narconon uk closes down

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by likey, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. patriot75 Member

    So far the reporter has NOT been able to confirm, we have to be patient.
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  2. Sekee Member

    According to the transcript of this radio interview with John Wood In 1997 Narconon were sending people to Holland then too.

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  3. jensting Member

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  4. Anonymous Member

    For journalists:
    details of the people appointed by scientology to run Narconon in the UK:

    Not one of them has a relevant (medical or social work) qualification to work with people suffering with addiction or vulnerable young people.
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  5. booski Member

    Mr Salt in need of his Sauna has more communication with Mr Fish.


    Yes, the centre in Hastings is closed.
    I am able to refer you to any other Narconon centre around the world. I mentioned Holland because it is the closest and also the one that we have the best relationship with. It has good success with English people. It is NOT the only centre dealing with the UK. It is the cheapest at 2500 euros for the 1st month and then 1500 euros each month after, or 12000 euros for the whole program and you can stay as long as you need to.
    I recently arranged for someone to go to Narconon Freedom Centre in Michigan, USA.

    In any case, the Narconon program is a residential program so you would be expected to live in. Experience has demonstrated that the further away you are from distractions, the better your chances of success.
    So if you want to go to treatment, and you need it to work first time, then you need to consider the level of commitment you are willing to put in. All our students eventually come to realise that a 6 month program is a small investment to make when their lives, jobs, and relationships with family and friends are at stake if the addiction is left untreated.
    Simply put, if you are at a stage where you are seeking help for yourself then you have obviously come through the denial phase and signs are there that you have a serious addiction. A serious addiction problem is not something that can simply be treated in a matter of a few weeks or on an outpatient basis - it needs all the steps of the Narconon program to be delivered full time, in a safe environment, in order to handle effectively and permanently.

    I don't want to flood you with too much information at once, but I want you to hear about the components of the program and how they help. I will forward you an email a bit later.
    Please give it some careful thought and get back to me if you would like to talk over the phone. 07704 539111

    Best regards


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  6. booski Member

    Mr Salt replies.

    Dear James,

    Thank you again for the info, Can you tell me what other centers there are in the UK which are still operational?
    I'm just a bit confused because I cannot find any other centers in the UK online.
    It would be England that I am seeking treatment and not another country, this would not be possible for me to relocate.
    What a shame the Hastings center is closed! it would have been perfect. :(
    Why did it close?
    Once I feel a bit more confident that I can get treatment in the UK through Narconon I will give you a ring to discuss my battle with addiction and exactly what it is I am addicted to.
    Mr B Salt
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  7. booski Member

  8. Anonymous Member

    ........being recruited into scientology and fleeced of everything you own. If Narconon doesn't kill you first.
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  9. Anonymous Member

    Journalists need to go undercover when dealing with the scientology cult
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  10. booski Member

    These Journalists can have copies of my emails if they want!

    In order to get the information they need to be deceived in the same way they fair game.
    These Narconon/Scientology robots must be fooled and lied to and have the tables turned on them.

    I'm quite suprised O.S.A has not told James Fish to keep his gills shut as he continues to sing like a canary.
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  11. Random guy Member

    Either OSA is severely understaffed these days (well...), or they have already acted and we should be very, very careful to double check all information.
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  12. booski Member

    I would say understaffed and overwhelmed with more pressing matters. I think its pretty much conclusive from James that they do NOT operate in the UK and the Hasting center has indeed closed its doors as the OP said. Would be excellent if someone can do a drive by of the Hasting center. maybe rattle on the doors a bit and growl like a zombie in need of treatment. Would be great to get photos.
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  13. Anonymous Member

    Any journalist covering this story need to be across the closing of Narconon in Canada.

    Mauricie regional health agency director Marc Latour said Narconon Trois-Rivières ......was dangerous for patients and violated many of the criteria regulating Quebec's rehab centres.
    He said there was no medical supervision and no scientific basis to the treatment.
    Authorities in Canada now carrying out an investigation into Narconon human rights abuses:

    In America - 3 deaths in the last year at one Scientology Narconon centre that is under investigation:
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  14. Dragononymous Member

  15. Anonymous Member

    Perhaps coincidentally, the UK Charities Commission has in recent months been investigating the Narconon residential facility near Hastings - this was not covered by Narconon's charity registration, and they had not informed the CC that it was in operation.

    Any further information should be directed to:
    Lin Ashby (case officer)
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  16. booski Member

    Mr Salt still in need of some sauna purification gets another reply from Mr Fish.

    Dear Mr Salt,

    Did you get my email about my experience of the program which I sent late last night? I hope so, it took my bloody ages to type it ! haha
    Narconon in the UK had only one rehabilitation centre. This was the centre in Hastings, East Sussex.
    It closed because the landlord decided to redevelop the building, he would not renew our lease, and so it forced us into having to find a new centre.
    Unfortunately, we were unable to find a suitable building quickly enough. When we have found the right building, in the right location, we will open a new centre.
    This means that at the present time, you are not going to be able to receive the Narconon program in the UK.
    It will not be possible until a new centre is opened. I cannot say how long it will take because it is still in a planning and fundraising stage.
    I totally understand the barriers that you see with the issue of relocating, but irrespective of where you go to treatment, for it to be successful you will need to leave your old life behind for a little while. If you went to Narconon Hastings you would have to reside there and you cannot just come and go as you please. To go to Holland would be just a few months respite and when you complete the program you can return home.
    In Holland, you could have guests and stay at a local B & B with family members or friends when they visit, and you can even return home for special occasions if you have a carefully planned itinerary.
    Really and truly, the further away you are from your old stomping ground for this period of rehabilitation, the fewer complications will arise, and therefore the more effective it will be.
    Trust me on this. I went to Narconon Holland to do my own program, and it was such a huge relief to leave my 'baggage' in the UK and deal with my issues undistracted. It really enabled me to just get on with my program and get it done properly.
    Perhaps if you can let me know what you considerations are on relocating, I can find some solutions for you. Please give me some idea of what problems you are up against.
    Best regards
    James Fish
    Narconon UK

    (sounds delightful eh forum? - leave my old life behind and be locked up in Holland where I cannot come and go as I please! I am glad it took him many hours to write an email to me. this was hours wasted on me and not on some real poor sap being drawn into this joke of a drug program)
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  17. BigBeard Member

    Couldn't get the lease renewed huh? Smart landlord is smart.

    So...Since they are officially closed, if they do somehow lay hands on another building do they have to start all over with the Charities Commision or what??

  18. booski Member

    Wheels are turning on that issue I can assure you. Questions are being asked but its not my department. Keeping this Fish on the line is my main priority and I am so looking forward at the end convincing him I really am addicted to Bath Salts and have been responsible for a shocking wave of pet cannibalism in my area. It will be interesting to see what methods they have in place for those with a biting problem!

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  19. Dragononymous Member

    At least I know you won't eat my pets once you're locked up in that crackhouse center.
    I hope..
  20. DeathHamster Member

    He's hooked! Play with him, play with him!

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  21. booski Member

    With much gusto I have replied to Mr Fish.

    Dear James,
    Yes I did get that email thank you. a lot of information in there.
    Oh that is a shame its closed and there is no other center in the UK as this would have been a perfect location for me being in the London area.
    It would be quite a step for me to relocate and something I would need to consider.
    My problem has been an ongoing abuse of substances rather like your own. pretty much a mixture of everything
    and most recently I started experimenting with Methylenedioxyprovalerone (MDPV) which resulted in some nasty nasty episodes.
    I have a couple of questions that I would need to consider if I really am going to go through with this.
    Could you elaborate on the treatments and how safe they are?
    Has anyone had any adverse side effects to treatments and became seriously ill or worse still died?
    Finally I take seizure medication and would the treatments interfere with these and can I continue to still take them?
    Thanks again James for taking the time to converse with me on this.

    Bartholomew Salt
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  22. rof Member

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  23. booski Member

    check again I already ate them with fava beans and a nice chianti
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  24. Anonymous Member

    you cannot just come and go as you please.
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  25. Dragononymous Member

    That would explain the missing cat actually...
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  26. Anonymous Member

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  27. anon walker Moderator

    Hm. Oddly, AA teaches the opposite. No, you cannot leave your old problems behind by relocating. The things you are running from can be found anywhere. Dealers. Drug buddies. Hangouts. And yourself, don't forget that guy!

    Narconon likes to move people as far as possible from their home support system. It makes them more easy to manipulate, and more difficult for said support system to retrieve them. They won't tell you that, though. Just "it's better for your recovery" if we hold you miles from anywhere and dump you at a crappy motel with ten bucks in your pocket if you fail to comply with playing Scientologist.
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  28. Anonymous Member

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  29. booski Member

  30. pedrofcuk Member

    Looks like Joe Rooney ^
  31. Anonymous Member

    it would be good to find someone who has been to Holland to report their experiences
  32. Anonymous Member

    so we have it in writing from the 'Church' Of Scientology that they hold people captive in their Narconon facilities
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  33. Dragononymous Member

    You want the brainwashed reports or the real ones?
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  34. Anonymous Member


    OSA must have finally all blown.
  35. Anonymous Member

    The report that our friend 'likey' sent me over PM yesterday about his stay in the Dutch Narconon has been duly forwarded to the Dutch Health inspection.
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  36. Dragononymous Member

    prefered language?
  37. Anonymous Member

    Can it also be forwarded to the uk charity commission ?
  38. Anonymous Member

    You're spoiling us. English will do.
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  39. Anonymous Member

    And also Holland revoking scientology's tax exemption and the Dutch health inspectorate investigation into Narconon:
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  40. Anonymous Member

    Sure. What's the e-mail address? If I receive another reply from 'likey' (although I have a feeling he won't be coming back) I'll ask him about Hastings as well.

    As far as positive reviews for Narconon Nl, I announced the Narconon investigation on a blogpost by OG Karin Spaink. Naronon employees responded by submitting their succes story, from comment 128 onward (128 is in fact in English). Amazingly, an employee and former employee also posted a hate poem, which I doubt somehow will be very well received by the Dutch Health Inspection.

    I even went through the trouble of translating it for your reading pleasure...

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