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  1. anonysamvines Member

    ^^^^ they forgot a major bullet point
    To help him complete his Humanitarian status!
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  2. DeathHamster Member

    From their site:


    (That's not an image of their site, that image is their site.)
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  4. RolandRB Member

    Does Narconon file audited accounts and if so can we get hold of any copies to see if they have declared any related parties in their audited accounts?

    The reason this is significant is because of they are seen as a junior member of a group of related parties then they are also not independent and can therefore not be a charity by definition:

    11. So far as the governance of charities is concerned, charities are required to be independent in the sense that anyone who exercises powers in relation to the governance of a charity is bound to act solely in the interests of the charity. This is not just a requirement at the point when a body is registered as a charity. Charities must remain independent throughout their existence.

    Somebody posted a contact email address for the Charities Commission for England and Wales when they were investigating Narconon. Can I have this again, please, so I can email them?

    OK, got it:


    Doesn't work.
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  5. fishypants Moderator

  6. RolandRB Member

    ^^ thanks for the above. I checked the sometimes auditied accounts of the Narconon entities on the CC website. The turnover for the Narconon charities in the UK is so low that for audited accounts then "related parties" would be of no interest so I have nothing to pursue.
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  7. Anonymous Member

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  8. [IMG]

    Yesterday ·

    The new Continental Narconon for the United Kingdom stands on a country estate in East Sussex and will serve as the model drug rehab center to train and apprentice staff for future Narconons across England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
    — in Eastbourne, East Sussex.[IMG]
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  9. Random guy Member

    Say, has there guys got their permit in order? If so, poons?
  10. Cross posting this information here

    Drug treatment centre linked to Scientology opens in Heathfield

    By Sussex Courier | Posted: September 18, 2015

    Read more:
    Follow us: @KSCourier on Twitter | kentandsussexcourier on FacebookA CONTROVERSIAL drug treatment centre – linked to the Church of Scientology – has opened in Heathfield.
    The centre, run by Narconon, began welcoming the first patients to its new Maynards Green Road headquarters this week.
    The group, which up until now has operated mainly out of the United States, bases its recovery programme on the teachings of scientology founder, L Ron Hubbard.
    His method involves putting addicts through a programme of cold turkey, forcing them to sweat out toxins in sauna conditions and following the programme up with a course of vitamins.

    The centre's director, Sheila Maclean claimed the method provided an alternative to mainstream medicine, although the 18-bed Heathfield HQ would only focus on "rehabilitation" and the training of drug counsellors and medical staff, she said.

    Read more:
    Follow us: @KSCourier on Twitter | kentandsussexcourier on Facebook
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  11. Random guy Member

    So not a really a Narconon then?

    I wonder if they have some sort of licensing problems.
  12. The Wrong Guy Member

    Irish translators concerned over Scientology links | RTÉ News

    Irish language translators have expressed concern after learning material presented to them to translate for a so-called charity was in fact connected to the Church of Scientology.

    The material was for Narconon, a drug rehabilitation programme established by L Ron Hubbard, the founder of the Church of Scientology in the United States.

    One translator told Nuacht RTÉ that she had been told be a translation service called that the work was intended for a charity organisation with limited funds and as a result the rate of reimbursement would be lower than the standard rate for such work.

    However, when the work was further posted on Facebook, several translators who copied the material into search engines found that it was extracts from Narconon.

    Some translators told RTÉ that there was a lack of clarity about the organisation for whom the translation was intended and they should have been told they were working for a large organisation with ample funds.

    The agency, Narconon or the Church of Scientology have not commented about the matter.

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  13. DeathHamster Member

    No, it's a Narconon. They'll endlessly change the name and description to squeeze through cracks in the regulations, but they'll never change the program itself.

    If they can't call it detox, they'll call it rehab, and if that fails, it's a "halfway house" or similar, but it's all the Purification Rundown.
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