Narconon Trois-Rivières in trouble!!!

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by peterstorm, Aug 8, 2009.

  1. Intelligence Member

    There is another Prominent Investigative Reporter in the USA ready to do the entire story
    following the one in Montreal - - waiting for the Montreal one first, but will proceed soon
    if the Montreal one takes much longer.

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  2. Intelligence Member

  3. Intelligence Member

    Must get up early to succed in next matter at hand - - going to bed soon:)

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  4. GuyFox Member

    Sucks about the delay :/

    One way or another, there's more nespapers out there, vast majority of them being objective and willing to blow that scam wide open. It delays us but ultimatily cannot hinder us.

    Anyway, no point biting my fingernails in anticipation right now, so while you folks get worked up and run in circles here, I'll chill, have a cold drink, 2D with a super hawt femanon, and hit the hay.

    Got moar plotting and scheming to do tomorrow ;)

    G'nite! :)
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  5. Intelligence Member

    Good night to you too, my dear Friend, "Sir Guy Fox" (soon to be officially Knighted) :)

  6. Intelligence Member

    LOL :) Just For You Joshua ;-)

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  7. yoshiyoyo Member

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  8. yoshiyoyo Member

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  9. Random guy Member

    That is one hefty piece of exposé!
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  10. GuyFox Member

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  11. Intelligence Member

    I guess the VERY cute, little kitty was right on the money, eh'? :)

    Looks like this article is causing quite the stir at NN TR and OSA in QC. Yvette Shank
    is back in Quebec City (and seen today by Anon who said "Hello"),..., LOL

    Another complaint to the Human Rights Commission will be filed next week in another
    country with the same Common Laws as we have here in North America. This person
    was exploited, humiliated, and ripped off big time. A VERY sad story indeed, (but they all are).

    Back to work now on a couple projects that are nearly complete. Should have video posted
    later today/evening and may even write a new article for the Montreal Examiner (in English LOL ).

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  12. yoshiyoyo Member

    I am glad the editor in chief did not make a monkey out of me :)
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  13. Intelligence Member

    Could OSA in Canada be in deep shit? Is OSA head office preparing new quarters in an RPF?

    I spent many hours the past few days, analysing what happened after I BLEW NN TR.

    Without a doubt, OSA jumped in immediately when I left. Because I left my computer behind,
    it was hacked into and a Trojan Horse, Worm, and Keystroke Logger installed. (have captured images).

    Naconon Canada (who oversaw N TR), and was at NN TR with four staff, soon dissolved and
    no longer exists. Aline Proulx, the ESTO Officer at NN TR (with NN TR ED removed from post),
    left Quebec to reside inj Ontario, (investigator states she was in distress).

    Andre Ahern (a close allie and supporter to Aline), suffers distress, and according to sources, loses
    sleep and eating issues; soon resigns.

    NN TR staff instructed NOT to have any Com with David Love or be fired?

    NN TR and OSA was so focussed on "internal" Flaps, that they neglected to address what was happening
    on the outside. Perhaps they were unaware, which points to being "Out-Tech"!!! They missed the bigger
    picture that was being painted in advance.

    They FAILED to apply the Panther Mechanizm until it was too late. Foot-Bullets began to fly as
    the NN TR ED commented to Media (Marc Bernard admitting that indeed NN TR does have a disconnection
    policy and uses it). DUH!!! OSA must have loved that one,..., LOL :)

    Lawyers threaten me to shut up or face being sued should I continue to 'Tarnish" their client's


    OSA Canada visits NN TR - - ED is removed (Marc Bernard), and replaced with another Scilon ED.
    NN International offers an influential and VERY wealthy entity a Narconon Licence recently. Once
    again, too late and behind the eight-ball - - entity turns down offer! (they know the shitstorm coming).

    Hubbard's "Tech" does NOT allow for all these blunders to go unpunished; quite the contrary indeed.

    While I was writing this, another person (one of the 5 who filed complaints), just informed me that they too, will NOT settle out of Court.:)

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  14. Intelligence Member


    I suggest their "Narconon Bridge to Ron's Bridge" is full of Demons?

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  15. Intelligence Member

    Old photo of Emilie CBC TV Radio Canada, at NN TR interviewing Andre Ahern with Police
    car off to the right.


    This is when two of the TV videos went missing from CBC TV and the show never aired.

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  16. Intelligence Member

    "Thanks Kitty" - - only a few hours after you appeared, La Journal Montreal published the
    article you were waiting for,..., LOL :)

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  17. yoshiyoyo Member

    i am going to use this kitty next time i wanna get some!! :p
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  18. I think the kitten should be your official mascot.
  19. Intelligence Member

    That's exactly what I was thinking yesterday, but I didn't have time to look up
    the spelling of maskot mascot before posting,.., LOL :)

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  20. yoshiyoyo Member

    and this is Narconon`s mascot catliittercake.jpg
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  21. Xenu Is Lord Member

    Tell me something Intelligence? If L Ron Hubbard said that Naconon was run by an elite Scientology organization called the GO. Would that not prove much of your case? He makes direct reference to the program being in the hands of this elite Scientology group that is now OSA. He also says that the GO should not hide itself if they could help it in relation to their contribution to Naconon, indicating deception by the founder of Scientology in this case. He closes by making a false statement as fact that Naconon has repeated many times in one way or the other. Have your officials seen this document from the Scientology Sea Org, signed by L Ron Hubbard and dated 29 August 1972?

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  22. Intelligence Member

    I have seen this doc before - - it IS a very good one indeed. This document pre-dates the
    Incorporation of Narconon as a separate Entity, does it not? I believe they knew that if
    Narconon was in fact a Scientology rehab and part and parcel of the COS, they would run
    into serious trouble in the marketing of this rehab - - also trouble in receiving any gov funding?
    Church and State must be separate in the USA? (same as in Quebec now).

    However, I will use this and forward to the QHRC and other political forces asap Thank you.

  23. Xenu Is Lord Member

    Incorporated or not it does show a history that Scientology has their hands all over this and that Naconon is a creation of Scientology and not a truly independent Scientology free organization. It shows more than collusion, it shows who the subordinate organization is. Anyway that is how I read it, who knows how others will take it ???
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  24. GuyFox Member

    Meh, it should be a porcupine.

    With a sweet popsicle.


    Those in the know will know :D
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  25. Intelligence Member

    ABSOLUTELY I read it the same way for sure. AND we only have to convict on Balance of probabilities
    in our Human Rights cases, not "Without a Doubt" :)

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  26. Intelligence Member

    ROFLMAO!!! :) :):) - - well let's let them ALL in on it:)

    The day I was hired at NN TR, I received a letter in my Com Box. It said:

    "I am a porcupine, but when you turn me over, I have the sweetest meat you will ever taste"

    The government has this ^^^ data, plus far more explicit "Email" coms,..., LOL!

    My Mascot? Not on your life:)
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  27. yoshiyoyo Member

    oooooh the memories lol
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  28. Intelligence Member

    The more I look at this, the more I LOVE it:):):)

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  29. Does Narconon have any 'life improvement' courses, 'training routines', sauna and mega-vitamin overdosing 'rundowns', 'ethics' handlings or anything at all that they offer in their alleged 'treatment' program that is NOT Scientology?

    Imho and I've seen their course materials (All Scientology), I would say that Narconon is 100% Scientology and has been since its inception as a money-making LRH Scientology front-group scam falsely claiming incredible results and over 80% success rates (never documented).

    Scientologists claim that Narconon is 100% secular with only their say-so to claim this, the facts show it's all Scientology. Can they show any part of their program that is not Scientology?
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  30. Intelligence Member

    No they can not show it. It fact, a University professor that has one of the biggest libraries
    about the cos in North America, recently examined all the NN books in a sworn deposition in the
    USA recently, and he stated he "....could find nothing in the NN books that was NOT 100% Scientology.."

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  31. moarxenu Member

    Sauce plOx. kthnx
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  32. Intelligence Member

    Uploaded by Intelligenceplus on Mar 10, 2012
    March 12, 2012 - David Edgar Love testing new HD Camera and Recording equipment for upcoming Scientology protests at ORGS and Narconon Trois-Rivieres, Narconon Arrowhead, Narconon Michigan, Narconon Hastings UK, et al. Anonymous does not forget. Expect us.

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  33. GuyFox Member

    Nice :)

    But mine can do THIS :D

  34. Intelligence Member

    ROFLMAO!!!:) At first, I thought someone was pissing on it,..., LOL :)

    The HD will teach me patients, I hope (or not) - - takes lots of memory and processing TIME!

    But I can do this with mine: :) [IMG]

    "We can have a camera "Pissing Contest" at next protest,.., LOL :) (((HUGS)))
  35. Intelligence Member

    I was looking at this one, but too heavy. Besides, I don't need to know if there is
    any bugs attached to "Camel Hair":) (Don't laugh too hard PeterStorm) :)

  36. Intelligence Member

    Uploaded by Intelligenceplus on Mar 13, 2012
    March 12, 2012 - David Edgar Love visits Church of Scientology Montreal. Talks about Narconon Trois-Rivieres Certification process and the conflict of Narconon being tied to Religion; thus application being denied.

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  37. Intelligence Member

    Interesting? Yvette Shank (OSA Canada & President of COS Canada), was seen on bus today,
    with luggage. Should know where to as soon as more Intel arrives:)

    Anonymous ROCKS!
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  38. Quentinanon Member

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  39. Quentinanon Member

    I wonder if she has a one-way ticket to the "A to E Room" a.k.a. "The Hole". A prolonged holiday in the U.S.
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