narconon uk closes down

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by likey, Jul 30, 2012.

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  2. Intelligence Member

    No more questions from me - I'm outta here - good luck ya'all.

    Why are or what are you scared of? I don't see any confirmation Dox in this Thread for ANYONE to
    be afraid of - LOL :)

    What is fear - LOL :)

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  3. booski Member

    Yo intellegence

    Get your contacts to check out.

    Narconon UK
    30 Newchapel Road,

    Surrey, RH7 6BG

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  4. Intelligence Member

    Will do - later today:)

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  5. Dragononymous Member

    Potential Scilon increase of 4000% in this country.
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  6. booski Member

    Scratch that last request. that was a donations address.

    Check out his place instead.

    Drug Rehab Center | Drug Education
    St. Leonards Onsea East, Sussex

    Narconon Hastings
    Caple NeFerne # 2 Albany Rd.
    Saint Leonards Onsea East
    Sussex TN38OLN England

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  7. booski Member

    Narconon London Hastings Residential Training Centre Tel. 01424 420 036

    Number is dead for me when attempting to call...

    Urge to eat neighbors dog growing!!!!
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  8. Dragononymous Member

    Searching for the word narconon on google maps is really funny...
  9. booski Member

    Shot them an email.

    I have tried to contact your freephone number and the direct line at the narconon center in Sussex.
    The freephone number rings out and the direct line would appear disconnected.
    Has the center shut down or relocated?
    I am seeking treatment for my addiction and heard you can help.
    Mr B Salt
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  10. Anonymous Member

    It's important that no one calls any UK Org saying they are with someone who is in a major drug induced crisis and needs to be admitted to narconon immediately. Do not ask the staff to tell you how this can happen immediately and most importantly definitely do not mention Body Thetans.
  11. booski Member

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  12. booski Member

    Mr Bath Salt gets answers via email.. Enjoy..

    Dear Mr Salt,
    The centre is in the process of being relocated. Currently, we do not operate from a centre in the UK. In the interim we are acting as referral agents to get people on to the Narconon program in a centre of their choosing anywhere within our worldwide network, especially in Europe or America.
    If you are able to speak any european languages then the choice is yours as to which you go to.
    If English is your only language, then within Europe, Narconon Holland is English speaking and it is the best priced centre on the network.
    If you would like a more in depth chat, the freephone line should be active. If it rang out, please accept my apologies. It is presently redirecting to a mobile telephone.
    Alternatively feel free to call me directly on 07704 539111.
    Best regards
    James Fish
    for Narconon UK
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  13. mama2mudbugs Member

    Sorry I didn't see this earlier. Was doing IRL stuff... grocery shopping, laundry, making a check list how to start my own religion to make billions...

    Ok, I got fussed at for posting a link to a Scientology site yesterday and I am not sure how to do it and not get fussed at... so to be SAFE I will pm you the link and you can post it or whatnot the correct way. It is on the Destin Florida Drug Rehab website if anyone wants to go ahead and do it.
  14. Anonymous Member

    Right, so they are "relocating". Interesting, very interesting.
  15. Anonymous Member

    Nobody cares. Fuck off with your chit chat.

    So rather than try and learn about how to do things or why there may be concerns about hotlinking you'll clutter up Intelligence's inbox with the hot link. Sweet move new guy.
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  16. booski Member

    Well the email from Mr Fish to Mr Bath Salt has cleared it up.

    In particular the following statements he has made

    1)The centre is in the process of being relocated
    2) Currently, we do not operate from a centre in the UK.
    3) Narconon Holland is English speaking and it is the best priced centre on the network.

    This would as far as i'm concerned back up the OP and his assertion that they are not operating in the UK.
    The fact he tried to push my poor Mr Bath Salt and his flesh eating addiction to Holland, would also support the claim the OP made on relocation.

    All I can say is lock up your pets! Mr Bath Salt cannot get the Sauna he needs!

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  17. booski Member

    I'm not done with Mr Fish yet.

    Just popped him another reply, lets see will he clarify further or has he sussed i'm taking him for a ride.

    Dear James,
    Thank you for responding to me.
    I was under the impression there was a center in the UK in Sussex? has this closed down?
    Is Holland now the only center dealing with the Uk?
    As I am based in London I don't see how I can get treatment in Holland without moving there!.
    Mr B Salt.
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  18. DeathHamster Member

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  19. Anonymous Member

    Can we get charity status removed if they are shipping people to holland?
    Could shipping drug addicts to holland be recognised as people trafficking?
  20. anon walker Moderator

    Yay! I'm helping! <3
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  21. Anonymous Member

    Fish, meet Salt. LOL...
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  22. Dragononymous Member

    It used to be seen as a way to happiness, but I think this joke is rather lame..
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  23. Anonymous Member

    ... particularly since that rainbow has ended :(
  24. pedrofcuk Member

  25. Delightful chap, Mr Fish. Knew his missus, 'Chelle. She was a clam, too, IIRC
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  26. booski Member

    So far Mr Fish has not responded to my mail. I think a frantic telephone call to him was made after this gaff and was told in no uncertain scientologists terms to STFU!
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  27. Dragononymous Member

    Guess I'll just have to deal with this 'foreseen increase of scientology members due to the current economic situation' in this country.
  28. patriot75 Member

    Do we have confirmation on the closeing in the UK? I haven't had time to go through this thread, been a little busy here in Oklahoma (NN Arrowhead). If we do have 100% confirmation I know some media outlets that would run this.

    Must have 100% and be able to source it.
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  29. Anonymous Member

    Looks pretty convincing. Any media outlet will be able to confirm with a couple of phone calls.

    However there still remains the issue of how much money they are still sucking dry from the UK government to send back to Hollywood even though they are not actually doing anything at all in the UK.
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  30. RightOn Member

    so they are referring people to Holland and the US, and they are still tax exempt in the UK?
    Did I get that right?
    fucking deelish!
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  31. DeathHamster Member

    I was about to say "It must really suck for them to have a UK tax exemption and no cash flow to exempt", but then it occurred to me... They might be sending them from UK to Holland, but which Narconon gets paid?

    Knowing CoS, if they have a tax exemption in the UK but not in Holland, they'll try to route as many payments through the UK as they can.
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  32. RightOn Member

    so... even though they are routing to Holland or the US, they are accepting the payments in the UK?
    Need someone else to call and ask who takes the payment.
    Is it illegal to tape a phone conversation?
  33. Dragononymous Member

    Sadly it still works in both countries..
  34. Dragononymous Member

    Ask the police
  35. Anonymous Member

    Religious Exemption would be Demonstrate The Benefit Of Your Organization For The Public Good.

    Scientology is cancer. At least tobacco industry pays taxes for death. Government actually fucking PAYS scientology to exist.

    Oh I MAD.

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  36. Anonymous Member

  37. Sekee Member

    There was a press release back in march about Narconon Manchester that we thought was a referral site. It offers free training in its drug free withdrawal.

    I wonder where they are going to be doing the training? Would the Charities commission class this as education?
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  38. patriot75 Member

    There is now a reporter trying to get confirmation......:D:D

    Great work All!!!!!!!
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  39. RightOn Member

    tee hee! gettin' good!
  40. Anonymous Member

    NarCONon, L Ron's big con to con the criminal convicts? Say it aint so!!
    Surely this LRH tech was supposed to benefit mankind and rescue it from insanity!?

    Wait - L Ron Hubbard's idea was that we all just give up and die because we will be reincarnated a million lifetimes.


    Or maybe just pussy out like a coward, take instructions, creep around, steal stuff from trashcans, befriend and betray everyone, your childhood friends, family, isolate yourself, know little else, think nothing of the victims, get paid blood money by the Cult of scientology to harass, no mercy for unbelievers, LRH is the way!, woo-ooo-ooo
    I'm not brainwashed it's everyone else, we have a planet to clear, blah blah fucking blah...

    "scientology" and "dianetics" is a disgrace to the word "ethics".

    It will be stopped. Expect it.
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