narconon uk closes down

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by likey, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. likey Member

    narconon in the u.k has closed down and has sent all its patients to narconon holland , they are trying to open a new centre still in the hastings area but this was suppose to happen three weeks ago and nothing seems to be done so maybe narconon uk is no more ???
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  2. Anonymous Member

    doxxx ploxxx
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  3. likey Member

    doxxx ploxxx ????
  4. Pique Member

    The poster is asking for some type of documentary evidence backing up your statement. I agree.
    This is wonderful news, if true. I'm sure you can understand why one random anonymous person saying so on an online forum is not proof positive.

    Do you have any pictures or copies of communications on this?

    Edit: Welcome new person. Thanks for signing up to contribute around here. :)
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  5. anon walker Moderator

    With any luck, that will not happen. Welcome aboard. Was this implosion a mere economic collapse, or were other issues also involved?
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  6. moralhazard Member

    Feed me doxxx plz
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  7. Anonymous Member

    I though Hastings was never operational? And anons have difficult finding which address they are at?
  8. likey Member

    the address was 2 albany road st leonards on sea , hastings TN38 0LN ... THE TELEPHONE NUMBER WAS 01424 420036........... and yes hastings was very operational since 2004 .
  9. mama2mudbugs Member

    Their website is still up and running and they are saying their enrollment is higher then ever.
    Has anyone tried calling them or taking a drive past the place?
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  10. likey Member

    trust me they are closed down im going to try and get some proff of this .
  11. gat proff !!!11!!!!!11!!!!!11!!!
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  12. Anonymous Member

    Narconon international says still there is a Narconon at Hastings. The website points to Narconon UK, who refers to other EU Narcons but no Hastings! This is it. (And indeed Hastings is new back in 2004, not new in recent years.)
  13. anon walker Moderator

    I don't know, but maybe someone can help you with that. Now is the time to strike Narconon. Kick 'em when they're down! They might pay you to shut you up.

    Got any exquisite inside info to titillate us with? We like that.
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  14. firebug Member

    Welcome aboard and please do share stories.
    Do you know what is happening with the 40 Pevensey Road address. Is this still being used by Narconon.
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  15. Intelligence Member

    I have a confidential Source in the Sussex area that has gone there and my most recent Intel
    says "still open", but down-sized.

    I will confirm more Intell TODAY - ASAP!
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  16. likey Member

    im afraid that is not correct , they want to down size but they do not have any premises yet as i said before they have sent their students to narconon holland . .
  17. Intelligence Member

    My Intel is exactly TWO weeks old and I'm on the line to there NOW!

    What time frame is your Intel please???????????????????????????????????????

  18. likey Member

    i also have to be careful about what i post on here , because if they find me out i wont be abe to give you inside information .
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  19. Intelligence Member

    Do you KNOW absolutely for SURE that it is CLOSED or are you ASKING?????
  20. Intelligence Member

    This is my most recent Intel: (2 weeks ago)

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  21. Anonymous Member

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  22. likey Member

    this is NOT the allison withey of narconon hastings in this link.
  23. likey Member

    what frame is my intel ???? listen im not on here just for kicks and giggles my friend im on here because i was a student and a staff member at narconon and i know better than most what goes on inside which i dont agree with i wasted the best years of my life under this regime , but also i have good infomation because im still somewhat connected to narconon ,so please dont try to make me sound like im lying .
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  24. mama2mudbugs Member

    Going out on a limb but Intelligence was not calling you a liar. He was contacting someone as he was posting and the ???? was his way of asking as he needed in the info ASAP. I think you misunderstood his post :D it was one of excitement.
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  25. likey Member

    oh im sorry , i took it the wrong way im just new on here oopps :(
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  26. likey Member

    im sorry for reacting like that it seems i took your post the wrong way its hard to judge the way someone means somethings through a computer , im sorry again if i took the wrong way :)
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  27. Random guy Member

    Hi, and welcome to the madhouse!

    Please, be a bit careful what you write. Things like what you wrote above will make it easier for them to find out who you are. Luckily, the cult is short on manpower these days, but it's no use making it easy for them. If you have information you want to share, but are afraid you'd be found out if you post it, use the "private message" function send a message to user "Intelligence" (above) or one of the moderators.

    He will help getting the information out to those that need it. He will not however believe whatever you say at face value, but will try to confirm. The cult is constantly trying to feed him (and us) bogus intell, both to throw us off their tracks and to try to smoke out moles. This is why we constantly ask for "dox" (documentation) here. If such documentation may reveal whom you are, forward it in stead to Intelligence or to any of the moderators here.

    If anyone contact you by private messaged on this site to ask for personal details (name, tlf nr, address etc), do not give it out! This is an open board, and the cults goons can (and will) post here too. We do not need to know who you are or where you live. Trust no-one, including me. Your anonymity is at the moment your best resource. Remember you can edit and delete your own comments. If you feel you have compromised your anonymity, make yourself a new identity.

    Good luck!
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  28. mama2mudbugs Member

    If you read through many of the posts you will see Intelligence is pretty good at this stuff. He always makes sure to have documentations and physical proof before he moves forward. He has to or he would live in the courtroom facing these people. Due to the nature of Scientology one has to be extremely careful where they step.
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  29. likey Member

    i understand that , well the only physical proff i have is being witness to what goes on at narconon so i would gladly go to courtroom to give evidence . narconon wouldnt have a leg to stand on if they wanted to sue me and they know would know that , so im in a different position to Intelligence .
  30. firebug Member

  31. likey Member

    there isnt any link ?
  32. Anonymous Member

    Click on the word "here" in the above post.
  33. Anonymous Member

    Your info is appreciated.

    You should understand, here at WWP folk are pretty strict about verifying info.

    There have been too many cases of cult members feeding false info to stop protests, so now we have to have documentation on this kind of thing.

    I would love for you to share your stories. Be aware that lots of young people are dying because of niacin overdoses and are being harmed by sudden withdrawal from opiates and alcohol, and being discarded.

    Your info may save lives.
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  34. Sam Urai Member

    I would just add to not to mistake people's guarded optimism here for lack of enthusiasm. The trend for the cult in general and Narconon in particular has been downward, and it's certainly reasonable to expect that another of their facilities is shutting down. We just want to make sure we get our ducks in a row before we celebrate. We've been down that road before; for example, having people report an org is closing when it's just moving.

    I would also echo what others have said here; post whatever docs you can, but don't post anything that might compromise your identity. And when it comes to taking cash from the cult, I say take the money and run! Others here might disagree, but COS has taken enough from people such as yourself, so if they pony up cash, git yourself some!
  35. Anonymous Member

    As previously reported in this thread, a statement in the 2010 Narconon London accounts, submitted this year, said that:
    And they were operating at a big loss without funds from NI. So there's some substance to the notion... if of course you give any credit to what's stated in (continually belated) Narconon accounts.
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  36. Anonymous Member

    Also - Dutch expansion of NarCONon facilities is perfect timing for the current investigation taking place in Holland.
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  37. Intelligence Member

    No problem. I also, was a patient at NN and a Course Room Supervisor, Registrar, Graduate Officer,
    and I/C of Building and Registering a Charitable Foundation. I also owned a Detox/Rehab and was
    the Administrative Director for two years.

    I am extremely fussy about confirming Intel and having Dox to back it up. The more than 11,000 pages
    of Dox I do have, served well when providing government Investigators with 3,700 pages of

    Welcome to WWP:)

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  38. Anonymous Member

  39. Anonymous Member

    Narconon UK still is registered as a charity - until that is revoked it would seem they're still operating/able to operate in the UK
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  40. Dragononymous Member

    You would say they know that by now, which makes it a bit weird really..
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