Narconon Trois-Rivieres - July 17, 2011 Protest

Discussion in 'Canada' started by Intelligence, Jul 17, 2011.

  1. Intelligence Member

    Good turn out with Television and Newspaper Reporter interviews. Narconon Staff and Patients came to roadside to talk. We had a new ex-Narconon Patient join us who spoke to Media about Exploitation.

    Stand by for some absolutely incredible and awesome pics and Videos by Guy Fox, which will be posted ASAP.

    It was an awesome weekend marathon of Protests at Montreal ORG on Saturday and Narconon on Sunday. Thank you everyone who contributed to the huge Wins.

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  2. moarxenu Member


    Looking for moar pix and win!
  3. Anonymous Member

    Dear David Love and Canadian Anons:

    Been meaning to tell you that I admire your persistence and passion.

    I have long been shocked that the Purif, the Narconon has continued in this day and age, but I understand that it is probably because of the lack of funds as well as the lack of science in this whole area, don't you think? Scientology has always been the sucking sound of society. Wherever there's a vacuum of help.

    Man oh man. I was on the Pilot of that beast, along with a lot of the PAC execs and others. I'm not sure all survived, but then, who ever knows what happens? What's important now is that any "front group" or social group understands the medical science that those "front Groups" claim.
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  4. peterstorm Member

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  5. Intelligence Member

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  6. Intelligence Member

    When the Hubbard OT3 recording was being played, Andre Ahern, Narconon Staff Member (Scientologist), was "Handling"
    the Patients while it was playing, he called the Police. When the Police arrived, Andre Ahern went to talk to them in the building.
    As soon as the Patients lost their baby sitter, Andre, a couple walked over to talk to us by the road side,..., until a
    Student Control Officer saw it and forced them away from us. Big Fail on their part.

    Guy Fox is still working on more Videos and Photos. We had a raid on Sat and Sun, so he's been working over
    here on the Montreal ORG Protest; but more should be up here soon, including the Television News Broadcast
    and the Newspaper Article.

    Saturday's Montreal Protest:

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  7. GuyFox Member

    Here's the promised video, enjoy! :)

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  8. sooleater Member

    i came

    have to show this all the germans
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  9. Random guy Member

    Great video, Guy!
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  10. RightOn Member

    love your vids!
    and I love people protesting the front groups
    need more of that
    people can protest the CCHR or a WISE business and let people in town know it's all Scientology, just like you did here
    excellent David!
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  11. mnql1 Member

    Translation of a French article posted on July 18, 2011 on the website of the Trois-Rivières daily newspaper Le Nouvelliste:

    Les détracteurs de Narconon se font entendre

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  12. Intelligence Member

    LOOK AT 5:32 - Looks like you caught James Noble?

    James Noble used to be an Ethics Officer at NN TR. Went to Rehab out West.
    Looks like he's back at NN TR now, as a Patient?

  13. Intelligence Member

    Here is the Television Newscast.

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  14. Intelligence Member

    Good Job Guy Fox. Ethics Officer indentity has been confirmed.
    People on the West Coast were looking for him. They just called me.
    More legal troubles for them ahead:):):)

    And they are the most Ethical? What a joke!

  15. Major Boyle Member

    Where's the CTV video?
  16. Intelligence Member

    WOW! I have posted these videos and links in various forums where I know there are ex-Narconon's watching. A snowball affect is happening. I was cmtactf by two more victims and a law firm this morning. All of you Anons should be very proud of yourselves. Not just those who have participated in this specific Narconon. Everyone who contributes on this forum, is contributing to many unseen and unknowns in a positive way. I have seen very few on here who have been negative or trying to derail. So Bravo Anonymous; Rock On!
  17. Intelligence Member

    LOL,..., Put yer glasses on Ol' Mate:) . It's post #13.
  18. Intelligence Member

    Two more ex NN TR patients are filing Formal Complaints this week with Governments and Human Rights Comission. They are in a shit load of trouble. It just keeps on cumming:)
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  19. Anonymous Member

    Well done. I'm surprised there is no fence at the Narconon and the "students" can just approach you.
    Also - I'm impressed that you have such a good relationship with the media that they came to cover a relatively small protest.
  20. GuyFox Member

    They can't. There are handlers all over the place, including one whose ONLY job is to count students every minute and make notes where they are.


    The "students" who approached us could only do so because their handlers were too busy whining to the Police about OT3 being blasted through the badassmost megaphone we could legally get. I guess it worked, lol.
  21. GuyFox Member

    Waiting for the go-ahead

    The first handlers of the day. Usual confront tech, failed pretty miserably. Third handler chick came up and bluescreened when informed of the actual success rate and found out David was the Graduate Officer and had the REAL data.

    Media coverage was fantastic.

    Sort of funny how we have both OSA *and* even the media outcamera'd . So lulzy when OSA Montreal keeps trying to hide behind window frames to take pics. Haven't had anyone try to confront us since we started fielding the heavy gear (and they realized what it can do). They always hide and run, like the body router three raids ago.

    Peaked interest. BTW, fatso is a clam.

    Moar media.

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  22. GuyFox Member

    implied trollface :D

    Andre tries to contain the damage

    This guy's sole purpose is to hound "students" day and night, count them and note down everything they do.

    pretending to be a doctor?

    Handlers getting visibly upset

    O hai DM
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  23. Anonymous Member

    Beautiful pics, look professional. As for the handlers - they still can't physicaly jump a student if he/she reall wants to leave with you. Then you'll call the police. It sucks having handlers, but still....better than having a giant fense with spikes. Anyway, well done. You really cracked me up with LRH's tape reading the story about intergalactic rulllah named Xenu. I could see those shirtless students cracking up.
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  24. Anonymous Member

    David - it seems it was quite a hot day, judging by the shirtless students. How come you were wearing a leather jacket. Did you have a secret weapon hidden in there?
  25. GuyFox Member

    LOL! I wanted to wear a leather jacket too, to complete the lulzy theme we had in mind for this raid. In the end I decided against it... the old Trans Am was a GREENHOUSE. All-glass roof, all black (heat absorber!) and dead A/C. Had to return it at the end of the raid so no re-shoots in cooler weather :(

    No idea how the Hoff managed this back in the day, lol!
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  26. over9000OT Member

    Fucking amazing you guise!
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  27. Orson Member

    Well fucking done. Great media coverage.
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  28. Orson Member

    Epic Nightrider car. Epic win at the end.
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  29. Anonymous Member

  30. Intelligence Member

    Yes, I do have my secret weapons all over inside my coat; including cell phone, with
    voice recorder and on speed dial, and a minature video camera that I use everyday,
    including all the videos I've posted everywhere.

    I also have documents stored here and there, just in case I need them for credibility issues
    when talking to people at work and other places.

    It seems as soon as people find out I'm a Journalist for the "Montreal Personal Safety Examiner"
    they have their own stories to tell and want me to write; so I pull out my camera and do interviews:):):)

    I guess you could say I wear a Leather Purse,..., LOL

    But GEEEEZZZZE! Is it ever FRIGGIN HOT wearing it:)

  31. Intelligence Member

  32. Intelligence Member

  33. Anonymous Member

    Beautiful video.
  34. RightOn Member

    Really great video, copies should be sent to every city/town/area that has a center
  35. yoshiyoyo Member

    Scientology exfiles on tv monday 25 channel 27 cbcnn at 10:00 and again at 1:00
  36. yoshiyoyo Member

    haha dent oops wrong name there miss reporter :p thats ok she was cute
  37. yoshiyoyo Member

  38. xenubarb Member

    Sometimes, my friend, style counts more. A Trans Am and black squirrels! Awesome! (Oh no, has the NOI invaded Narconon?)
  39. xenubarb Member

    LOL at "wearing a leather purse." That's what I do too! My leather is full of surprises. And old Kleenex.
  40. Yay, I'm on the news once again :) I'll show this to my dad, he just don't understand what is happening.

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