Narconon Trois-Rivières closing party raid

Discussion in 'Canada' started by peterstorm, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. you know what i mean you ass!
    no matter what happens don't ever change ok?
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  2. Anonymous Member

  3. Thank you David for helping Chanology cure this disease that is Narcanon.
    I don't know which I hate worse, disconnection or the fact that they use fake rehab techniques to "cure" people whose lives depend on getting through rehab.
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  4. Te quiero!
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  5. GuyFox Member

    Sorry my IMAX stuff takes so long to upload, lol :D
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  6. Strixcoil Moderator

    Ya estaba preguntándome si estabas viva aun. Yo también te quiero.
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  7. Por ahi sigo...
    Siempre hechandole un ojo al foro en espanol! <3
  8. jensting Member

    Don't forget being actively dangerous - to a healthy person, never mind someone with physical problems from substance/drink abuse!

    Best Regards

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  9. PresidentShaw Member

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  10. Thank you Jens.
    Sometimes I worry so much for other people that I forget to keep an eye out on me.
    Nothing can break me tho, not drugs or booze I promise you that.

    Once again cheers Canadia! :3
  11. Silly433 Moderator

    Yo tambien las quiero!

    taco taco taco tacooo
    taco tacooo
    taco taco taco
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  12. y nosotras a ti!

    Latin hugbox ftw!
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  13. Silly433 Moderator

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  14. veras q yo cobro las promesas hechas a mi.

    okay done deraling.
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  15. GuyFox Member

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  16. Pique Member

    Perhaps your best yet Good Sir.
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  17. PresidentShaw Member

    I'm so happy I could shit rainbows
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  18. Intelligence Member


    When's the next raid on the next ORG?:)

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  19. GuyFox Member

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  20. RightOn Member

    I think you misunderstood. I didn't mean Criminon newly setting up in there now.
    I was wondering if it was there before.
  21. Intelligence Member

    No, I don't think so?

  22. jensting Member

    Wow. Awesome indeed
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  23. moarxenu Member



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  24. PresidentShaw Member

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  25. Intelligence Member

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  26. Anonymous Member

  27. RightOn Member

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  28. There is an overdose of wins here. Funday was fun. We had over 9000 lulz !

    Here, have some internets.
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  29. PresidentShaw Member

    Is anonybank making a comeback?

    Just for the sake of the good ol days:
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  30. Intelligence Member

    It is very quiet at other Narconons right now, including NN Int. Staff have been
    warned to keep their mounth's shut or face legal actions. ("Insider" leaks are pouring in).

    Quite simply, they don't have any Media Handlers able to "Handle" without shooting
    themselves in foot and giving us 10 times the return rebuttals that CRUSH them every time.

    Ahern has become invisible - - wonder where he is doing corrections and the NN TR ED, Therease??

    Narconon International may try to Spin this NN TR closure as an "isolated incident. I have already
    warned Media and Government nvestigators of this tactic and explained that ALL Narconons
    are operated exactly the SAME, as per Hubbard Policy. "They" can not change the Tech, or alter
    the way they operate. It's a "Cookie-Cutter" - - "Human Puppy Mill" operation to get bodies in
    the shop and move the particles as fast as possible!!!

    Don't you just love their scilon Jargon,..., LOL :)

    Hope to have more "Insider" intel later tonight or tomorrow and will post what I can.

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  31. Intelligence Member

    I was searching &quot;Narconon Trois-Rivieres&quot; web sites to capture images of NN TR still
    in business as referral agency and came across this HACKED site:

    This ^^^^^ site is SHUT DOWN!

    NN TR still has sites up with my dox and video.

  32. GuyFox Member

    Their twitter and blog are still active, posting the same "woo we're so charitable" copypasta over and over as if nothing ever happened. That includes the old post about them looking forward to obtaining cerification, where Andre's carrying a box of dox for the Ministry.

    They're out of touch with reality.
  33. Intelligence Member

    UPDATE NEWS JUST IN - from Health Ministry.

  34. Intelligence Member

    I'll take care of this ^^^^ and HANDLE this right now! Will contact Health Ministry.

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  35. Intelligence Member

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  36. Intelligence Member

    WTF is this!???

    I just ran SpyBot, Microsoft Essentials, AND Anti-Malware Bytes which caught this???

    Quarantined now-)

  37. GuyFox Member

    It means that program ("Total Video Converter") seems to be a trojan horse. It downloads stuff onto your computer without your knowing nor consent. This can be a lot of different things, but usually ads, viruses, and back doors for hackers to take over your system.

    Anyone here know more about this one?
  38. Intelligence Member

    Ok, Tx, I'm going to DELETE all of my Trial Versions of Video Converters now.

  39. GuyFox Member

    It's just the OJOsoft one...

    Probably has nothing to do with COS, either. It's just a common problem with shady free software.
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  40. PresidentShaw Member

    Give this a try, no software needed :)
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