narconon uk closes down

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by likey, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. company selling the centre is

    123 - 125 DYKE ROAD
    BN3 1TD
    TEL UK - 01273 232 232
    FAX UK - 01273 232 233
  2. fishypants Moderator

    It's definitely shut.

    You can find confirmation from an official source here:

    FOI request:

    Documents in response: IAT 2012

    Inside the zip file, this document: 'Document 06 20120801 Internal CQC email regarding Narconon REDACTED.pdf'.

    In that document, which is an email reply from the Care Quality Commission to the Charity Commission, concerning the Charity Commission's investigation of Narconon, dated 1 August 2012, you'll find the following text:

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  3. Anonymous Member

    buggerlugs - I apologize I thought you were talking about Bartholemew Salt LOL

    You can upload a picture here using this:

    Then when the picture is uploaded you can post the link.

    It's completely anonymous. Please post a picture and can you tell us any more information?

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    if this works - pic is james fish

  5. hastings students arrived in holland

  6. Anonymous Member

    Interesting. Moar please!
  7. Anonymous Member

    Thank-you buggerlugs, that is great. Any more info?
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  8. h24vd.jpg

    young person in front is michelle davies, no longer works for nn

    the lady in the back is angela garcia, from nn int was here from 2008 until 2011, used to go back every 6 months then come back on a new 6 month visa. she was the ED in charge. i belive she was kicked out of nn in 2011. as never been seen since and his not spoken about.
  9. Quentinanon Member

    Nice. The NarCONon scam is imploding more rapidly. Now, the Dutch government needs to get on the ball.
    Curious, is NarCONon Holland located in or near Amsterdam?
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  10. Anonymous Member

    buggerlugs, any evidence which you have concerning Narconon International's control over the UK Narconon charities would be very useful.

    The UK Narconon charities have - in order to maintain their charitable status - to maintain the fiction that they're totally independent and not under the control of any other ogranisation. Otherwise they'd be "sham charities".

    So any evidence which you have that undermines that, would be quite interesting.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    It's said she had sex with a Narconon 'student'. Is she still involved with Narconon or scientology at all? - she has a 'just giving' donations page set up for narconon - if she is no longer on their board this would be fraud.
  13. Anonymous Member

    Michelle Davies was a drug user who did the scientology narconon programme and then got recruited into the Scientology cult. She is quoted in this news report 2nd August 2012:

    Michelle Davies is in Nuneaton UK working as a mobile hairdresser.
    On August 6th on her facebook page says she is :

    now doing some counseling for people coming off drugs and alcohol, and I do this on the telephone, or in person if you are local. I'm offering advise for addicts and their families, and also trying to get the person the help they need, usually please call me if there is anything you think I may be able to help with. My number is ....................

    so it looks like she's still recruiting for scientology unless she's left the cult in the last month. Scientology would possibly be paying her the finders fee for recruiting 'students' into Narconon.
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  14. Anonymous Member

    Michelle Davies did the Narconon programme in 2008 - so has been in Scientology for 4 years.
  15. Anonymous Member

    Someone had sex with Angela Garcia?

    Wow. Must have been some strong drug/viagra combination for that to happen.

  16. michelle had a relationship with a student at hasting, while she was a ed in training, they ran off together and left the centre during the night, she was fired for losing them a student, she then started using heroin again, she was taken to nn holland were she re did some of the course, she now lives at home with her dad
  17. she did not conform to scientology, until she met angela, then she become the sandwich filling in between angela and ali, she was passed between them, was not allowed to go home, was kept there working all hours with them. then she became one and started acting and talking like them, became one of the most untrusted people in there, a lot of people never got of drugs because she tricked and reported them, and then stood there while it was put to the people do wrong.
  18. Anonymous Member

    Thanks for telling us all this, Buggerlugs. It's important people know who these people are and what they do at Narconon.

    Can you tell us anything more about the Narconon trustees, the doctors they use or day to day workings of the unit either here or in Holland?
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  19. yes i will try and get u some pics and names of the top ones who came or ran hastings. and the state of the bedrooms in holland
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  20. x2g9a.jpg

    from east grinstead , can be found on web sites, likes writing on lots of forurms

    legal and trustee, gives advice on what to tell judges etc when dealing with court cases, to stop students going inside and they try to get people out of prison and into the programme,
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  21. xcnnf.jpg

    steve cook . was running centre with his wife until it closed, been involved since it opened have been pushed out 3 times always get back in when the americans have gone back home , both owed just under £2300 each in unpaid wages, but might have paid themselves by now,
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  22. Clusterdux Member

    Amsterdam- Zutphen is about a 2 hour drive.
    The Dutch health inspection is supposedly investigating.
    The Dutch tax agency is also supposedly investigating.

    Details here:
    There is also a specific thread about Narconon in NL up:
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  23. XOCHITL ORLANDI vx8tg.jpg
    narconon int ethiches officer, travels around the world sorting out centres
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  24. a normal bedroom were students have to sleep during the programme, in narconon holland zutphen, in which familys are not allowed to see


  25. narconon holland

  26. Anonymous Member

    Thanks for the info!
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  27. Anonymous Member

    Yes, thanks buggerlugs, this is brilliant.

    Any more photos?
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  28. Anonymous Member

    So Narconon staff sleeping with vulnerable people at the unit appears commonplace - Michelle Davies, this guy and also there's a news report from America on deaths at Narconon which stated claims that male scientologist staff offered drugs for sex with female narconon 'students'.
  29. Anonymous Member

    a news report from America on deaths at Narconon which stated claims that male scientologist staff offered drugs for sex with female narconon 'students': to Original=1&__utmk=86735128#48697751
  30. Anonymous Member

    Link is FAIL.
  31. Anonymous Member


  32. Anonymous Member

    statement from 05:17 from dead man's mother about availability of drugs at Narconon and Narconon staff using peoples' addictions to offer them drugs in return for sex, staff with criminal records and previous fraud charges:
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  33. Anonymous Member

    Link WIN!
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  34. Hastings had 4 unreported suicides during 2010 - 2011, all of which happened after the students had left or were removed from the course. nothing was linked back to narconon hastings..

    sex for sale for drugs, not a common thing, in hastings, it happened but not for drugs. drugs were smuggled in many times by students and staff, and were shared out, but nearly allways were caught and put on ethics or removed.

    a lot of ex student who were made staff had crimminal records, michelle davis had 5 counts of supplying herion to police, while she was working as staff, no one was removed because they worked for free and were not paid. students were taken to court whist on the course, or were arrested in the town centre drunk, if they escaped which many did
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  35. Anonymous Member

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