Narconon Trois-Rivieres Certification Committee

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Intelligence, Mar 4, 2012.

  1. Intelligence Member

    Will send the 11,000 pages in 4 batches,..., LOL :)

    Seriously, the Dox are specific and targeted for the Topic of the TV Show. This show has not much content of the Journal de Montreal - - it's a different Story, kind of :)
  2. Random guy Member

    Oh dear, she's faound the motherload!
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  3. Intelligence Member

    David is going to bed now - - a wee bit tired,..., LOL. All done with the two Media in Vancouver.
    One Article should be published this weekend, followed by on camera interview here in Montreal
    next week for English TV Station in Vancouver to air the TV Show soon.

    Human Rights Commission case in the United Kingdom will most likely be filed early next week.

    Will send additional documents to the Certification Committee end of next week.

    Hope to meet with new Member of Parliament in Quebec City soon. Anon is working on
    logistics etc.

    Indeed, a VERY productive week. My Stats were all finished tonight,..., LOL :)

    Me is one "Happy Cat" tonight:)

    David Love (a few years ago) :)
    "Quite a few years ago", says Kitty:)
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  4. Intelligence Member

    This ^^^^^ LOL,.., never seen this site before:)

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  5. xenubarb Member

    "Actually?" Scilons love that word. Just sayin...
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  6. Intelligence Member

    NN TR certtification decision to be made this May 2012. One government source indicated
    that it will be very difficult for NN TR to meet ALL the criteria as prescribed in the certification
    process guidlines.

    Emails and messages in last night, confirm that NN TR in financial difficulty and according to
    some ex-staff recently let go (and not paid), the situation and shady operations at NN TR are
    still the same as when I was there; if not worse.

    Will be sending additional documents to Certification Committee next week to drive in the last
    coffin nail. Additional documents will also be sent to Amnesty International to add to their open
    file from a Formal Complaint I sent to them quite some time ago. With numerous, additional
    formal complaints from more than seven victims in three countries, these new documents should
    motivate an investigation/inquiry.

    Scientology's drug rehab "cash-cow", is facing daunting times and the clock is ticking to have
    them all shut down globally.

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  7. Anonymous Member

    In French, "actuellement" means "currently" or "presently" and French speakers sometimes mistranslate this as "actually".
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  8. Intelligence Member

    Final batch of dox will be sent Thursday-Friday morning to Certification Committee.

    This is a huge pile of dox and it really should not be needed in any normal circumstance,
    but this Cult-Sect is far from normal --not even on the same planet!

    Considering the College of Physician`s decision, I think there should be an amendment to the
    Certification regulations to include ANY and ALL types-kinds of addiction treatment centers in
    Quebec. This specifically would include the First Step at the QC ORG, the Purif Rundown Treatment
    at the Montreal and the Quebec City ORG.

    Still working on another angle for the Fraud, Misrepresentation of the Success Rate scam. This is
    intentional and a deliberate ``Conspiracy to Defraud`` vulnerable and unsuspectng victims.

    We`re not talking about telling someone that we promise a 70% success rate of losing x number of
    pounds in three months or giving people a promise of 70% of growing new hair back if they spend
    tons of money auditing sessions.

    We are talking about peoples lives - - suffering human beings with debilitating diseases that eventually
    will kill them if not treated with sound, medical treatment, by qualified, medical professionals.

    Most people don`t take out home mortgages, huge loans, and empty life savings to treat the aforementioned,
    but they certainly do for addiction treatment to save a loved one. And this is how the Reg`s and Interventionist`s play on distraught, vulnerable addicts and their loved ones. It is dispicable!

    This fraudulent success rate is one of their biggest draws and this SCAM marketing must be stopped.

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  9. Anonymous Member

    Occasionally you have such a clear, forceful, and logical way of framing an argument, that it hits me like an elegant and inescapable mathematical proof.
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  10. peterstorm Member

  11. Intelligence Member

    "Fully accepted" does NOT mean "Approved".

    ONLY 750 pages? I have delivered in person and sent more than 3,500 pages AND there will
    be another 100-300 or more pages being delivered forthwith.

    It has been said that is the COS throws enough money into this, they could be certified; and I
    agree it is possible. But ONLY if they change or SQUIRREL the "Tech", which being a high crime
    in Scientology, I doubt they will do?

    And if they do manage to bamboozle the Health Ministry, the Quebec Human Rights Commission
    will have their asses in Court for Exploitation and Discrimination. It doesn't matter how they act
    now, it's "HOW THEY ACTED" when the Exploitation and Discrimination took place.

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  12. Intelligence Member

    Unless Andre grows a couple more feet and cute furry ears and becomes a Squirrel (as in Squirrel Tech),
    there is no way in hell to be approve legitimately.

    Another Victim IS filing Complaints with the Human Rights Commission
    and the Ministry of Health and Social Services in Trois-Rivieres this week.


    What a cute green tie to match his outfit:)

  13. Intelligence Member

    Isn't this beautiful :) - - and we have tons of these.

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  14. PresidentShaw Member

    Great job as usual David.

    I can't wait to see the conclusion of this!
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  15. Intelligence Member

    Gosh, this is the most difficult document I've prepared for any government agency to date. Starting
    on page 156 now. Ninety-Five percent text document, with a few detailed graphs. I think this
    document could be used (with a few name changes), for any Narconon application for certification
    anywhere. Hopefully, it will stop them in their tracks, with an "Application Denied" stamp:)

    Page 155
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  16. RightOn Member

    yes please!
  17. Intelligence Member

    Cetification Committee in Trois-Rivieres was sent a 204 page PDF File document
    this morning, with copies mailed to a Senator in Ottawa, Ministry of Health and
    Social Services in Trois-Rivieres, the Minister of Health Quebec, in Quebec City,
    and the Human Rights Commission Quebec.

    I did the very best I could muster, working through the entire night. I think these may
    be the last nails for the coffin lid? Time for a nap before heading off to day job,..., LOL :)

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  18. RightOn Member

    Dave, may be best to not give COS a heads up on what was sent to whom?
    they just may try to head it off or sway before or after it arrives
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  19. Intelligence Member

    I did consider that, but I don't think they would dare *F_ _K* with this communication.
    They know that some of the Government agencies are in contact with each other and one
    is even waiting for a "Shoe to Drop" from one, before hammering them with a steel toed boot,.., LOL.

    But what I won't post is ANY of the 204 page document contents. Enough said that they are aware that
    I addressed the Certfication regulations point by point - - for only 9 of the 204 pages. Those nine (9 pages alone
    should be enough, but I don't trust what the COS may be up to, so I tried to cover all bases?

    "Selah" :)

    Will sleep good tonight for sure.

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  20. RightOn Member

    keeping my fingers crossed that when and if they deny NN TR to open, or close their doors or whatever...
    that they share their findings and all that you have sent them with ALL the authorities worldwide who have Narconon centers. ESPECIALLY California

    and gets some rest Dave! geez!
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  21. Intelligence Member

    Have not received a confirmation that Certification ommittee has received emailed dox,
    so will prepare to print all pages and send by Registered mail:)

  22. Intelligence Member

  23. grebe Member

    What the hell is a "non-medical detoxification"?

    CARF, shame on you.
  24. DeathHamster Member

    When CARF gave Narconon their accreditation, Scientologist W. Kent McGregor was CARF. Now that he's no longer there, I wonder if CARF ever reviews accreditations? (Or perhaps CoS has replaced McGregor with someone else at CARF?)
  25. Intelligence Member

  26. grebe Member

    Maybe someone should write to CARF and ask how Narconon Arrowhead managed to meet their standards. Do their standards include drinking cooking oil, spending hours in a sauna, and taking toxic doses of niacin?
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  27. DeathHamster Member

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  28. Anonymous Member

    I wonder what the biggest CARF certified places are. We could write to them and say, "CARF exists to make L Ron Hubbard's Narconon quackery seem okay. Let me tell you a little about how silly the Narconon program is... "
  29. BigBeard Member

    Who certified CARF to certify drug rehab facilities? Have they reviewed CARF's certifications lately?

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  30. Intelligence Member

  31. Intelligence Member

    I am thrilled how this next document submission is coming along for the
    Cerification Committee. Should be done tomorrow for sure - - then the
    video (to be produced), for impact - - LOVING it :) :):)

    This document is only about 3-4 pages compared to the 204 pages sent last week, but
    certainly will show WTF is going on at NN TR!

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  32. Intelligence Member

    Document/article is done and off to Editor. (only 2,000 words or so).

    Ahead of one schedule now and off for a wee nap now:)

  33. Intelligence Member

    Was going to send off more dox to committee today, but will hold off till Monday. Would like all
    the details about this CARF BS that NN TR is relying on for reference.

    April promises to be MASSIVE black PR month for Narconons in a few places. With 3 more
    victims filing complaints this week in Canada, "groups of Three Stooges" at NN TR, are running around
    NN looking and acting dumber than the original "Larry, Curly and Moe",..., LOL :)

    I think the one young puppy Reg at NN TR, perhaps should not have gone up to 5,000 mg of
    Niacin in 2009 - - may have steamed a wee bit of "cranial-clam-juice".

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  34. moarxenu Member

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