Narconon Trois-Rivieres Breaches Patient Confidentiality

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Intelligence, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. Xenu Is Lord Member

    For me I like the one of you they put up. I know it is painful and caused you harm as they meant it too but it shows them for exactly who they are, it encapsulates everything that is morally wrong with them. No one does a better job of showing just how rotten they are other than themselves. Can't wait to see how they try to worm out of that one. "Oh we are being investigated by the government and news so lets smear the guy who made the complaint" As far as I am concerned they retaliated against you for expressing yourself.
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  2. Xenu Is Lord Member

    But I do love that video too.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    I think it's worth repeating what another anon said earlier.

    OSA is just playing mind games to get you to react emotionally and mess up.
    It's the goal of 'fair game' to provoke over and over relentlessly until the victim loses their cool, and who wouldn't.

    For example, the master of fair game himself, Marty Rathbun, was caught in the trap that he had set out so many times for others when he was in OSA. He ended up assaulting a squirrel buster and getting arrested. The charges were quickly dropped, but he messed up because he lost his cool after almost a year of constant harassment.
    If a mastermind of fair game can fall for it, anyone can.

    They want you to react and mess up. Don't let them push your buttons. They have nothing so they are hoping to manufacture something.
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  4. BlooAnon Member

    You're writing a book, Intel? Do you have a title yet? May I suggest "Don't Mess with Love" or something to that effect. (Just kidding).

    I look forward to reading it once you finish.
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  5. GuyFox Member

    That's an old, HIDDEN version of that video.

    There's a reason it's unlisted. The newer upload has important fixes.

    This is the correct version:

    Please, link to the final version instead...
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  6. Intelligence Member

    Just waiting for News Wire Canada to approve new Press Release I submitted a few minutes ago,
    with photos:)

  7. Intelligence Member

    Done ^^^ :) I'll see you VERY soon, "Sir Guy Fox" - - No we don't have the Book Title nailed
    down yet. Working on the content is hard enough,..., LOL :)


  8. Intelligence Member

  9. Intelligence Member

    LOL,.., fell asleep early in the day, then woke up and drank 2 litres of "Clamato" juice (seriously).
    Just finished flushing the toxins,..., LOL:)

    Footnote: "Litre" - - I remember when Canada changed to Metric; was I ever pissed! I thought,
    "Oh', isn't this just wonderful - - how the hell am I going to help my kids with their homework now?"

    I still don't like Metric!!! Learning it was like trying to Frickn' understand Sciloneeze at NN TR,..., LOL :)

    I like ma' ol' saying like "all nine "Yards" - - that's 3 feet for you young Canada Fags or just
    under 1 Meter (about 39 inches) - - far longer than some imaginations. But many still use their 6" loves:)
  10. Intelligence Member

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  11. Xenu Is Lord Member

    Metric is fucking retarded, Standard for ever!
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  12. Xenu Is Lord Member

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  13. Intelligence Member

    LOL,..., yup, this dumb-ass statement is REALLY going to bite his ass hard:)

    "Scientology is quite likely the most ruthless, the most classically terroristic, the most litigious and the most lucrative cult the country has ever seen. No cult extracts more money from its members."
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  14. Zak McKracken Member


    But I disagree with David, regarding the "Enemy #1 SP".
    Whoever he's bringing on the radio may be close, but won't be it.

    DM's #1 supreme SP and PTS is still the guy at the top of Tony Ortega's list:
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  15. another123 Member

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  16. Anonymous Member

    As 'Herro's advocate' I'm compelled to point out that the Catholic Church collects around $400 million from it's flock, annually. Out of 1.2 billion, that's $0.30 per member per year. In wealthy Western countries, it's closer to a few hundred $ per adult, and in poorer ones, closer to $0.

    If CoS registrars were able to soak that much from the ~50k or so surviving Scientologists, it would be $70,000 per member, per year. More reasonably, I'd guess "on-lines" public contribute something on the order of a few thousand dollars in "fixed donations" and "regged" events, but that's just a wild guess.

    Maybe what it should be is: 'No other cult extracts more money per member' though I would love to see some hard numbers.

    RCC church records are reasonably transparent. Members of a given chapel are usually able to ask the Pastor, and often they're posted online for everyone to see. The Vatican publishes an annual report, breaking down collections and expenditures. This is why we're even able to compare the two cult-ish entities

    CoS does that sort of. They publish graphs like this one:

    This question is way off-topic from "patient confidentiality breaching by Trois-Riveres Narconon" but does anyone know of any published (critic or other) reports on the actual income from regging or "services"? Or how much a typical PC public shells out before they bail?
  17. GuyFox Member

    WTF is it with you raging anti-Catholic people trying to spew your stuff in any thread you can possibly make your way into?

    The difference here is the Catholic Church, nor any real Christian Church that I know, forces you into paying anything. We donate because that's what keeps the roof from leaking and generally keeps our local church building around for us to use and enjoy. We want it around, we pitch in.

    Nobody's making your "progress" or salvation dependent on you making any kind of payment. There are no "courses" to buy to "move up the bridge". The church is just there for you to use, communion's free, confessions's free, blessings are free, and mine even offers noms in the community room if you feel like hanging out and chatting with others a bit (and that's paid because we pitched in some loose change before).

    RCC and COS? Really? Seriously, by what sort of convoluted stretch of imagination do you guys even come up with such BS comparisons?

    <jackiechanmindfuck.jpg goes here>

    Now back on topic, plox.
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  18. Anonymous Member

    That was my inner Herro speaking out against something that annoyed me.
    Please report the derail. kthx/ksw
  19. Anonymous Member

    yay, Jacky's reading this thread.

    I leave it up to you:
    delete, move, take no action,
    or send me a PM explaining that my actions were inappropriate and asking me to read the forum rules, again.
  20. Anonymous Member

  21. anon walker Moderator

    Keeping track of regging would be impossible, because of the way they lie. "Steve gave a million dollars to IAS, why don't you?"

    I wouldn't expect an honest accounting; sum must be inflated to perpetuate the hype that money's flowin and Scientology's growin.
  22. Anonymous Member

    That is good except for the Dead Agenting part. Needs a definition; remember that wogs don't have the same lexicon we do.
  23. Intelligence Member

  24. Intelligence Member

  25. Intelligence Member

    Just finished interview on Radio Show (recorded) - "HUSH" - can't say which station or when
    it will be aired, but it's a doozzy:)

    Been reviewing Case Law/Precedents etc for three days now. There will be a legal manouver
    tomorrow that indeed will put COS/OSA/NN TR in "Effect" mode - - and being "At Cause"
    over this will be "Non-Existent",..., LOL:)

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  26. Intelligence Member

    Earlier today, I was in Skype conference call in three countries. We were going over some
    Human Trafficking and Slave Labour intel data. While reviewing some info on a few websites,
    I came accross a Law prohibiting what COC/NN does.

    Does anyone have a Link to the ESTO SERIES?

    Tipping OSA on here about this doesn't matter. They will receive a copy of the
    Formal Complaint VERY soon:)

    Discrimination and harassment

    The grounds for prohibited discrimination
    Prohibited discrimination exists when an individual or organization uses a "personnal characteristic " as grounds for refusing a job.... (Personality Test and IQ Test)

    Discrimination need not necessarily be direct. It may also arise out of an apparently neutral, generally applicable rule that has a prejudicial effect on a specific person because of a "personal characteristic" defined as a ground for discrimination.

    Section 10 of the Charter lists the personal characteristics that constitute grounds for prohibited discrimination.
    These are:

    Political convictions: firm convictions expressed by open support of a political ideology, activism on behalf of a political party or social lobby group.....

    What is discrimination?
    Discrimination prohibited under the Charter exists when:

    Discrimination prohibited under the Charter exists when:
    • the facts, actions or words in question produce a distinction, exclusion or preference that concerns you personally;

    • this distinction, exclusion or preference is based on one of the grounds set out in section 10 of the Charter;

    • this distinction, exclusion or preference deprives you of the right to equality in the recognition and exercise of your human rights and freedoms.
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  27. Intelligence Member

    LOL,..., I think the Quebec Gov will be glad when I'm living other than in Quebec:)

    There was one issue that came up concerning NN TR forcing patients to do the
    Personality Test and IQ Test several times while at NN TR. The issue was, "What the
    hell do these tests have to do with Addiction Treatment?" These tests begin the day (minute),
    a patient leaves the Withdrawal Unit and is transferred over to main building.

    This also includes an Ethics Officer interview, with questions whether you are a reporter,
    undercover, family relations and ther views, etc.

    Anyone applying for a job at NN TR, must first complete a personality test?

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  28. another123 Member

    is this what you're looking for?
    EDIT: Whoops seems there are moar. retrived this page from
    Possibly they have the rest? (originals)

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  29. Intelligence Member

    Hubbard - HCO Policy Letter of Feb 15, 1961

    I found a Hubbard true statement,..., LOL :)

    ".....intelligence is only useful so long as you have data to apply the intelligence to...."

  30. Intelligence Member

    No, this is not it. It's the ESTO SERIES commenting on "Requirement of having a specific IQ to be Thics Officer"
    or any other post.

  31. Intelligence Member

    1. That all illness in greater or lesser degree and all foul-ups stem directly and only from a PTS condition.


  32. another123 Member

    Found the reference to it (see employment qual. below), but (sigh) no copy.
  33. Intelligence Member

    This is BRILLIANT about Andre Ahern at NN TR,.., LOL :)

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  34. Intelligence Member

    <***F_ _ king***> AWESOME!!! Do you have the link to this? :)

  35. another123 Member

  36. Zak McKracken Member

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  37. Intelligence Member

    This ^^^ is interesting that one of the NN TR staff hired right after grad, was known to all
    staff, including the ETO Officer who approved hiring him, was an Escapee from prison.

    I have an email doc from the ESTO Officer confirming she knew. Maybe that's why after I exposed
    this, that OSA threw her under a bus and Narconon Canada "DISSOLVED" the September after
    a spoke out a wee bit?

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  38. Intelligence Member

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  39. Intelligence Member

    :)(draft form only)
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  40. Xenu Is Lord Member

    I would like to know why a detox center needs somting called a confidential file kept by a Ethics Officer? Sounds like Scientology terms to me.
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