    I've asked for the UK Version, when available.

    [Exchanging e-mail with a $cientologist is a really creepy experience...]
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  29. Anonymous Member

    thanks - useful
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  30. Horseradish Member

    All the links are Narconon links.
    All the phone numbers are Narconon phone numbers.

    I'll be interested to see what the UK leaflet says.
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  31. Anonymous Member

    The text has no mention of saunas or vitamin/mineral overdose. "Detoxification" is mentioned twice as is "Medical."

    My dictionaries have no definition for "drugless.'

    The text is just promotional boilerplate for the most part. The last page has this information:

    UK Narnonon Promo.jpg

    Appears that the copy editor missed the memo about NN Trois Rivieres in Quebec.
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  32. DeathHamster Member

    They still have a dinky little place in a house in Alberta. (I wonder if that use conforms to the local zoning?) They're also going to try to open a place in Ontario, which will hopefully be hit with a major shitstorm from multiple levels of government and community.
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  33. Anonymous Member

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  34. Anonymous Member

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  35. fishypants Moderator

    When, oh when, will these people learn to write properly?
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  36. Anonymous Member

    Received today:


    28th march 2013.png
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  37. Anonymous Member

    Narconon linked to scientology officially by USA IRS here:

    ABLE (association for Better Living):
    ABLE acts as an umbrella organization for five entities:[4]
    ABLE and its groups were included in the 1993 closing agreement between the IRS and the Church of Scientology, and are classified as "Scientology-related entities".[6]
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  38. snippy Member

    So the new scam is to reg for empty closed Narconons? Are they going to call them Ideal Narconons or Super Power Narconons? I wonder which genus came up with this one!
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  39. Anonymous Member

    My sense of it at this time is one of being a very big push for getting into schools with their curriculum programs.

    This is what the "recruiting" flyer suggests to me and the "special bulletin" about fund raising is how they are planning to expand the invasion of both public and private schools.

    It seems that Narconon treatment center programs are dead-in-the-water in the UK, so now comes the proselytizing programs.
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  40. Anonymous Member

    We should create a MIRACLE together 5 week to go!!!

    I received a kind of shock today: WE HAVE JUST 5 WEEK AND 5 DAYS TO GO until we start our 2nd Marathon for a DRUG-FREE UK RUN across the UK!!!

    In 5 weeks we will stand in Brighton on 26t...h April and we will be ready to run up to Edinburgh arriving on 22nd May after an incredible 26 days - having run 600 miles and creating a huge effect with Truth About Drugs lessons in schools, with Truth About Drugs booklets distribution on the streets in towns and cities along the route, asking people to sign a Drug-Free pledge, and showing a good example with our running.

    Hey does this sound good?

    But we still have things which are missing! Can you help us to put this theta action on the road?

    We are short with 4000 pound exactly!!!

    So we announce an AMAZING GAME! The name of the game is:


    Every person who gives a flow towards this theta goal is a SUPERHERO - and you are factually helping to create a drug-free future here in the UK. In this game everybody wins and we will give every supporter a nice acknowledgement for your help after the marathon at our Awards event!

    Everyone who gives 250 pounds or more will receive a special acknowledgement at our Awards event!!!

    Every day or every time we receive donations I will announce how much money is still needed to reach the target so you can follow the progress with the fund raising!

    So, let's start the game and I hope you will run to be the biggest SUPERHERO!!!

    Much Love,

    Monika Szindekovics

    ED, Marathon for a Drug-Free UKSee More

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