Narconon UK audited accounts?

Discussion in 'Scientology Property Tax' started by RolandRB, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. RolandRB Member

    Narconon UK audited accounts?

    I think we need to target Narconon in the UK as it lends the cult a great deal of respectability and legitimacy. I don't think we should attack it on the grounds of its lack of effectiveness since we don't know the comparative figures for the Salvation Army detox courses. These cost a lot and are maybe even less effective. The weakness to attack will be their audited accounts. Their bank transfers will be very important. It takes a long time to understand how they do their accounts and I think we should look into this in depth in 2011 with a view to proving that the "Church" is siphoning profits away. If we can prove this then get the Charities Commission to retract their charitable status then this will be a huge win that will undermine their "churches" property tax relief.

    Edit: I nearly forgot - if we find something and write in to the Charity Commission then we make clear the Scientology connection. That should be enough for them to take it seriously and start an investigation.

    Edit2: Do they still rent this place or have they quit it?
  2. Anonymous Member

    Re: Narconon UK audited accounts?

  3. RolandRB Member

    Re: Narconon UK audited accounts?

    I think a few thoughts would help as well to work out what we do in 2011 in the UK.

    I am OG and OG are supposed to give targets for consideration so I will do that for 2011. I can only speak for the UK. That is that the pickets should continue with strength but the emphasis on activism needs to shift to letter writing and research. Pickets are good for bringing the media spotlight to focus on this issue but once done it has reduced usefulness. We have achieved the media spotlight but what we now have to do is to use that spotlight while it still shines to bring up new issues aimed at achieving something. Letter writing is needed in 2011 in the form of hard-copy non-form letters to constituent MPs complete with name and return address. Research is needed to hit the cult where it hurts which is in their pockets. Narconon is a mainstay of cult credibility in the UK. We all know that the "Church" will be creaming profits off this but we need to prove it and alert the Charity Commission to this and remind them of the cult connection. We need to analyse their accounts and their auditing method. And I recommend leaving the effectiveness and claims of success out of any communication with the Charity Commission though use it against those who would pay for their detox is useful.

    I think the media spotlight of Anonymous and the pickets will wane in 2011 and I think it is already waning in any case and we need to use that spotlight to the full to achieve what we want by significantly shifting our emphasis into mainstream government channels to bring about change.

    But of course, I may not be right. But at least this OG has done his job and suggested targets which is little more than OG can do besides attending pickets and I can do little of the latter these days.
  4. Gottabrain Member

    Re: Narconon UK audited accounts?

    PLEASE target Narconon.

    Calmag is dangerous to anyone with an alcohol related or other liver or kidney problems. And NN focuses on druggies. They don't have the best of physical health.

    Narconon does NOT have qualified medical personnel on staff, does NOT require a full medical exam, especially one that would focus on the kidney and liver.

    I knew a man who died waiting for a session at AOLA because he drank about 8 glasses of Cal Mag while waiting. He didn't even know he had kidney or liver troubles and the Calcium Magnesium killed him. He died that very night. The year was circa 1983. Shocking. Sad.

    Niacin in megadoses as advised by Narconon also causes damage. Individuals with gallbladder disease, liver disease or peptic ulcers are advised not to take niacin and niacinamide as it may worsen these conditions. Niacin and niacinamide may also accumulate in and damage the kidneys in individuals with kidney disease. Individuals with diabetes should monitor blood sugar levels closely to avoid complications while taking niacin and niacinamide as it can increase blood sugar levels, according to MedlinePlus. Niacin and niacinamide may also worsen stomach ulcers and high doses can increase the risk of an irregular heartbeat.

    Niacin & Niacinamide Side Effects | LIVESTRONG.COM

    The program does not work. It just switches people from drug addiction to cult addiction or they just revert. It is unsafe and based on ridiculous medical claims that have been disproven for over 25 years.
  5. RolandRB Member

    Re: Narconon UK audited accounts?

    If this is a medical safety issue then I don't know who we should complain to in the UK. It won't be the Charity Commission (I assume).
  6. xenubarb Member

    Re: Narconon UK audited accounts?

    Wait...we're SUPPOSED to do stuff?

    Fuck that! I do what I want!
  7. xenubarb Member

    Re: Narconon UK audited accounts?

    While I totally AGREE with you, when NN Warner Springs moved in to San Diego County, my dad and I went down to the BOS meeting. It was packed with NN supporters from norcal and Arizona. They'd been bussed in and promised a restaurant lunch.

    I have found that administrators do not want to take on the question of NN efficacy. They chose to only focus on land use issues, and NN was ultimately approved. (one of the first news clips featuring this NN was a story about an overdose on the property. But the NN spokesman said it was prescription pills, so that's okay. Wait...isn't NN a "drug free" treatment?)

    Anyway, I think our efforts will have way more punch if we wait for David Love's court case against NN Trois Rivieres plays out. I think he'll win, because all the things you and I know about it are true, and he will be one of the few people to have an effect on them.

    Ida Camburn got NN kicked out of her community back in the 70s. She had little support.

    Carroll County, Georgia fought back against a NN in their community. The fearless editor and reporter of the Carroll County Star were subjected to harassment and bullshit from NN reps. The cult literally went door-to-door to try and gain support. It later came out that they'd falsely claimed the support of Concerned Black Clergy, who had never heard of them and doesn't endorse detox programs. They'd also conned some Baptist preacher to make the initial thrust to buy property, pasture land that would have to be rezoned. Carroll County said Do Not Want!

    Then there was Leona Valley, a Narconon endorsed by Los Angeles County sheriff and cult tool Leroy Baca. Leona Valley is rural, two lane, subject to flooding. Emergency response would be impractical, plus logistics for maintaining a rehab out there would be nightmarish for residents as service trucks and visitors clog their access daily.

    It's a lot easier to keep a Narconon out, than get rid of one once it's established. Newport Beach did that by changing the rules and imposing strict basic requirements for all rehabs in the area. Narconon Newport Beach is no more.

    If you have a Narconon in your area, it wouldn't hurt to make initial contact with the health department. They are, after all, practicing medicine on people. Establish a dialogue with the goal of having your contact up to speed when Trois Rivieres is turned inside out in court so that they understand the Scientology practice of "duplication."

    If it works in one place, it will work everywhere else, so if one does something, chances are they all do it. Suggest that they check emergency room records to find out how many health issues come from the Narconon facility.

    I think we'll have more impact after the government squishes Narconon Trois Rivieres. The program is indefensible.

    And somebody Down Under should contact the health department staff who ordered the VMs to stop handing out dangerously misleading booklets on drugs, and collect up those already distributed. Those guys demonstrate interest and knowledge. Now let's let them know about Narconon programs in the territory. We got any 'roo punchers on the job there in the Northern Territory?
  8. RolandRB Member

    Re: Narconon UK audited accounts?

    I reported it to one of the agencies and asked if that was the correct agency to complain to.

    This is a long shot as they are giving out non-prescription drugs, albeit in dangerous quantities. Hopefully there is some EU law they might have fallen foul of.
  9. RolandRB Member

    Re: Narconon UK audited accounts?

    top of page 10:

    Moreover, it is important to note that food supplements are regulated as food and are intended for supplementing the normal diet rather than having therapeutic effects. In fact, claims as to treatment, cure or prevention of disease would not be allowed for food supplements and would place the product under the legal framework of medicines.

    So it could be said that Narconon are reselling vitamins and minerals and administering them under claims that they have therapeutic effect.
  10. thefatman Member

    Re: Narconon UK audited accounts?

    Well they are passing off unproven and possibly disproved theories as being fact. It's dangerous. Surely there's a law in the UK/Euro against doing that. Maybe false medical advice.

    Personally, Narconon is the worst of their front-groups, the CCHR is a joke and only attracts the occasional weirdo and doesn't go around trying to treat mental illness, but Narconon takes people at their weakest and uses them, takes their (or their families/friends money) and proceeds to reprogram their addiction from that of a substance to Scientology.
  11. RolandRB Member

    Re: Narconon UK audited accounts?

    As far as I recall, Narconon always has a doctor employed in some way (please corret if wrong) so they can't be done for practicing medicine without a licence. And they use non-prescription drugs (i.e. minerals, vitamins, vegetable oil and saunas). So far so good (for them) but when it comes to the point of claiming that this is a therapy, and cures people from drug addiction, then the vitamins and minerals etc. have become a medicine. And medicines are regulated in the UK. And what they are giving out is not licenced as a medicine so I think it is illegal.

    Narconon first, the Purif next.
  12. Anonymous Member

    Re: Narconon UK audited accounts?

    Can't remember reading about any actual NN centers setup in the NT (in those earlier threads). If so, they'd have to be in Alice or Darwin I'd say.
    Were there any?
    (Lived in Darwin for 8 years a while back. Will go back to root out scilons for hamburgers!).
    Sorry. Off-track to Roland's UK subject.
  13. GoogleMappin Member

    Re: Narconon UK audited accounts?

    It seems that The Charity Commission is way too afraid to take on Scientology. They refuse to acknowledge a connection between Narconon and Scientology - mainly because a) they gave Narconon charitable status in the first place and b) because those scary Scientology people insist there is no connection, ok? :)
  14. RolandRB Member

    Re: Narconon UK audited accounts?

    From: MHRA Central Enquiry Point (
    Sent: 30 December 2010 13:49:32

    Dear Mr Rashleigh-Berry,

    Thank you for your recent enquiry to the MHRA.

    Thank you for raising your concerns with us, however, provided the treatments are being provided by doctors registered with the General Medical Council (GMC) we don't believe this to be a matter for the MHRA. We would suggest you contact the Care Quality Commission who regulate health care providers in the UK:

    Licensing and monitoring care services

    Contact Us

    Please contact us again if you need further assistance with this, or any other queries.

    Kind Regards,

    Ben, on behalf of the
    Central Enquiry Point
    Information Services
    Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency
    Tel: 020 3080 6000
  15. Anonymous Member

    Re: Narconon UK audited accounts?

    I've contacted the Care Quality Commission about this.

    Since I'm on the NHS commissioning board for my area as well as the health and social care oversight group for my area I have some say in what goes on around here but not in the rest of the country. I'm always watching for public money heading towards the cult, not in my patch and not on my watch.
  16. RolandRB Member

    Re: Narconon UK audited accounts?

    I hope you can repost the response back here so we can see what avenues are open to us.
  17. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Re: Narconon UK audited accounts?

    Stand correct Roland, most of the places (ie. narconon facilities) are lucky to have someone who is a basic nurse fer fucks sake, do you need some links to the narconon exposure articles again?
    Its a pile of Hubbargurgidation (Hubbababbal?), phsycologically unsound, medically harmful, statisically skewed, debt creating, mind-fucking, money grabbing, scam.
    Luck if the real stats are near 10% 'success' (then no telling how many are mind-raped after either).
    I have yet to see one single slug-tail of this CoS entity produce even one name of someone actually acredited with dealing with addictions other than the ones who are bought and paid for by the cult itself. Iffin I'm wrong, well fuck, cocks and all, but I think its all been the issue from the start, its a deceptive and harmful part of the over-all scam of CoS, there's no way to get around that.
  18. RolandRB Member

    Re: Narconon UK audited accounts?

    We have t prove it somehow to get them closed down. This is more difficult. Us knowing it is a dangerous scam is not enough to get them closed down.
  19. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Re: Narconon UK audited accounts?

    Yes I know man, but it keeps rolling in, check out the last few posts by Intelligence (David L.)
    It keeps piling up, and there is tonnes of evidence already, its a matter of putting the puzzles together!
    Glaze it! frame it! Give to de judges!
  20. Gottabrain Member

    Re: Narconon UK audited accounts?

    Here is some background info and more refs for you. The Narconon program is based on the health advice of Adele Davis, who was for some reason friends with L Ron Hubbard. He refers to her advice often and most of his "medical advice" is based on her books. Including the "health advice" of Narconon.

    Adele Davis was sued over her claims and there were some deaths.

    More references on the toxic and false claims of the Purification Rundown (Narconon tech):
    Purification Rundown - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Regarding Niacin:

    Use of Niacin in Attempts to Defeat Urine Drug Testing --- Five States, January--September 2006

    This last article is extremely interesting. Have a read - some use extra high doses of Niacin to try to defeat drug testing of THC and megadoses have caused health problems. Hope this helps.
  21. Anonymous Member

    Re: Narconon UK audited accounts?

    Indeed, hopefully measures will be put in place in due course which will improve the protection of the public from this kind of thing. Always a tricky balancing act. PROTYPE: don't hold your breath.
  22. RolandRB Member

    Re: Narconon UK audited accounts?

    Yes, it all helps. Anything good we can use is needed to send to the right people when the right time comes (which will be sometime in 2011). Please keep it coming.
  23. Sponge Member

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