Narconon Trois-Rivières in trouble!!!

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by peterstorm, Aug 8, 2009.

  1. Intelligence Member

    Watch this at 1:38 min - Yvette telling the cultie to leave and her demand is rejected. And then again at 5:00 min, looks like she's scolding lightly?

    Obviously neither could keep their TR's In,..., LOL. Little Davey can not be happy with all the events
    in Quebec and the rest of Canada right now. Is Yvette heading for the RPF? I don't think so, but I
    don't mind be wrong:) - - Most likely heading to Montreal, Trois-Rivieres, Toronto, or just for some
    R & R? We'll see :)

  2. BigBeard Member

    Maybe headed to 'Bulgravia' before the raids start??

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  3. Intelligence Member

    Well, they are stressed at NN TR and the COS in Quebec. Here is a comparison of only
    two years stress for wife of EX-Director of NN TR Marc Bernard (Carole Pelland). he
    was an Executive Director with the rest of the "Squad." And a photo of three of the Execs
    at the NN TR Raid 2010 - chain smoking,..., Sue Chubbs - - not at NN TR now.


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  4. Intelligence Member

    I knew about this ^^^^^ when I was there and now two more ex-staff have confirmed in writing.

    Very sad - - will forward data to government tonight.

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  5. xenubarb Member

    It'd be funnier if the screen were playing a video of water filling something. Get it?
  6. A bus? I would have thought she would have used her car or rented a car for such things. Maybe she doesn't want to contribute to more green house gases. Scientology saving the planet for you and me.
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  7. Intelligence Member

    Stats are down, no money for car rentals? LOL :)

  8. Intelligence Member

    "Fear" has been replaced with "Pissed-Off" by more and more ex-staff and NN Grads each and
    every week now. This Snow-Ball is getting bigger,..., and fast. Amazing! :)

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  9. moarxenu Member

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  10. JeffQuiros Member

    These are the 3 Stooges manning the front lines in Canada's War on Drug Abuse?

    confidential to Chubbs: nicotine is a drug...
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  11. Anonymous Member

    Eeeek! Dat ho, she on da meth.
  12. BigBeard Member

    ^^^Bleah! Not so early in the morning please.

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  13. Intelligence Member

    Not just Nicotine, Chubbs often was in the dowtown TR bars (we saw her there), and according
    to her "confidential ethics file" in the hands of Narconon Canada ESTO Officer, Chubbs had issues
    with her own compulsions, alcohol, chain smoking etc - - including taking in Graduates to live with
    her. It's not "Rocket-Science" wondering why so many Grads relapsed - - not my choice of room-"mate" :)

    Really - - when you look at these so-called "Professional Executive Rehab Treatment Councellors" and
    "Certified Therapists",..., it runs shivers down one's spine imagining their hands on you giving "Assists"
    in the Withdrawal Unit.

    All three - - not the "sharpest pencils in the box":)
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  14. Intelligence Member

    News in from Government source yesterday, indicates May 2012 as date for NN TR Certification
    Application to be approved or DENIED. Sources are less than optimistic about approval of
    application. Too many criterias to be met by NN TR to meet guidlines for certification.

    Perhaps "Certifiable" may be the only document that the NN TR Execs see,..., LOL :)

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  15. Intelligence Member

    The next evidence documents being sent to the Certification Committee and Human Rights Commission
    will be "Nuclear" in "Effect" - - have been saving these final dox as the final "Chapter" in closing the
    book for good on Narconon Trois-Rivieres.

    What a "Strategic Journey" this has been - - breathing much easier now after taking government investigators
    on a "Gradient Trip" into Hell and back. An incredible and rewarding experience and I appreciate so very
    much, the support and consistent help from Anons in this arduous task of bringing down this Cult/Sect that causes so much harm and pain to innocent, vulnerable victims. Many mortgaging homes, taking out loans, and spending all the savings they have to save a loved one.

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  16. Quentinanon Member

    Many scientologists have addiction/compulsion issues, which assist in their staying in scientology in search of the holy grail to "handle their case". Tobacco addiction is the most common. But, I have seen quite a few who abuse alcohol.
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  17. Intelligence Member

    They don't seem to have an issue with alcohol, even telling NN TR Grads that they can start drinking a little
    after only 3 months out of NN!!! Alcohol is the biggest issue at the NN Staff apartment complex down the road from NN TR. Raging drunken parties, which escualated quickly to cocaine and other drugs. When mixing
    Cocaine and Alcohol, the combination changes into a new substance called Cocaethylene, which can
    cause serious medical problems.

    Awaiting additional confirmation (in writing), from ex-Narconon staff and patients, concerning some
    crazy stuff at NN TR and the Staff apartment complex AND in the rooms that staff occupied at the
    NN TR Compound.

    Some video footage was sent to me a while back from inside NN TR, but it is so NUTS/CRAZY, that I dare not write about it until I can confirm,..., LOL :)


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  18. moarxenu Member

    haha I am leaking it here ...

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  19. xenubarb Member

    Ya don't see that every day. Srsly.
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  20. anoninoob Member

    In my town you do (this video is from my town)
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  21. peterstorm Member

    [IMG] you Dave!
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  22. Quentinanon Member

    We celebrated St. David's Day, Dydd Gŵyl Dewi. (March 1st and no green beer)
    Just put away our Dragon banner.
  23. Xenu Is Lord Member

    Those are like real OT Powers!
  24. xenubarb Member

  25. Intelligence Member

    Question? Can a Hard Drive from a desk top with Windows XP, be read or data retreived, after
    a hole has been drilled through the Hard Drive disk?

    Seems OSA, COS. and NN Execs (in that order), are beginning to lose it more than I thought?

    The NN Staff is in one hell of a mess right now and getting worse.

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  26. How big a hole? Regardless of hole size, it would probably become a job for forensic retrieval. Costly operation, or so I'm told.
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  27. Intelligence Member

    Don't know size of hole? In this case "size doesn't matter",..., LOL. :)

    It's the act of doing so to destroy evidence. Just like removing ALL the COS Green Volumes and
    all other COS stuff out of the CS office prior to visit from the Health Ministry certification investigators.

    It's chaos there right now (always was), seems some won't go along with the lies etc.

    I still feel some should be criminally charged,..., and still might be.

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  28. RightOn Member

    I asked someone and they agree ^^^
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  29. Intelligence Member

    Wouldn't want to be a NN TR staff member who is also a COS member right now. If you lie,
    the Gov will catch you and if you don't lie, OSA will catch you.

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  30. BigBeard Member

    If there are reliable reports of NN/Cof$ attempting to destroy evidence it sounds like it's time for the govt to step in and secure potential evidence. And yes, data can be recovered from a disk with a hole in it, but it's not as simple to do as they make it look on the "CSI" tv show.

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  31. Intelligence Member

    "Reliable Source"? I believe they are, BUT I can NOT verify ALL of the reports yet. Will submit info to
    Gov end of this week. I will not state as confirmed (if it is not), but only as info I received.

    Must be careful right now with new data coming in to protect my own credibility.

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  32. jensting Member

    Sounds like clear cut interfering with the course of justice. Aka OSA's stock in trade. If the police are not expecting this they're about to get an even more thorough education in how criminal the criminal organisation known as the "church" of $cientology is ...

    Best Regards

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  33. Intelligence Member

    "Calm down OSA - - next month won't be as bad at this one. It will be much worse :)

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  34. Intelligence Member

    If this is still the way they operate, do you think little DM really cares? How the hell can the COS
    keep up with everything around the Globe that is turning against them and biting hard.

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  35. Intelligence Member

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  36. Intelligence Member

    More details in concerning the young lad who was at the NN TR staff apartment
    complex where a gun was passed over the balcony and one shot left him dead.

    There are now several NN TR patient cases of staff not recognizing, not administering
    prescribed medications, refusing to give physician prescribed medication; AND giving
    alternative therapies to aleviate pain and other symptoms generally and only to be done
    by a licenced physician licenced by the College of Physicians eg; medical examinations,
    diagnosing, medical treatments, and pescribing procedures to address patient illness.

    It`s taken quite some time to compile the more 6-7 or more NN TR patient cases,with
    additional data arriving over the past few months. I have several written statements
    and voice recordings, that detail many absurd incidents that ALL need to be forwarded
    to the appropriate authorities to hold this Cult-Sect accountable.

    The executives and other staff knew exactly what they were doing and knew the medical
    risks when neglecting patient mental states and emotions -- and knew the risks when
    denying physician prescribed medication and advice to take on a regular basis.

    All of the aforementioned indicate and confirm how dangerous a drug treatment rehab can be
    whenoperated by unqualified staff who ``play God`` with seriously ill patients lives, with the
    main concern being, keeping them there for profit and Scientology Stats, no matter how ill the
    patient is or how loud the patient requests seeing a physician other than Dr.Pierre Labonte, (the
    physician who is now banned from the Narconon QUACK rehab.

    If OSA has felt the pressure over the past two years, I suggest the handle of the vice will be
    tightening a lot more over the next few months. Yes, I`ve mentioned a few of these cases before
    and touched on them briefly, but now it`s time to expose more - - leaving a few key details for
    the Hearings and Court Trials.

    There are a minimum of three deaths that I attribute to the NN TR quack, cult-sect rehab center
    and the dangerous,high risk treatment prescribed by quack,unlicensed therapists - - some direct
    and deliberate negligence; other deaths may have been prevented if appropriate care and treatment was
    administered in time.

    These cases are NOT isolated cases uncommon to other Narconons in other Countries - - there is
    a similar and sometimes EXACT pattern at other centers that mirror the negligence and malpractice
    at Narconon Trois-Rivieres in Canada. When you use the Exact same Tech at each quack center, it`s
    obvious the results will be the same. DEADLY!

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  37. Intelligence Member

    PeterStorm - - I now have the exact name and spelling of the NHL Hockey Player
    who was at NN TR when I was there and what the entire story is. Also a staff taking
    "intimate encounter trips of the worst kind" to a motel for those who wanted to go.

    There are a lot of blanks being filled in and confirmed info over the past two weeks. No
    wonder so many patients and staff became pregnant!!!

    I don't understand why the RCMP or Quebec Provincial or Sq Intelligence Police don't do
    an undercover operation on the mess. Do more have to die first from more guns and Niacin
    killing their livers or another diabetic being denied his insulin and ending up in a coma for three days
    near death - - it just goes on and on and on!

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  38. Intelligence Member

    I "almost" feel sorry for Andre, the NN TR "Legal Officer" and Biologist who is preparing the
    dox for Certification. Over the past couple months, a few of you know that I have painstakingly
    been addressing the Certification points with a rebuttal to what NN TR will be submitting; plus
    some up to date recognized scientific and medical data on what addiction is and how to affectively
    treat it successfully.

    Although OSA is probably expecting me to post what the subject arsenal will address and surely
    deliver them a FAIL-DENIED on NN TR's application, I will not post even a hint or clue. Suffice
    to say - - they are SCREWED!

    There are simply too many points on the certification application that they must meet and they are
    at the opposite end of the spectrum when it comes to ANY typre of acceptable addiction treatment.

    I have a proposal; how about Andre Ahern and I have an open debate on Radio or TV. He can chose
    one moderator and I will chose the second and there could be one nuetral. Is it possible for him to
    think outside of the box - - perhaps now that he has poured his Thetan into this for many months,
    it may be possible. I know Andre fairly well from personal experience of him being my supervisor
    and also his Thetan stubbornness, which has sacked him in the past; also stress from OSA caused him
    to be so stressed he had trouble eating and sleeping and had to resign for a while. Recent Intel in on
    him has painted quite the interesting image of someone who can be beat easily in any debate about
    Scientology drug rehab Vs. Scientific-Medical proven rehab. Simply - - "No Contest."

    Am I being over confident - - I can not do what I do without confidence, persistence, tenacity, and
    very careful strategic planning, with affective delivery and calculated results that turm a man like
    Andre Ahern into a "Glib" student who never learns a lesson outside of the "Pack-Thinking-Box".

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  39. Intelligence Member

    The last few above ^^^^ posts, I made while on breaks at day job. Now I'm home early
    and beginning an eight hour marathon of writing - - I'm in my "Rock N' Roll" zone of
    taking care of business and getting shit done fast - - happy camper:):):)

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  40. Anonymous Member

    Once the CBC report airs, the pressure to act will be massive.
    Hoping it airs across Canada and not just in BC.
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