Narconon Trois-Rivières in trouble!!!

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by peterstorm, Aug 8, 2009.

  1. Intelligence Member

    I need some help with this ASAP - - what is a "Platinum Partner"? AND any other info
    about this event that NN TR ED Sylvain Fournier blew a ton of NN TR's money on?

  2. Intelligence Member

    THIS^^^^^ is about this leaked email about "Handling the Government"
  3. Anonymous Member


    A tangent to what you're working on now, but maybe something that would be of interest to someone in the Quebec government: the Scientology school above advertises that it is "100% sans Ritalin." That must mean that they don't accept children with ADHD being treated with medication.

    Discrimination against persons with ADHD in Canada is probably against the law. It's a recognized disability in the US.

    Scientologists are against street drugs and also against the legitimate use of drugs for medical problems. They'd rather have everyone as a customer for their quack treatments that don't actually work.
  4. GuyFox Member

    "SPONSOR'S"??? All this yacking about becoming more able, self-betterment and whatnot, yet the "homo novis" can't even get grade-school level grammar right.

    Speaks volumes of the "tech".
  5. Anonymous Member

    It looks like NN is advertising by sponsoring a local go-cart event and a charity PRO AM golf tournament.

    Platinum partner looks like it's the level of sponsorship of the go-cart race though NN does not appear on the
    website's list of partners.

    Likewise NN is not mentioned as a major donor on the website for the golf tournament either.
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  7. Intelligence Member

    I'm still looking for what "Platinum Partner" means, circled in RED. Is it a Scilon term???

  8. Anonymous Member

    Platinum Partner is the level of sponsorship of the go-cart race.

    The reason they don't appear as a partner on the website now is because this was in 2008.
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    Thanks for this ^^^^^ - - I am on page 18 of an extremely crucial document submission
    to governments in the morning. About 120 or so more pages to go. It WILL be done:)

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    Intel in concerning why Executive at NN TR is now gone and ED change. Need
    one more verified confirmation before I submit KR to government,..., LOL :)

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    LOL,..., I think a couple of scammers are nervous over the above FB post. One website
    shut down the day after it was posted, but not before I image captured all the data.

    So they better be very careful from now on what they say; never know who might
    be calling them :):):) - - There's a "Shit-Storm" a brewin'!

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  14. Moar like a blizzard of shit!
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  16. jensting Member

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  17. Intelligence Member

    Interview with last two 'New' NN TR victims this week, tells a tale of Success Rate now promoted
    at 88% at Narconon Trois-Rivieres. Have recorded evidence of 88% Success Rate.

    This is against what NN TR promised the Certification Committee. Tisk-Tisk-Tick-Tock:)

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  18. Anonymous Member

    Recorded them on audio?
  19. Xenu Is Lord Member

    "We did so much for him (Love). We've never done anything to curtail anyone's freedom. We've never claimed we are perfect, but we work hard to attain the highest possible success rate. I've never seen a more dedicated team helping people get better," says Marc Bernard.

    Just 88% perfect huh?
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  20. Intelligence Member

    Read carefully:) - - Says, "have recorded evidence of 88% success rate", which I do. Doesn't
    say I recorded "them" - - "victims". Also have in writing in email evidence, which is more

  21. Xenu Is Lord Member

    Mark, did they work this hard? By the way the 99% perspiration does not count if it is from you being worried about being shut down.
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  22. Anonymous Member

    Was not asking who recorded it just that it exisit. Thanks for the info.
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  23. Intelligence Member

    Sorry, didn't mean to be or seem rude in any way - - I just need to be very careful how I word
    some posts and how some may read them. Suffice to say we have rock solid evidence of NN TR
    still promoting a high success rate, when they have promised to the Certification Committee to
    stop as requested by the Commission.

    NN TR (COS) has a lot of loose cannon mouth pieces that speak and write, without realizing
    the potential detrimental consequences of doing so.

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  24. Xenu Is Lord Member


    The Narconon Arrowhead drug and alcohol rehabilitation program is one of the most successful treatment programs in the world. The facility has a more than 70% success rate and is certified by the Department of Mental Health and the Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). Narconon has had many scientific and psychiatric reviews over the years and has been named as a unique and effective method to handling substance abuse and addiction. The word Narconon means no drugs as the program is completely drug free and the outcome is that the individual can fully recover from addiction and live a stable, drug-free and healthy life after treatment. The program also uses a physical aspect of handling addiction through the use of a dry heat sauna to help remove toxins from the body and drastically reduce physical cravings. Narconon has been helping people in the state of Oklahoma since the 1980’s and operates one of the most ideal centers in the world to rehabilitate those struggling with drug abuse. For more information call 800-468-6933.

    It is kinda hard for Marc to say NNTR does not push success rates when it is common for NN to do it at other locations.

    Also I thought this was very intresting

    Narconon & Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard

    Posted by admin on Jun 6, 2011 in Blog | 0 comments

    On February 19, 1966, William Benitez, an inmate at the Arizona State Prison finally received approval to start a drug treatment program for inmates. Benitez had been reading books written by L. Ron Hubbard and was convinced that Mr. Hubbard had a set of workable methods that could help get addicts off drugs and help them to stay clean. Having been a drug user since the age of 13 despite multiple attempts to get and stay clean, Mr. Benitez was excited by what he read and couldn’t wait to share it with other inmates. He called his new program Narconon – Narcotics None. Once the program was started and flourishing, Mr. Benitez wrote to his mentor, Mr. Hubbard. His response was to support the program by donating books, tapes, and course materials. William Benitez was released from prison in October 1967. He had decided that California was a place with a real need for the Narconon program….and the place to expand his ability to help addicts with the organization of Narconon. The establishement of the first Narconon outside of jail walls became possible with the help of Mr. Hubbard, and others who saw the success of the Narconon program and supported the effort.

    But Mr. Hubbard didn’t stop there. He continued researching as another problem became apparent. Former drug users remained at risk even years after quitting. Addicts could get off drugs, but almost always started using again. What Mr. Hubbard discovered was that the fatty tissues of the body would lodge tiny residues of ingested drugs that could activate at any time, as in the case of flashbacks. Moreover, it wasn’t just street drugs, but virtually every kind of drug, chemical poison, preservative, pesticide and industrial waste that we regularly ingest can lodge in the tissues, diminishing our ability to act, think and perceive. Mr. Hubbard also theorized that it was these residues of drugs in the body that caused addicts to continue to have the deep cravings that drove them back into drug use. In 1978, the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program was adopted. This is a deep tissue-cleansing regimen of specific vitamins/mineral therapy with cardiovascular exercise and intensive sweating in low heat saunas, with adequate replacement of fluids and oils. This has proven to be a safe and healthy way to reduce cravings while restoring energy, clarity of thinking, and a general feeling of well-being.

    The issue I have is that there are medical statements made in this article by NN Int, that they say are true. I would argue that if these claims are the bases for NN to operate as a detox facility then they need to prove them to be true. The statements are as every bit bad as the success rate claims.
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  25. Xenu Is Lord Member

    Drinking causes loose cannon mouths and we know they got a lot of them.
    You know those photos say what NN is all about. It is a lie! We preach one thing while collecting money and spend that money doing just 180 dagrees the other.

    How can you sell a success rate knowing that this is what your staff is doing?
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  26. Intelligence Member

    And this ^^^^^ is but a drop in the bucket to what we have. I have emails from NN TR
    staff who were sent to Alberta NN for "Repairs". Plus some "HOT" video and pics of
    NN TR Ethics Officers, Withdrawal Specialists, and Reg's doing very CRAZY shit>

    I will post it ALL in due course:) - - sorry OSA, you will have to wait or put "them" back on the "CANS" :)

  27. Xenu Is Lord Member

    make sure you got backups of your backups and that trusted people got backups so if the cult makes a move, they get dropped on the net.

    By the way, OSA how does it feel to know that you are supporting these folks at NN who are caught on camera drinking and shit? Are the KSW? Sounds like you all need to make them pay! Keep turning on your own. But then there are so few of you left to turn on.

    Choke on em! 2:30 mark
  28. Intelligence Member

    YES, I have back-ups of back-ups, plus two trusted folks who WILL push the send/post buttons
    to have ALL the dox posted FAST if anything happens to me. AND I mean ALL of the dox - I won't
    br around to see it, but indeed delicious:)

    Note to OSA: "Get a real job and don't present a Resume - - they may call the people in white
    coats to put special "Jackets" on you and have your friends, the Psychs examine you and pump
    you up with Hubbard's "Drug of Choice", vistaril"

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  29. Xenu Is Lord Member

    Even Bud got Rick Rolled so don't feel bad Narconon!

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  30. Intelligence Member

    Formal request just sent to NN TR ED, Law firm Heenan & Blaikie, and cc'ed to Ministry of Health,
    Certification Commission, Human ights Commission, for ALL of my medical files at NN TR and
    other files at OSA in Montreal, Quebec City, ABLE Canada, and Toronto COS-OSA.

    This was a polite initial request. If NN TR ED complies with request, there will be no need to apply
    alternate solutions to receive ALL my files. I do have a bonifide solution, but don't want to be
    taken off any government Christmas Card list,..., LOL. :)

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  32. Anonymous Member

    Hey Dave, is it illegal for them to hold peoples property? You might want to contact this guy and see if he needs help?

  33. Intelligence Member

    I was at NN TR with this fellow - nice guy. The Feb 12, does not show the year,...,
  34. Quentinanon Member

    Narconon is an offshoot of Criminon, whose alumni include such notables as Charles Manson.
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  35. Anonymous Member

    This Feb of 2012
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    NN TR staff and even Brad Melnychuk who is writing his ass off for blogs and
    tweets (one just a few minutes ago), are all beating a dead horse! Google position
    is crashing with every article and video we post and there are so many websites
    exposing NN everywhere now. Incredible!

    Just took this capture a few minutes ago. The first and third position are great for
    letting people know that NN is garbage -)

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  37. jensting Member

    Don't forget that Google shows you what th
    Don't forget that Google shows you what they think you want to see. (By default, at least; there might be a way to get the result that a person who's never googled anything $cientology related might get.)

    Best regards

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  38. Anonymous Member

    Narconon wikipedia and narconon exposed come up 3rd & 7th on google. My search is pretty clean, google-wise. The rest of the page is all their sites.
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  39. Intelligence Member

    Ok, I understand. Google may return a different search for you on your
    computer, than my search on mine?

  40. Intelligence Member

    Amazing! Three more victims since last week from NN TR ripoffs.

    Two patients, one staff. Coming out of the wood-work now it seems:)

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