Narconon Trois-Rivières in trouble!!!

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by peterstorm, Aug 8, 2009.

  1. Intelligence Member

    Uploaded by Intelligenceplus on Apr 8, 2012
    April 8, 2012 - Next Narconon Trois-Rivieres protest scheduled for April/May 2012. This will be a two day event with an awesome Montreal Anonymous surprise. Video footage will be none like other. Incredible! People coming from three cities and two or more countries, as far away as Central America. Expect us.

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  2. Intelligence Member

    Narconon Trois-Rivieres Closing As Of This Morning?

    Just read this message and waiting for more Intel:)

  3. Intelligence Member

    Just sent out of batch of emails to confirm.

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  4. Intelligence Member

    This is BRILLIANT!!! - About Andre Ahern at NN TR:)

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  5. Intelligence Member

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  6. Xenu Is Lord Member

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  7. Intelligence Member

    PeterStorm - - you were right on the money when you started this thread,
    "Narconon Trois-Rivieres in Trouble". Haven't confirmed from second
    source yet, but they may be lining up the buses?

  8. Intelligence Member

    I've been digging, digging, digging, wondering why all was so quiet? - - then this arrived from one
    of my Sources who provided much needed dox some time ago. (an "Insider" in NN TR)

    Coincident and accident? Most probable, but indeed weird timing.

    Will know more over next few days.

    Is OSA keeping an eye on certain foks? Mmmm?

  9. Intelligence Member

    Oh' my dear, I AM 'busting at the seams' to have my book published ASAP!!! <Bite Toungue>:)

    Tease >>>. "Who is this guy - who was this guy - what did he used to do?"

    "Was he always "Edgar David Glove" - - what were his other legal names?"

    "Was he born "David Love - was this his legal birth name?" <***YES***>

    Very few know - not even wife and kids - "But all will know soon" :)

    OSA >>> better buy some plastic buckets for your jaw to drop in,..., LOL.

    I wonder if OSA knows the name of the TV Reporter who was a patient at NN TR? <No it wasn't me,.., LOL>

    <back to work now>

  10. Zak McKracken Member

    Is Narconon Trois-Rivieres still in trouble?
  11. Intelligence Member

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  12. Zak McKracken Member

    deadly spiral bump!



  13. Intelligence Member

    Yes still - big time trouble on the horizon, including the Executives.

  14. Zak McKracken Member

    thanks. Just wanted to be sure. :)
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  15. anonsparrow Member

    Dave sees, ba-ad moon horizons..
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  16. skeptic2girl Member


    Q: Who is there to beat on DM when he fucks up, in the eyes of LRH?

    Poor Davey! No one to bitch unto slappeth him, as he would bitch slap unto others. :(
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  17. Intelligence Member

    Just filed these yesterday: (and more to come)

    Could be Criminal Charges against Executives and COS/ABLE?



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  18. Zak McKracken Member

    actually, I was thinking of a certain Davey at Cause over Trouble rather than the other one.
    But DM works, too. :p
  19. Anonymous Member

    Why not COS Toronto also?
  20. krampus Member

    Back in the day, the courts used to release people directly to the narconon program. They would then lock you in a room and put you through drills.

    This is how Courtney Love lost Bean to the Scienos.
  21. Intelligence Member

    You can ONLY see the Entities in the Charities Commission complaint,
    not the Entities in the Competition Bureau complaint:)

    Hello Yvette:)
  22. Anonymous Member

    LOL @ Yvette and her Planet of the Apes face...
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  23. Anonymous Member

    I was certain I saw Yvette playing an extra in those movies!
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  24. Intelligence Member

  25. Intelligence Member

    I have just received a request from Drew Chopty to remove #961 or he will take leal action.

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  26. Xenu Is Lord Member

    Hey Drew, would this be the post you are talking about?

    Scott and Drew ^^^^^ are NN TR Staff Members. Drew is a Scientologist and
    being investigated for Patient Abuses.
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  27. Intelligence Member

    a few seconds agoDavid Love

    • Hi Drew, I'm reviewing some more patient statements to me about you and I'm listening to some audio recordings of phone calls concerning you. Thank you for reminding me that I have these. When I have time, my intent is to have them up on Youtube with Audio. Let's allow the public to decide for themselves? Dave
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  28. Xenu Is Lord Member

    Drew, if you should have learned anything over the last few years, it is, being a lair and a bully does not pay. Harassing people, does not work, it just pisses them off. People also come to the aid of each other when they are attacked.We don't hide crimes here, we expose them!

    Here is a real question for you to consider, I am not saying this as a threat but as a matter of fact, of what I have seen happen before. DO YOU REALLY WANT PEOPLE LOOKING IN TO YOUR CONNECTIONS WITH NN AND THE COS? It has not ended well for other staff members, I can assure you. If you start pissing with people, just by nature, others will start digging and Anonymous keeps digging and digging and digging. Unlike OSA, we don't use info to blackmail people, we make it public and turn it over to the proper authorities.

    My advise to you, is let the government agencies do their jobs. If you did something wrong, pay your dues, but don't ask others to open up a can of political whoop-ass on you because they can and will.
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  29. Intelligence Member

    A recent victim contacted me about Talking to 2 Reg's or FSM's for NN TR. One was Drew, the other was Kyle.

    One has a relative who also worked at NN TR, and according to statements and recordings,
    use to be a drug tester for a well know Biker Gang and ended up in Prison under absurd and
    quite hard to believe charge and conviction.

    I will disguise the voice when I make the video to protect my Source, but it's incredible indeed.

    Another issue Drew will face if he does file a law suit, is taking any posts out of context. If his
    lawyer uses ANY of my posts out of context within a specific Thread, they must submit ALL
    the posts within the Thread AND others on the same Forum.

    One copy, for Drew's lawyer, one copy for me, and one copy for the Court. That would Total
    up to about 30,000 posts @ approximately $5.00 for each copy that Drew's lawyer may charge
    is a tidy sum of about $150,000 for the WWP Posts.

    Another aspect Drew's legal team would face is the Cerificate I have (and still under physician care),
    for PTSD that was caused by NN TR Staff.

    I suggest that Drew Chopty come clean on ALL he knows and face reality for what it is,
    not what some OSA thug is suggesting he do. :)

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  30. Xenu Is Lord Member

    There is only one way he could come up with a 150K for the copies and that would be if the COS was backing him. This would prove your case even further.

    Drew, it is clear that you read these post, so here is some more advise. Listen to Dave, contact the authorities and ask them for help on getting out of this. I am not joking about this, who knows what trouble you are in now but you can only make it worse, letting yourself be used as a puppet. The people using you will wash their hands of you the moment they feel the need. You will look back on this one day as a watershed moment and say one of two things. 1. I should have listened and done the right thing or #2 I am glad I did the right thing, I got the rest of mt life ahead of me.
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  31. Anonymous Member


    Drew Copty on left. James Noble on right.

    Noble was the NN TR Ethics Officer, then relapsed and
    was back as a patient when Anons caught him on film
    at NN TR protest.
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  32. Anonymous Member

    We are Anonymous.
    We walk in the dark places no others will enter.
    We stand on the bridge, and no one may pass.
    We live for the LULZ, we die for the LULZ.

    (No, not really, but it's lulzy to say that.)
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  33. Anonymous Member

    Drew Chopty is a bampot numpty who likes to eat dicks for fun when he isn't slurping up puddles of stale goat urine with a straw.

    Your scilon tactic of threatening legal action when you know full well you are complicit in the deliberate poisoning of drug rehab patients as instructed by the fraud L Ron Hubbard is well documented.

    Now go cry to your lawyer like a little bitch. It is amusing to all who read these fora.

    Does anyone have a photo of this cult-brainwashed little prick, I feel like firing up Photoshop.
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  34. Anonymous Member

    Oh good, a photo.

    Feel the wrath of Anonymous.

    You pulled it in you whiny little cunt.
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  35. Intelligence Member

    WTF! I just received an interesting call from a CARF Representative. We had a legthy chat
    and I should receive some Dox from them forthwith:)

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  36. Anonymous Member

  37. Anonymous Member

  38. Intelligence Member

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  39. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Dang... if only we had something exploitable..........
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  40. Anonymous Member


    Has this poor kid ever heard of the Streisand Effect?
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