Narconon Trois-Rivieres is CLOSED! :-)

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Intelligence, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. Anonymous Member

    I'm addicted to this thread!
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  2. jensting Member

    So, David Miscavige is stuck with the choice between throwing the narCONon TR management under the bus (knowing that they might blab about the money flow) and hiding them away knowing that Canada would still have all the plain bOrgs of the criminal organisation known as the "church" of $cientology to pick apart.

    Hmm, choices, choices...

    (Being honest is of course not an option...)

    Best Regards

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  3. BlooAnon Member

    Nope. That photo would be rejected. Not only is it not a straight on shot, but mainly for the fact that he's smiling.

    You're too happy in that photo, David. You have to stop smiling!
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  4. GuyFox Member

    LOL that ain't happening :D
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  5. Anonymous Member

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  6. DeathHamster Member

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  7. BlooAnon Member

    As it should be!
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  8. another123 Member

    while in the archives, spotted little bit of history about Narconon to add:
    [Nov 25 09] Pavlodar City, Kazakhstan ~ Scientology's 'narCONon' Director Found Guilty
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  9. HellRazor Member

    Kazakhstan, f*ck yeah!
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  10. RightOn Member

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  11. Intelligence Member

    Ok, I'm moving to Kazakhstan, for 4 reasons,..., LOL:)

  12. HellRazor Member

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  13. Anonymous Member

    "To my knowledge there is no more threat pending on top of Narconon Trois-Rivieres head. I keep my eyes and ears open and talk with the Representatives of the Office of M.Proulx regularly.'' -Narconon in 2008

    Source: WikiLeaks

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  14. DeathHamster Member

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  15. Anonymous Member

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  16. Mutante Member

    LOL XENU, they said
  17. Intelligence Member


    One of my "Sources" says BG NEWS coming out of McAlester News about Narconon Arrowhead
    tomorrow:) - Three deaths, in three years!!! Here we go:)

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  18. DeathHamster Member

    France d'Amour huh? :rolleyes:
  19. AnonNoxMetus Member

    Are you sure there were only three? Ask them to check in the closet. We know how closely they monitor 'patients'.
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  20. Anonymous Member

    Three deaths (3) in three years (3) at Scientology Narconon Arrowhead?

    Scientology which is run by David Miscavige had 3 deaths in 3 years at their Narconon Arrowhead Scientology center? I

    Is that what you are saying? Google wants to know.
  21. Intelligence Member

    Yes, and the newest update, states that tw0 (2) deaths within the past seven (7) months!

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  22. Dott Member

    Just to clarify for Google searches,

    two (2) deaths in the last seven (7) months at Scientology Narconon.
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  23. Anonymous Member

    Dammit, forgot to post anonymously.
  24. Anonymous Member

    the Delete button works and it helps anons stay anon
  25. Anonymous Member

  26. Being out of the loop lately means missing ngews like this when it is happening.

    Congratulations David!

    Your tenacity is epic and this win is legendary. Lives are safer now, thanks to you.

    There's a lesson in this victory for the rest of us.
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  27. Orson Member

    ^ that was me. Not sure what happened there.
  28. Xenu Is Lord Member

  29. Random guy Member

    The butthurt is so thick it is tangible. Oh, the Schadefreude!
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  30. Anonymous Member

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  31. Intelligence Member

    Thanks for this. The Health Minstry and Human Rights Commission will arrive at work today
    and find another complaint in ther In-Box.

    If it continues through today, the cult lawyer could be inundated with documents to keep
    him reading every day for the next month or so. My first batch to Heenan & Blakie was a $Ching-$Ching
    of a few hundred pages.

    The Cult just never learns and squeeszes/extorts victims for $$$ to pay for legal fees. DUH :)

    Going to be a beautiful day - - very productive indeed.


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  32. Intelligence Member

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  33. Anonymous Member

    Scientology's Narconon can help you with that.
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  34. Intelligence Member

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  35. takathi Member

    Btw, this was posted by one Odette Poulin on the facebook page asking for the resignation of Charest:

    She is saying that she, and other employees, lost 5 to 7 weeks of pay + their 4%. Typical of Narconon of course.
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  36. Anonymous Member

  37. Intelligence Member

    WTF!!!! Now Media from California just called me for interview. I'm sleepy now,
    going for walk in chilly weather to digest all this,...,LOL :)

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  38. Xenu Is Lord Member

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  39. BigBeard Member

    GT said:
    Good evening M.Charest I am a former employee of Narconon Trois Rivieres with your Ministry of Health has closed the doors last week'm ok to disagree with you on one point but you failed or c is that we are many employees who lost 5 to 7 weeks of unpaid wages and + 4% have our koi with ca you thought was a thing if you are our prime minister then do some things for us please take off a little on your expense accounts etc. .... and give us a hand thank you to you ...
    My heart bleeds for them...NOT!

    By their own admission in the news article these people were aware of violations of government regulations, e.g., taking away prescribed medications, etc. And did they report those violations to the appropriate authorities? In a word, no.

    In my book that makes them accessories to those crimes, and should be getting charged right along with AH. So screw their 'unpaid wages', they don't deserve them.

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  40. Intelligence Member

    I pushed the ^^^^^ like button because I like what you said; however it did make me think
    and ponder and do a little more research on the psych for my book. Quite some time ago,
    someone said to me, "Why the fuck did you work there or continue to work there, if it was
    so bad?"

    It's a good thing this jerk-off wasn't in ma' Irish reach or I may,..., LOL:) (at the time, I was not in the mood)

    I then met with the head of Psychiatry a major hospital and asked him the same question?

    Although complex, we did discuss the Stockhold Syndrome - - which did make sense in some of the cases
    at NN TR, but only some accoording to circumstances.

    In my case, I began to speak out loudly while still a patient - - even demanding to use a computer with a
    printer connection so I could print out the Canada Charter of Rights and Freedoms and throw
    in an executives face - - but to no avail; only a smirk and laugh!! Big mistake on their part.

    I even screamed down the hall at Ahern, "Next time you pull a stunt like that, you better have
    a fucking gun in your hand!" Forcefully detaining someone against their will to stuff COS shit
    down their throat, boils my blood.

    Bigbeard, I agree, if they knew for several weeks, that patients lives were in danger and stood around
    with their hands in their pockets tickling their wee-wees - - doing nothing about it by reporting it,
    then the buck falls where it may and stop whining. Stats over safety is criminal - period!

    Ahern and his cronie goons, should face criminal charges and in the meatime, have all their personal
    assests frozen and passports taken away.

    The entire dog-shit pile mess at NN R and the COS STINKS! But how much did each and every one of the
    media "Famous-Five" actually know. We know one did for sure, and probably most.

    GEEZee, I better STOP on my rant here - - just woke up from a nap and read over a sexual assault
    of a patient there in Withdrawal- Grrrrrrr!


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