narconon uk closes down

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by likey, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. fishypants Moderator

    keep up the good work, buggerlugs. am reading all this with much interest.
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  2. RolandRB Member

    I don't think James Fish is a Scientologist because I do not see any completions for him. So a person can be ED of a centre and not be a Scientologist. So they could be independent on the surface but the important thing is that ABLE can send in a mission and charge a fortune and change things any time they like so it can't have been exclusively set up for charitable purposes which is a requirement for getting tax advantages.
  3. anonymous451 Member

    here it is in full:
    International Enrollments to English Narconon Rehab Steeply Increasing

    Saturday, February 25, 2012 @ 04:02 AM
    posted by admin

    Hastings, England (PRWEB) Might 23, 2008
    Narconon Hastings on the southeast coastline of England has individuals enrolled at present from Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa, Maldives Islands, and India (not counting people from the British isles). Employees and pupils report this increasing intercontinental pattern may be for two factors — Narconon’s 75% long-phrase success rate for graduates and the lack of successful remedy in many other countries.
    “Why our pupils use to an English centre rather than to the 20 other nations wherever Narconon rehab may be found is since England is even now on the crossroads of entire world conversation lines,” gives Alison Withie, senior intake counselor, herself English and a Narconon graduate. “When I did my programme,” she adds, “there was not a centre in England, so I had to go to Holland, external Amsterdam. But Narconon is Narconon, and they did well by me.” Appears so, as Alison went on to be a part of staff and afterwards assisted open very first an out-patient centre in London and then in 2005 the prestigious Narconon Hastings.

    The centre does look British, housed in a 4 story Tudor mansion (and previous school) around the renowned battlefield wherever William the Conqueror set down Norman roots in English soil. A few minutes stroll from the English Channel, Narconon Hastings can deliver to 40 or much more ‘students.’ “We get in touch with them ‘students,’” claims Alison, “simply because our programme is like heading back to university, real school this time, exactly where one particular learns the lifestyle skills not only required to get free of charge from medications and their insanity, but also vital for living a profitable and happy lifestyle.” The Narconon programme is based on the analysis and performs of author and humanitarian, L. Ron Hubbard. It was founded by a heroin addict named William Benitez in Arizona State Prison in 1966, following he learned Hubbard’s elevating-talents technique to fixing troubles.

    That Narconon is a drug-free design also draws in candidates. Graduate Michelle Davies states, “Before coming to Narconon, I was at a drug rehab facility for heroin addiction. Like almost everywhere else than here, I was presented a substitute drug, methadone – which was not only unsuccessful in helping me, but contributed to the deterioration of my physique.” Seeking properly and nutritious right now, Michelle carries on, “But Narconon is a drug totally free programme that makes use of vitamins, minerals, and sauna detoxification to eliminate drug residues from the entire body.”

    The sauna detox programme is completed following the addict has withdrawn from medications. Following getting all right from a health care medical professional to do the workout and perspiring programme, the addict requires a regimen of vitamins and minerals everyday and spends repeated durations sweating out toxins, alongside with a lot of cooling off and drinking fluids. Several scientific studies have been performed of the healthfulness and efficacy of this treatment to decrease the entire body burden of harmful toxins properly past drugs. Printed papers on this procedure can be found at

    “Narconon cleans your entire body,” claims Michelle, “and brain, as well. It is a existence changing opportunity. Narconon changed my lifestyle. In simple fact, they saved it.”

    The Narconon programme averages between 4 and six months, employees report. Not a shorter time, but seemingly value prolonged length travel considering the advantages. People wishing more data may possibly electronic mail kingdom or get in touch with 44 1424 436 065.

  4. Anonymous Member

    2 possible explanations:
    Sea Org members will not have published completions.

    The cult has published less information on cult members since 2008.

    If you look on Facebook there are a number of people with the unusual surname 'Fish' in the east grinstead area - all are connected to the scientologist community.
  5. fishypants Moderator

  6. james fish lives in hastings east sussex - his profile pic his him jumping up a fence, blue/white t shirt.

    his new partner to be ,is luie miles and is in nn int training at the moment. since it opened all eds have been scientologists, all have been narconon students at some time, including the ones from usa, luie was alison witheys boyfriend when angela garcia left, until late 2011. alison was then moved out the centre.
  7. Anonymous Member

    buggerlugs, do you have any info about patients at the centre who may have received poor treatment - from a medical health point of view?

    e.g. side effects of massive niacin dose.
  8. Anonymous Member

    Thanks Buggerlugs - please keep posting.
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  9. apart from going red and itchy and not sleeping due to burning sensation, not really, no one had any problem with it, but saying that i do not think many took all that was given to them. they know it was not right. and they know not to excerise properly,
  10. Anonymous Member

    That's interesting. Can you tell us - where did people go red and itchy? All over? Where was the burning sensation? How long were the symptoms for? How long did the symptoms prevent you/ other people from sleeping? Thank you.
  11. Shocking amount of bullshit here!
    Mike, I mean, Buggerlugs, your information is old and innacurate. Obviously you have a certain amount of knowledge, like the kind of half stories a night security guard might get told as a 'staff member', but most of it has been alloyed with student gossip. I can confirm to the rest of this forum that Buggerlugs is talking bollocks - nothing new there! There is some truth, a lot of old news, and a lot of guesswork and speculation on the present form of Narconon and its staff.
    Firstly, Luis Miles is not at Narconon International. He is living life in the USA as he has a girlfriend there. He is not working for Narconon and he is not training for anything to do with Narconon. Not true that he is soon be the partner of James Fish either. James Fish left Narconon when the centre closed in July and since then he has been pursuing life outside of Narconon, except for a short stint helping out with covering the incoming emails and telephone calls of prospective new clients (such as our old mate Bath Salts) a few weeks ago.
    ......and anyway there IS no Narconon for them to partner up on!?!?! duhh !
  12. Anonymous Member

    OK Fisherman's Friend - what can you reveal about the current situation, and the adverse health effects related to Narconon treatment?
  13. Anonymous Member

    Fisherman's friend? = bait? hook? lure?
  14. GemmaEvie Member

    Healthcare is free in the UK why the hell anyone would bother with Narconon I don't know.. they prescribe a vitamin and exercise.. you would think its a joke! Its like saying come here while we do nothing for you but watch you take vitamins and lie there while we lecture you on how dumb our "church" thinks you are for taking drugs or alcohol.
  15. Missfit Member

    Niacin has a flushing effect because it opens the capillaries in the body. Flushing occurs mostly on the trunks and extremities but in such a high dose it can happen all over. It gets red and very hot to the touch like a sunburn and it makes you itch. In small doses ( 15-20mg) it would last (for me) about 15 minutes. After taking niacin for about a month I would have to increase the level to get the same flushing effect. I can only imagine it would be very painful in high doses.
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  16. The centre is closed and they will try to open a new centre at some time but funding is the main problem, as they have to be self supporting.
    Niacin might make people lose sleep if they go to bed soon after taking it. Sometimes people did that when they had a day off the sauna program but still had to take the vitamins for that day, and forgot to take them until last thing at night. I didn't see anybody come to harm from doing the Niacin.
  17. Anonymous Member

    Having previously been in the cult in UK, it was common knowledge that the landlord for the building in Hastings which housed Narconon UK was Mike Holland. Holland is based in Brighton and is a multi-millionaire property investor.

    Although Holland was not a scientologist, he was an avid Narconon supporter -- hence his willingness to lease the building to Narconon.

    For interesting info on Mike, click here:

    UK Anons will remember Robert G. Keenan, the infamous ex-LRH PPRO UK who used to be in charge of Hubbard's PR. Bob is out of the Sea Org and per my sources, is working for Mike Holland. At least he was as of late last year. I can't verify that he still does, but it seems that Mr Holland was in need of Keenan's incredible PR skills. Or something.

    While being associated with Mr Holland, Keenan managed to get himself appointed to the board of a company based in Brighton -- Brightgreen Eco Tech.

    Here is the evidence, which are copies of a credit report on the above mentioned company. In my crude way, I tried to indicate the relevant info which is on the first, second and fourth pages.

    See also here

    Note that Keenan was previously reported in WWP as having worked for the scientologist-owned company "Amazing Internet" based in UK. That was apparently an error. Keenan would go there to get websites done as part of his work. Notice that the aforementioned website was done by Amazing Internet.

    Why do I show the above info on Keenan and Brightgreen Eco Tech? Mainly because it suggests that I may be right that he works for Mike Holland. Holland is based in Brighton and the above proves that Keenan now lives in Brighton. It also shows Keenan's connection to Amazing Internet.

    How this all relates to Narconon UK closing down, I can only guess. Perhaps Keenan and Holland are both withdrawing support for the Cof$. One can only hope. Or perhaps I just wasted your time while you spent 5 or 10 minutes reading a load of irrelevant information.
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  18. Anonymous Member

    Apologies that the above docs appear fuzzy when posted on the forum. I don't know why otherwise I would remedy that.
  19. Anonymous Member

    Appears to be too small a scale for the pixel resolution. Increase of scan scale would correct with the current 96 PPI resolution.
  20. Anonymous Member

    Please pardon my ignorance, but I don't really know what a scan scale is. But I appreciate you telling me. The images were copied from HTML as JPLs, then converted to BMP so I could delete info that would identify me. Then I saved the BMPs as JPLs before uploading them. The BMP versions are clear so it appears the images were degraded when saved as JPLs a final time. I will have to work out how to improve that last step.
  21. Anonymous Member

    Correction: I printed the report and scanned it. I remember that now. However I am not where the original printouts are, so I cannot rescan them. However, on my computer the images are clear right up to the point where I posted them in the forum. Perhaps I can type out the relevant parts.
  22. Anonymous Member

    This is what is says where the arrows are drawn in the document. If any of this info seems too specific, realise this is from a publicly available credit report which anyone can purchase:

    (First arrow)

    Company information

    Number: 04464104
    Address: 19 Southdown Avenue
    East Sussex
    BN1 6EH

    (Second arrow)

    Event History
    Date Status
    03/10/2011 New board member Mr. R Keenan appointed

    (Third arrow)
    Title Mr
    Name Robert Keenan
    Address Stanmer House, Stanmer Park
    East Sussex
    BN1 9QA
    Date of Birth 23/09/1964
    Nationality British
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  23. Anonymous Member

  24. Anonymous Member

    Buggerlugs' postings have been useful and many links he's posted are still current info on Narconon.
    If you have more recent info please add it to the thread.
  25. Anonymous Member

    Seemed from his emails that James Fish is still very much working for Narconon recruitment.
    What can you tell us about others still working to recruit people and send them to Holland?
    Any more information about the building?
  26. RolandRB Member

    Is Narconon a charity in Holland?
  27. JohnnyRUClear Member

    No, it's a clamity worldwide -- though shriveling lately.
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  28. RolandRB Member

    If it is a charity in Holland then the contract they have to sign to use the Narconon trademarks and the conditions imposed on them should be enough to lose them their charitable status.

  29. Narconon Holland was first opened in a hotel in Amsterdam. It expanded throughout the years to its present country quarters in eastern Holland, Narconon Zutphen. The center has received long-term charitable support for its scholarship program from a nearby Catholic convent and other community members interested in drug rehabilitation.
  30. Anonymous Member

    Is this a false claim? What Catholic convent? If true do the catholics know they are funding the anti-christ?
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  31. RolandRB Member

  32. Anonymous Member

    I have tried contacting the umbrella organisation for religious institutes in the Netherlands, They refuse to comment.
  33. Anonymous Member

    Roland, chances that the tax office is going to take away the charitable status of Narconon are extremely small to nill. The activities of Narconon are, in principle, for the common good which allows them charitable status. The tax office is not in the business of determining whether a particular outfit is up to standard. This is the job of the health inspection. Unfortunately, the investigation by the health inspection so far hasn´t bourn any results.
  34. RolandRB Member

    Firstly, do they have charitable status and secondly, is there a charities commission in the Netherlands? Under UK law, a charitiy has to be independent. I do not know whether that is the case in the Netherlands. If it is and Narconon are a charity there then they can not be independent if they have signed the usual franchise agreement which basically passes a lot of controls over to the franchiser.

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