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    Kenneth eckersley Narconon UK
    from east grinstead , can be found on web sites, likes writing on lots of forurms

    legal and trustee, gives advice on what to tell judges etc when dealing with court cases, to stop students going inside and they try to get people out of prison and into the programme, (criminon?) and of course, then into scientology

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    steve cook . was running centre with his wife until it closed, been involved since it opened have been pushed out 3 times always get back in when the americans have gone back home , both owed just under £2300 each in unpaid wages, but might have paid themselves by now,

    narconon int ethiches officer, travels around the world sorting out centres
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    No listings of Scientology completions for Paul Gauci's wife Helen Gauci - does anyone know her scientology cult involvement, years in the cult or maiden name that scientology completions for her might be listed?
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    Cult gave drug talk at Spurs

    Lecture ... cult members gave a seminar to Spurs youth squad
    Last Updated: 01st October 2012

    TOTTENHAM Hotspur invited Scientologists in to preach to players, The Sun can reveal.

    A representative of the cult gave young stars a seminar on the dangers of drugs.
    Scientology charity Narconon has also been boasting online how it paid visits to Bolton Wanders, Oldham Athletic and Rochdale.
    Narconon’s latest newsletter describes how Scientologist Simon Gauci, 45, visited the clubs while wife Helen raised funds.
    The Sun revealed last month how Narconon told how secret Scientologists working for Narconon had tricked their way into primary schools posing as drugs campaigners while parents were kept in the dark.
    It has also bragged of support from a string of High Street names and bagged cash from the Queen’s bank, Coutts.
    In issue 21 of the Narconon newsletter, Challenge UK, the charity says: “Over the years he (Simon) has also delivered the lecture to juniors in the following football clubs: Tottenham Hotspurs, Oldham Athletic, Bolton Wanderers and Rochdale FC.
    “In all he has probably reached over 20,000 children with the truth about drugs.”
    Helen, also 45, is credited with bagging more than £28,599 from charitable trusts to support Narconon’s work.
    Tottenham admitted last night: “The Club was given a free introductory presentation by Narconon over four years ago and we did not proceed with them."
    Bolton, Oldham and Rochdale said they had no record of alleged visits by Gauci or Narconon.
    An Oldham spokesman said: “The only seminars on drug education – there have been several - have been given by Sporting Chance and which were put on through League Football Education which deals with such educational matters on behalf of all clubs.
    “I will be taking up the matter further with Narconon. Thank you for bringing the matter to our attention.”
    Narconon uses “technologies” nurtured by the Church of Scientology - whose followers include Hollywood stars Tom Cruise and John Travolta - to help people overcome addiction.
    Scientologists believe humans are haunted by the spirits of aliens massacred with hydrogen bombs on Earth 75million years ago, as taught by the cult’s founder, sci-fi author L. Ron Hubbard.
    Narconon was founded by the late William Benitez who turned to Scientology while in prison on drugs offences.
    The charity confirmed Helen and Simon Gauci were Scientologists but was unable to confirm whether prospective clients were told of their links to the cult.
    A Narconon spokeswoman said: “The statements in the newsletter regarding the lectures given by Simon Gauci to juniors of various football clubs is entirely accurate.
    “He is an extremely good lecturer who has probably helped hundreds, if not thousands, of British children to avoid a drug habit.
    “Obviously because Narconon utilises the work of L. Ron Hubbard it is supported by members of the Church of Scientology.”
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    Oh. I guess that's all the connection there is, then. :rolleyes:

    Such honest, ethical people!
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    How long did it take her to realise that, oh yes I see 28 years, not long then. And seeing as there are at least 30 scientlologists in the West Midlands, according to the latest census, soon they will clear the whole of Birmingham.
  8. DeathHamster Member

    Maybe they can send some of the hordes of Scientologists from Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall?
  9. anon walker Moderator

    Oh, that poor old cow, giving her meager Sea Org pittance to the Idle Org scam!
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  10. Endless regging for 'donations', Heather or not you have the money, how much Muir of this of this endless donation crap can Scientologists put up with?
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    Another Narconon front group Marathon for a drug free uk
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    1. Drug-Free UK | Home
    3. MARATHON FOR A DRUG-FREE UK. Together for a Drug-Free UK. Home · Who We Are · Marathon · Evaluation · Gallery · Video Gallery · News · Contact ...

    4. The First Annual Multi-Marathon for a Drug-Free United Kingdom
      May 4, 2012 – Church of Scientology organizes week-long run through southern England to promote drug education and prevention.
    Dont know what happend with the pic above
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    Pictures of them at Shirley High School Croyden from the above website, the pics won't load onto here
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    No scary lings in this post, just a pair of JPEGs and some interesting names.

    The first one at the top mentions Irina & John Mappin and has an annotation.

    These culties have been very busy lately.

    (LOL @ the gmail email address...)
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    lots of Drug service info for the uk here also influencing policy and practice

    link to drugscope:

    DrugScope aims to encourage informed debate on drugs. Our press office provides a reliable and authoritative source of information and comment to journalists from around the world. We publish a bi-monthly magazine, Druglink and a range of professional resource books. Our extensive website hosts a wealth of good quality drug information and our information service provides support and advice to DrugScope members, professionals and the public. We provide a free e-news bulletin about drug and alcohol issues, DS Daily, emailed to over 4500 subscribers every weekday.

    link to Clinks:

    Our work

    Clinks supports, represents and campaigns for the Voluntary and Community Sector working with offenders. Clinks aims to ensure the Sector and all those with whom they work, are informed and engaged in order to transform the lives of offenders.
    Regional and Local Work

    Our regional work aims to improve opportunities available to the VCS working in that area. This helps ensure we are informed about what is happening on the ground, which in turn allows us to better represent our members at a national level. We work with Local Infrastructure Organisations (LIOs), including Volunteer Centres and Councils for Voluntary Services.
    National Work

    Most of Clinks' work is national, though it draws on evidence gathered at regional and local levels. It includes includes campaigning, influencing policy and practice, and promoting opportunities for the VCS to develop or expand their work with offenders.
  18. Great find Night Owl

    So the above post show that they are very active in getting into schools, using different front groups, names, which do not use the word scientology in their literature.

    A question, does anyone know if these idiots have any "real" training qualifications for this esp Peter Dwane?

    But the above poster shows a direct link to Narconon, which can be linked to scientology and it also gives direct links to recruitment.

    Need to get this info out there somehow, to schools, that although getting info about drugs to kids is good, using a scn front group, (who are against all drugs, legal and illegal and therefore dangerous) and who are using the drug information talks to recruit to narconon/scientology, is not.
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    If you can use it, here is JPEG #1 without my annotation:
    [IMG] Here is - Peter Dwan - Scientology Service Completions:

    Here is more PR from late in January 2013:

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  20. [IMG]
    Life shared a link.

    February 3
    Here is a team who are really making a difference in the community. Pete Dwan, former British Thai Boxing Champion delivers Drug Education Lectures to schools up and down the country, sponsored by John Mappin of Camelot Castle. Here is a pr...ogress report from Pete...

    Hi John
    Great to speak to you on the phone !
    Heres a write up of how the project has gone this far !

    I came down to Cornwall in October 2012 and did 14 talks to 12 schools to a total of over 1,300 people in a week !
    The response was so great that ive just come back this week, last week of January 2013, and done 19 talks to 21 schools with a total of 2,292 people delivered to the secound week !
    The schools that we have delivered have been promoting us to other schools and we are looking at coming back in early May time to do another weeks worth of talks.
    The response has been, in my 5yrs experience lecturing,absolutley amazing.
    Every school has most definatley loved the "Truth About Drugs " talk and has asked if will be available to come every year.
    There is a lady who came to the talk today who cordinates 18 schools in her co-oprative and is looking to get funding, from the local Navy base,.
    to come and deliver to all of them. There is another lady who watched the lecture on the first trip that has been send communications to lots of schools to get in touch and " not miss out " on these amazing talks.
    we have had several of the schools this trip that have said they are going to write a piece to thier local newspaper to tell them about the talks.There was a group of parents that came to one of the talks who said they had concerns about what was being taught to thier children with regards to drug ed. After the talk they exspressed how "Fantastic the talk was and how they now realized how important the kids get the data. They were to put it midly very pleased.A Fireman that does work with groups of kids in the community came to one of the talks today and approached me afterwards to say that he thought the talk was "Absoulty Amazing " and He had never heard a better talk "
    There is a school that just two days after haveing the talk this time have posted a report on thier home page.
    So to recap !
    In two weeks we have delivered 33 talks to a total of 33 schools to a total of 3,592 people !

    We have just gone and produced and have introduced our drug education program to 33 schools,various groups of parents and teachers.
    We also have every school that weve done this trip sending me a letter of recomendation for use to other schools.
    we have had as well over 500 visitors to the website this week from promoting it in the talks.

    Thats a roundup of the project so far John.
    Thanks again for your continued support ! It is so appriciated !!!
    Speak soon
    PeteSee More
    Alcohol - Pete Dwan
    Excerpt from a Drug Education Lecture on Alcohol.
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    took the scientologists 7 days to run a marathon:

    from this cult pr piece:
    http://webcache.googleusercontent.c...e uk&cd=2&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=uk

    The First Annual Multi-Marathon for a Drug-Free United Kingdom

    Church of Scientology organizes week-long run through southern England to promote drug education and prevention.

    The Mayor of Westminster welcomed the runners back to London at the end of their 7-day, 130- mile multi-marathonthrough southern England to promote drug-free living.
    Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) May 04, 2012
    A team of runners carried out a weeklong 130-mile (209 km) multi-marathon through southern England to promote drug education and prevention as a primary solution to drug abuse.
    The UK Drug-Free Multi-Marathon began April 14 on the steps of Lambeth Town Hall in the south of London. Over the next seven days they ran to East Grinstead in Sussex and on to Uckfield, Brighton, Crawley, Reigate and Croydon, ending back in Westminster in the heart of London.
    The athletes met local mayors, police officials and educators, introducing them to The Truth About Drugsdrug education and prevention materials: booklets, public service announcements and a hard-hitting documentary that provide factual information on drugs. They also provided drug education lectures in schools along the way and encouraged students attending to take the Drug-Free Ambassador Oath—a pledge to live drug-free and to help their friends and family do the same.
    The runners were enthusiastic about the response they received, commenting that throughout the route, people honked, waved, and gave them a thumbs-up.
    The team was comprised of two athletes from London and six Hungarian runners who have carried out annual cross-country anti-drug marathons in Hungary for the past 10 years. To covere 130 miles in a week, runners clocked an average of 18 1/2 miles each day. The event was organized and sponsored by the Church of Scientology of London.
    To learn more about the drug prevention initiative sponsored by the Church of Scientology or to participate in the program, visit the Scientology website.
    About The Church Of Scientology And The Truth About Drugs Education and Prevention Materials
    The Church of Scientology sponsors one of the world’s largest nongovernmental drug education and prevention campaigns. When young people are provided with the truth about drugs—factual information on what drugs are and what they do—usage rates drop commensurately.
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    From Rosland community College webpage
    Drugs Awareness - Making Sensible choices
    On Tuesday we welcomed Peter Dwan from Narconon Manchester back into school after a successful visit in the Autumn Term. Pete spoke to a collection of years 5 and 6s from our partner primary schools; Gorran, Grampound Road, Tregony and St. Mawes, as well as to our year 7 tutor groups.

    Narconon Manchester are a drugs education organisation, who deliver exciting and entertaining facts about how taking drugs and alcohol can affect your life. Pete gives young people the facts and encourages them to make sensible and informed decisions as they go through life in relation to drugs and alcohol. He also encourages students to look for a “Natural High” in things that they achieve in their lives and to set themselves goals to achieve that high.

    The website with all of the information on that all students were given this morning is www!mypinkbugatti!com . Please feel free to browse the website and discuss the presentation with your children.

    Pete will be returning to Cornwall before the Easter holidays to deliver presentations to other schools. If you would be interested in running a presentation, please contact; Peter Dwan - narcononmanchester@hotmail!co!uk
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  23. Anonymous Member

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  24. I'm sure most on here will put their pennys worth in on what I have to say but after coming across this site Id like to say - I got clean from completing the Narconon course in the uk. I am not a scientologist, Buddhist, Christian, Muslim or anything else. I went through hell before finding Narconon and the amount of crap that the staff at Narconon had to take off me says how dedicated these people are. Out of about 15 staff members only three were scientologists, and these people never pushed their beliefs on me and in fact it was a known thing in there that students going through recovery had enough on their plate as it was.
    I'm 6 years clean and I am in good health as are many other people I know, and no I don't work for Narconon, I never have, purely because I wanted to get back to my family and continue with my plans.
    I'm sure some of you on here I know from the course, it's such a shame that Narconon didn't work for you.
    Scientologists clearly want their religion to grow but I can assure you that Narconon uk only have one interest and that's getting people off drugs, not recruitment for Scientology! Good luck in your campaign but im sure the government can see that Narconon do far to much good to be successfully damaged by a campaign like this!
  25. Anonymous Member

    The latest from Narconon UK:
    Narconon UK Marijana.png
  26. DeathHamster Member

    "Some people find relief from a hot bath or shower"

    As opposed to spending hours in a sauna?
  27. "Adverse effects from marijuana abuse include panic attacks, paranoia, depression, hallucinations and depersonalization. Depersonalization is a disorder in which a person loses the sense of their personal identity and reality" Just like Scientology addiction then
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  28. jensting Member

    And yet, here you are, doing A to E steps.

    Well the Quebec, Canada, and the French authorities saw narCONon for what it is: a dangerous quack treatment run by un-qualified (if occasionally well meaning) incompetents which is causing high-paying victims to die.
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  29. firebug Member

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  30. jensting Member

    WTF do they mean, 16.9p in the pound? The criminal organisation known as the "church" of $cientology is good for every single penny. Isn't anything less surely a symptom of fraudulent bankrupcy to escape payment of debts?
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  31. Horseradish Member

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  32. Horseradish Member

    So the second, recently, attempt at striking off the company (owing to non-production of any statutory documents?) has been halted.

    The letter form Hodkin looks like an unofficial attempt to get creditors to settle.
    If they don't, then Narconon London will be bankrupt.
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  33. Horseradish Member

    I seem to recall that previous accounts filed give some support for this arrangement, officially: stating that the international organisation Narconon guarantees any debts of the local organisation and therefore the firm is a going concern. Though I will need to check this in the accounts of Narconon London, not one of the other Narconons in the UK.
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  34. Horseradish Member

    Narconon London accounts year ending 31/12/2007 (Trustee's Report, Financial Review section):


    Accounts year ending 31/12/2008:


    Accounts year ending 31/12/2010 - the only other accounts filed them in the last 5 years!!:


    So what was once a guarantee from Narconon International has become mere donations.

    Mind you, anyone would have been out of their minds trading with an organisation that year after year cannot even produce sales invoices for the accountants. (See the full accounts, auditor reports section, each year).
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  35. fishypants Moderator

    So are they trading while insolvent? Their website is still trying to sell stuff.
  36. Horseradish Member

    1. Hodkin's letter claims they ceased operating in July 2012. (AFAIK, Hodkin are not company administrators, dealing with the putting into administration of companies.) He admits Narconon London is insolvent.
    2.The website is an offer to trade.
    3. Previous sets of filed accounts claim a guarantee to creditors by Narconon International, to support their argument for being a going concern. A guarantee which has vanished in the most recent set of accounts (still old).

    It was clearly not a going concern some time ago, with (a) no accounts filed, (b) no sales invoices (according to the auditors), (c) no income and no cash, (d) creditors, and with (e) VANISHED creditors' guarantee from Narconon International (to pay those creditors), so no possibility of being a going concern.

    Looks like a little pack needs to be put together for the Charity Commission and Companies House, just to spell it all out in words of one syllable.
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  37. fishypants Moderator

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  38. Horseradish Member

    Which is the particular domain/website you are looking at?
  39. Horseradish Member

    They will only go down if the creditors (even one) don't accept.
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  40. Anonymous Member

    Can I just clarify this is Narconon London you are talking about which was responsible for the drug rehab at st Leonards? Narconon Manchester is a different company?

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