Narconon Trois-Rivières in trouble!!!

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by peterstorm, Aug 8, 2009.

  1. Quentinanon Member

    Marc Bernard likely has been Comm Ev'd and removed from post. That would mean that he is the designated scapegoat. (Rather than Hubbard's destructive tech and policies.)
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  2. Intelligence Member

    Not sure yet? The executive from NN Canada was one, it seemed when she resigned and NN Canada
    dissolved. AND Sue Chubbs, another Executive just left NN TR recently too. This is NOT the first time
    arc Bernard has been demoted and pulled off post to be the CS.

    NN International (COS) may have made another mission trip to NN TR for corrections due to tats Crash???

    The Quebec government is pressing hard with investigations and I received a message from credible
    source than some are nervous.

    But the one that is now ED, is a huge surprise to me. Not the sharpest pencil in the box - - but then,
    not many of the execs are - - seriously.

    Will have more details soon.

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  3. Quentinanon Member

    Then this new ED is just a proxy, a figurehead, for NN Int.
  4. Intelligence Member

    Yes and 100% COS - - I know her fairly well, including her husband who was declared and published
    a book. Also a video pleading with his children who are also NN TR staff to leave the COS - - poor guy.

    I`ve written quite a bit about the new ED, as an Exec when I was there. Ì`m still blown away they would make her ED after mistakes she made that will show how big once I publish.

    Perhaps she beat the Sec Check the same as an Exec from NN Canada said she could do easily???

    I think that some of these people can`t see what's really going on around them because they are so indoctrinated and think inside their tiny, polluted box. Even Yvette Shank (OSA Canada & President of Scientology Canada), doesn`t seem to be very brilliant after seeing her on a video telling a protestor,
    that she could find them if she really wanted to.

    Flexing intimidation, monkey muscles doesn`t look good :) - - unfortunately, I`m not on
    her Christmas card list anymore - - I don`t think she likes me :-(

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  5. GuyFox Member

    Okay, just want to make sure I understand correctly, this Therese Dubreuil is now ED at NNTR?


    Marc Bernard gone, Sue Chubbs gone... they'll run out of scapegoats soon.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Thérèse Sansfaçon.

    Thérèse Sansfaçon and her ex-husband, Jean-Paul Dubreuil, were recruited into Scientology in the late 1970s by Thérèse's younger sister, Aline. Thérèse disconnected from Jean-Paul Dubreuil after he left the cult.

    In books and interviews, Jean-Paul Dubreuil has described how Scientology tore apart his marriage, disconnected him from his children and grandchildren, and ruined all of his dreams.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    "Sansfaçon" - "Fashionless / styleless". How appropriate :D
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  8. Intelligence Member

    Yes, that`s correct, except that Marc Bernard is still there on another post. I received this Data yesterday
    from a credible Source. Will have more info soon. There is some interesting scenarios appearing on the scene
    right now.


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  9. Intelligence Member

    When one considers that patients are paying $30,000.00 to be treated for a life-threatening illness,
    and being cared for (or not), by people who know very little about addiction treatment, it is a very
    sad state of affairs (affairs - no pun intended). Some of these patients don`t live long after leaving this
    quackery, cult indoctrination center. Many are in a state of confusion have no concept of what happened
    to them at Narconon - - no aftercare or follow-up, except for VFP stats to bring in more victims.

    I just had a second confirmation from VERY credible sources, of a young lad at NN TR who had his Meds
    taken away - - he then attempted suicide by jumping out the second floor window
    , nearly killing himself. Taking his physician prescribed Meds away!!!

    Then you have the lad who was not given his insulin - - his life being saved by hospital emergency staff.

    Then the ex-patient who shot himself in the head after being handed a gun at the NN TR staff apartment complex.

    Then the unfortunate patient (just received data), who had a medical disability, preventing him from sitting still during TR`s and being flunked constantly.

    Then there are the staff-ex-patient pregnancies, etc, etc, etc - - it`seems to go on and on and on!

    Very sad :-(

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  10. Intelligence Member

    Oh my gosh! We have a snow storm in Montreal right now - - expected 20cm - - I was
    seriously considering a flash raid in front of (same side of street), of the Montreal ORG to
    hand out some special flyers for an hour or so.

    Mmm, we`ll see how much all this white Sibera snow adds up to,..., LOL :)

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  11. moarxenu Member

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  12. Intelligence Member

    Oh` my that looks soooo good - - yer killin`me - - the poor kitty,..., LOL :)

    But hey, what`s with the Tin-Foil - - :)

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  13. Intelligence Member

    Sir Guy Fox: is there any apartment complexes near the Montreal ORG?

    Need something to do in my spare time :) Seriously.

  14. Chipshotz Member

    You have spare time!!??
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  15. Intelligence Member

    Update on Web online position of Google "Narconon" search.

    Narconon, and especially NN TR, is taking some big hits online right now. The NN TR promotion
    and marketing has a large office space at NN TR (probably the largest of all the offices), and seats
    3-4 staff. They constantly look at stats (web hits) and pin up graphs on the walls.

    This is NN TR's bread and butter this ^^^^^ and their FSM, Fake Referral sites. Without these,
    they would go broke in short order.

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  16. Intelligence Member

    Yes, I do in the morning before I go to my day job starting at 1:00pm till 8:00pm. So a quicky
    breakfast at the McDonalds across from the Montreal ORG, then "wish the cult a good morning" :)

    Every day!

    In Quebec City, there are apartments right across the street from the ORG.

    Would like to move out of Lachine into Montreal City before I get hit by a stray bullet or
    get stuck in another elevator or fire incident. Nobody's been shot here for a few months
    now, but it's still cold and not too many people strolling around.

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  17. Intelligence Member

    Just bought a toaster oven kind of thingy, so that I don't burn anymore new teflon frying pans
    cooking nummies while I'm working away. It has a nifty timer - - just "set it and forget it" :)

    Moarxenu made me hungry with that Tin-Foil turkey post,..., LOL:)

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  18. Intelligence Member

    Hope to publish my next Scientology-Narconon article by Sunday (a follow-up to Narconon Aftercare article).

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  19. Intelligence Member

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  20. Intelligence Member

    This ^^^^^ should NOT have charitable status! (adding to my list :) )

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  21. heatberd Member

    You sexy dunker. Can I come over?
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  22. Intelligence Member

    I'm loving this article I'm working on right now and I WILL have it published by Sunday:)

    It's a lengthy piece of work:)

    Here is a short Excerpt peak at a draft ONLY (Editor will tweek)

    Some of this ^^^^^from the Edmonton Journal May 23, 2006:

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  23. Intelligence Member

    After the Sauna Purif at Narconon, the limits are open to extreme degredation and abuse!

    I know two patients who were in a physical fight from these insults and reactions.
  24. Intelligence Member

    LOL,..., can you come over? Not without a Search Warrant:) Or perhaps a warm Strawberry-Rubarb
    pie with vanilla ice cream. Geeeze, I can't seem to get delicious food out of my mind. It all started by
    digging into a massive Buffet in Trois-Rivieres last weekend with Yoshiyoyo, my dear friend, and
    then someone teasing me with a trifle that will make you think you died and went to heaven.

    David Love's "Love Handles" are maturing quite nicely,..., LOL :):):)

  25. Intelligence Member

    The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched.
    They must be felt with the heart.

    We WILL win this battle:)

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  26. DeathHamster Member

    ABLE's previous address was always at the Org on 696 Yonge St. Any bets that suite 808 is just a mail drop?
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  27. HellRazor Member

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  28. Anonymous Member

    Intelligence - check out "John on Extra" in the Celeb thread. Seems JT is/has opening another detox centre in Florida - complete with extended sauna, oil, vitamins.
    Just ruminating, but he's targeting EMS, FF and police. Any opines on if it might be beneficial to get info to some of their associations re the Purif.
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  29. Ghostsecure Member

    So what's up with the reporter and publishing the story in the Journal de Montréal?

    WTF is in this article that has their lawyers and editor so nervous? (seemingly)
  30. Ghostsecure Member

    All graduates in this video have been identified from 2009-2010 (most 2009)!

    Outdated data published as new LOL.

  31. Anonymous Member

    You joined WWP today and you expect a public reply to a question like this?
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  32. Intelligence Member

    Just noticed something strange - - didn't notice it as a NN TR patient or Course Supervisor - until
    writing a new article.

    There is NO TR 5 at Narconon (not even mentioned), but there "was" a TR5 in Scientology
    that became obsolete in 1965. However, the TR5 (Scientology), in the Narconon Course Book
    4b "Objectives" Exersice Two (C), begins on page 182: (TR1 - TR9 in Book 4a, but NO TR5)

    I thought I would be finished this article today, but so much gibberish to go though yet?

  33. Intelligence Member

    This is in the (a bonus :)) "Ashtray Stand Up" TR7 4-b: (page 407)

    I just keep shaking my head,..., LOL :)

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  34. peterstorm Member

    It's a surprise!
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  35. HellRazor Member

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  36. Anonymous Member

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  37. Intelligence Member

    But - but - but,..., I really don't like surprises. Oh' well,..., I can learn to like surprises:)

  38. moarxenu Member

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  39. Intelligence Member

    Soon - - soon, I will be invoicing you for bigger size clothes if you keep teasing me with
    juicy, delicious, auromatic (I can smell it now), turkey in front of me,... LOL :) :):)

  40. peterstorm Member

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