narconon uk closes down

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by likey, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. Peking Member

    "Withdrawal Specialists" meaning cash withdrawals.
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    Company Name Narconon Trust
    Status Active (Dormant)
    Category PRI/LBG/NSC (Private, Limited by guarantee, no share capital, use of 'Limited' exemption)
    Company Number 05546835
    Registered Address 42-44 Copthorne Road
    East Grinstead
    West Sussex
    RH19 2NS
    Country Origin United Kingdom
    Incorporation Date 25 August 2005
    Company Age 8 years and 11 months
    Classification (SIC) Other education n.e.c. (85590)
  4. Documents available here
    1098004 - NARCONON LONDON

    Accounts for 31 Dec 2012:
    received 05 Sep 2013
    Annual Return for 31 Dec 2012:
    received 05 Sep 2013
    Where it operates

    Financial history

    Compliance history

    Financial summary
    Financial year end (FYE)IncomeSpendingAccounts receivedAnnual Return/Annual Update receivedView
    31 Dec 2012 £174,050 £195,585 05 Sep 2013 05 Sep 2013 Accounts
    31 Dec 2011 £394,616 £443,509 31 Jul 2013 (273 days late) 31 Jul 2013 (273 days late) Accounts
    31 Dec 2010 £383,259 £443,509 19 Apr 2012 (171 days late) 19 Apr 2012 (171 days late) Accounts
    31 Dec 2009 £571,892 £552,959 13 Dec 2011 (408 days late) 06 Sep 2013 (1041 days late) Accounts
    31 Dec 2008 £643,000 £607,000 16 Nov 2010 (381 days late) 27 May 2010 (208 days late)
  5. Narconon ( Not Trust or London ) - documents viewable by clicking 'Account' below . ( same for London)
    (Still open)
    267386 - NARCONON

    Accounts for 31 Dec 2012:
    Not Required
    Annual Return for 31 Dec 2012:
    received 10 Feb 2014
    (102 days late
    Where it operates

    Financial history

    Compliance history

    Financial summary
    Financial year end (FYE)IncomeSpendingAccounts receivedAnnual Return/Annual Update receivedView
    31 Dec 2012 £23,126 £24,246 Not Required 10 Feb 2014 (102 days late)
    31 Dec 2011 £30,527 £32,051 12 Nov 2012 (12 days late) 12 Nov 2012 (12 days late) Accounts
    31 Dec 2010 £50,079 £49,872 30 Nov 2011 (30 days late) 17 Sep 2011 Accounts
    31 Dec 2009 £63,125 £59,882 15 Jun 2010 15 Jun 2010 Accounts
    31 Dec 2008 £59,978 £60,156 08 May 2010 (189 days late) 24 Mar 2010 (144 days late) Accounts
  6. Narconon - Contact and Trustees
    267386 - NARCONON

    85 Waldegrave Park
    TW1 4TJ
    Tel: 020 7383 8191

    Trustees Click on a trustee to show other charities for which they also act as trustee
    MR MICHAEL WOODMANSEY is also a trustee of:

  7. fishypants Moderator

    Isn't "Professional Narconon Executives" a contradiction in terms?
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  8. Intelligence Member

    No medical or nursing positions, as per usual ... just push out the Stats in Valuable Final Product (VFP).

    Make me SICK!!!:(
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  9. Peking Member

    Think about how sick it made the users.
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  10. DeathHamster Member

    He used to play for David Bowie, now he bangs the drums for Scientology.
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  11. Opening intime for the IAS 30th event 17-19th Oct at Snt Hill. This 'ideal' NN is only to be staffed by 'on the bridge' Scientologists.
    The new NN is on a 9 acre farm between E Grinstead & Tunbridge Wells & was used for Sea Org berthing at one time. They dont have all the staff required & by the looks of those who have applied they certainly do not have the skills to do this kind of work.
    I did have a photo of the building & current work, theres one floating round facebook.
  12. RolandRB Member

    This will bring in millions for the cult. The cult is saved in the UK!
  13. Doubt it you need members to be ''saved''.
  14. I think Narconon is and can be one of the better Rehabs out there. Its tech & withdrawral program is one of the better drug free detoxes & its LRH rehab tech is also very good compared to some.
    Narconon is doing nothing wrong as far as I can see in theory, if you check out Betel which seems to hide under ''we are a rehab on no were not'' & leave dyeing withdrawing addicts out in the street and ring them an ambulance. Dump epileptics in A&E and run, have anxious codine withdrawn addicts attack members of the public and deny knowledge to the police. ect ect.
    Cenacolo, get addicts to sign away there own custody to a third party, fly them out to another country, take away there passport, then work them 12 hours a day for no pay, say we welcome all faiths but demand you eat pork, take away all other religious books, burn them then demand you convert to catholic faith. You cant get out without said third party permition (usualy a catholic family who donate) and if you do leave your just dumped at an airport or station in a foreign country with nothing.
    Theres also Teen Challenge, I dont know too much about this one but I've herd roumours similar to Betel & there links between the two.
    Narconon has everything the above dont and it has alot higher success rate dispite the manipulated figures. Based on drug free detoxes backed with CBT & DEEP there which could be loosely compared to Narconon the recovery rate is 50-60% if you add a cash incentive & guilt that a loved one forked out a few £1000 add another %5, you have a recovery rate of up to 75% but realistically 60%.
    Betel has 5-10%

    I have a good strong belief in Narconon & Scientology, I think there good but unfortunately I think there run wrong. I do hope they can change & become a public good.
    Texan Jail Break
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  15. TJB

    Has anyone looked into the Betel ''rehabs'' consentration camps? Channel 4 were looking at doing an undercover expose on them but I dont know what became of it?
    This group are the worst of the worst when it comes to vulnrable people...
  16. Anonymous Member

    Where is the documentation about Betel being a very bad thing?
  17. The doors open the weekend of the 18th in keeping with CoB's other announcements at Saint Hill IAS event. Its sold out...

    Shame I cant work with you and the old guard & reformers. I'm not taking abuse of the ignorant mask brigade.
  18. No residents as yet!!!!!
  19. At least its free!!!! but its susess rate is very very poor, however they like Narconon, Cenacolo, Teen Challenge and other religious rehabs manipulate there figures by saying of those asked a month after completing the rehab 80% are clean, 79% havnt used a drug, 50% are in work ect ect.
    90% of Betel residents drop out within 6 months so there susses rate is terible, they make addicts stop all income, give up there flats, break contact with non maried partners (they cant visit if not married), no visits or contact with non christian friends. TV is banned in Betel so those detoxing have to sit in silence on sofas in a quiet room for 2 weeks, no papers, no detox/withdrawal manger just the bible and a sofa. If you fit, vomit blood, anxiety, or any bad withdrawal theres noone but a phone but they wait for a manager to drive over.. thats how the two UK deaths happend in 2008 & the guy who slashed himself up 2012.
    There are absolutly no staff medical or otherwise, no counciling, no talk allowed of drugs, sex so no drug related groups whatso ever. If you have a fit your simpily rushed to hospital via a Betel car as they will not call ambulances as they dont want anyone to know where a client comes from as Betel has very very bad reputation with doctors and hospitals because of deaths from alcoholics fitting. A guy withdrawing from Codine went into a paranoid anxiety fit while on a Betel work gang, the gang just left him behind running round Birmingham city. The police arested him and took him to hospital where the staff complained about betel to the police. two days later another man ran from betel just to get out the detox room because of anxiety, he went back after calming down where a manager asked him to leave because he walked outside the room before two weeks and was showing extreeme anxiety & had been sniffing floor polish. They just give the addicts $2 and drop them at a station. The guy was later picked up by ambulance on the train vomiting blood. Maybe it was all that out of date skip food they serve as betel only servs up out of date supermarket food.

    Betel , Cenacolo and others like them try and get destitute addicts to give up the little they have left so they cant leave. They give up apartments, welfare money, girlfriends/boyfriends, non Christian friends, bank accounts. All this so after the 12 months rehab they have no way of moving on!! They have to stay as a full time evangelist. They then open a new building and start a new Betel.

    narconon is in it for money but does have a good staff to resident level, has all mod cons and you have a medical before going in and your aso supposed to get a check up from your own doctor.
    they want you to stay on and help narconon after or get o the bridge but while both narconon and betel are not true medical rehabs, narconon is safer but at $2000 a month you expect it.
    Both are after converting and keeping people in there cults but betel are after down and outs, narconon is after the richer addict.
  20. Granted I'd sooner be in Narconon than Betel but I aint got $2000.

    I've seen both in action & also visited a Cenacolo. Cenacolo is similar to Betel in its ''give up all income & disconect from non christians but the life there is so much better & wholesome.

  21. Ok .... im pissed off and stressed out to my fullest.... I have been quite about narconon for a very long time, I am a former staff member ,,, a non scientologist...a normal person , ok so they are opening a new center in heathfield , but how can they open a new one when the last went into liquidation owing there staff thousands of pounds in unpaid wages , leaving people struggling to live a normal life and feed there family .
    alot of old staff members have been contacted to see if they are will to take up a post but guess what they have all said f☆☆☆off , pay us what you o us .
    all staff that are scientologist seem to be doing well ,have not been struggling to feed there familys and recover from the moneies which they earned .
    sorry for the rant .
  22. fishypants Moderator

    Suggest you contact the Insolvency Service, they might be able to help
    Telephone: 0300 678 0015
    Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm

    Can you provide any more details?
  23. wolfbane Member

    Contact the journalist who covered this story fairly well when the news was fresh:

    Offer to spill what you know and see if she wants to write follow up. Her email address is listed if you click on her name at the top of the article.
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  24. fishypants Moderator

    We're interested in any info you've got. Particularly anything about illegal activities e.g. financial fraud of any kind, medical negligence or lack of care, misleading clients or their families, false medical claims.... anything like that.

    If you'd prefer to talk to a journalist (rather than here in a public forum), some respectable journos who cover Scientology topics are:

    Tony Ortega -

    Private Eye - (say you have material for 'Cult Corner')

    Jonny Jacobsen -
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  25. BigBeard Member

    There should be quite a bit of info on folks who can help on the "Resources" tab at "Narconon Reviews":

  26. Quentinanon Member

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