Narconon: The Most Successful Treatment Center in the Nation

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Anonymous, Oct 25, 2012.

  1. Anonymous Member

    fucking liars

    How many people have died so far this year at Scientology's Narconon Centers?

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  2. Mr. Magoo Member

    What's this with Billie Joe Armstrong? Is he a Narconon patient? They are not stating that he is, but using his name and likeness. If a reader doesn't click through or read the entire linked page carefully, the reader might think he was a patient or is endorsing NN. Maybe Billie Joe knows what they are doing and has given approval. Oh yeah, this is scientology we're talking about. Doubtful.
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  3. In September 2012 Armstrong went a bit wild on stage swearing at the staff of iHeartRadio. They seem to have twisted the story to make it into a lie. I quote from their website:

    "The Green Day singer went on an expletive-filled rant because he believed the band’s set was cut short by one minute."

    This is not true. Green Day were to be given a 45 minute slot and they cut it by 20 minutes mid performance announcing that he only had one minute left so that they could increase the amount of time that R&B star Usher was given for his slot.

    They then go on to say that the meltdown was caused by substance abuse and that "Armstrong obviously waited too long to seek treatment and ended up having a very public meltdown. Narconon Freedom Center provides a save and comfortable environment to recover in. Don’t wait until it is too late, call Narconon today."

    I am currently considering trying to email several addresses to see if Armstrong is aware of this and asking him what his opinion on the matter is.

    Here's the video previously mentioned:

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  4. muldrake Member

    If he has not given permission for the use of his likeness, he has a very good right of publicity claim. The picture and quote are presented in a manner that makes it look like an endorsement.

    Arguably, it's also defamatory to claim someone is associated with a murderous scam like Narconon.
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  5. Woo Hah Member

  6. According to the MTV website:

    "His doctors are still evaluating," Cavallo said. "All I can say is I don't know if we'll see him before or after Christmas. It's basically undetermined when he'll be back."

    So I am not quite sure how effective trying to contact him personally may be. But I can tell you that if he went into rehab shortly after the on stage incident then it's very unlikely that he gave Narconon permission for the use of his likeness.

    It appears that on the Narconon website you can actually leave a comment on the article. It also looks like the author is a user by the name of TPICKARD.
  7. Anonymous Member

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  8. Mr. Magoo Member

    Knowing the scum, idiocy and ego that is scientology, they probably didn't get permission. However, my fear is that Armstrong would allow them use his photo and name thinking that Narconon is a legitimate program. So many people are unaware of what NN really is and how dangerous, shady (illegal) and ineffective it is.
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  9. From the bottom of the web page:

    This company has been providing excellence in entertainment and customer service since 1970.
    We can assist you regarding any of the following --
    booking entertainment, such as major name entertainers or celebrities, booking Green Day, booking information on Green Day,
    or hiring Green Day for your special event, or to book or hire Green Day, or if you are
    seeking the Green Day booking agent for corporate entertainment or for a private party.
    Consider the opportunity to book Green Day or other entertainers for a wedding, birthday, anniversary, business meeting or convention.
    If you are not a talent buyer, we are unable to provide Green Day manager or management contact information.
    This is the official website of Richard De La Font Agency, Inc.
    Contact us to book a celebrity entertainer for your private party, birthday, or wedding, or for your corporate event!
    Consider this your official Green Day booking agency web site – The booking agent who works for you!

    This company acts as an entertainment consultant or broker/producer and
    does not claim or represent itself as the exclusive agent, representative or management of Green Day.
  10. Anonymous Member

    If success is measured by dead clients, NarCONon is the bomb.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    From the link:

    They're not saying he is at NN, but they sure as hell are pushing the limit here. Comments open. For now.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    Maybe like the KONY 2012 guy, he was just having an out-of-body experience and is all OK now.

    What's rock 'n roll without drugs? Fuck it, and pass that mirror.
  13. Anonymous Member

    Y'know, most rock stars are whingy bitches (hey, great band name!). Keith Richards has been a heroin addict for 40 years, and I don't hear him bellyaching about shit.

    Also, the world will turn without Green Day LOL
  14. another123 Member

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  15. BigBeard Member

    'poon fired to the FTC asking they request hard documentation on that "Narconon Freedom Center is the most successful drug treatment program in the country." claim being made on the web page.

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  16. This is why..........

    Scientology/Narconon scammers have no conscience whatsoever and no (ZERO) proper training in treating drug addiction. This medically dangerous program that has led to many deaths has reaped millions and millions of dollars for an abusive cult and causes incredible harm to the victims it has deceived with advertising lies such as this.

    The program is 100% Scientology courses and processing that do not work in any way, shape or form.
    The closing of these horrible facilities has to continue, wake up U.S, and every other country that permits this scam to continue.
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  17. Anonymous Member

    Ibogaine, administered under medical supervision, will take care of that. He'll have to leave the US, but neither is usually a painful process :)
  18. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, because fucking Ibogaine cures everything, right?
  19. Anonymous Member

    Do the research. It cures a number of things, and eliminates withdrawal symptoms from those kicking heroin.

    Or, continue displaying your ignorance. Moar LULZ that way.
  20. Missfit Member

    NO FUCKING WAY is Billie Joe at the CON. Not even a fucking chance. Are they still on Warner? I'll put in a call about the picture.
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  21. Sonichu Moderator

    Come on clams you aren't even trying....

    You put that phrase in quotes, but you didn't attribute it to anyone. It was probably David Miscavige who you are quoting. And of course, he has no background in medicine or anything. He's a High School Drop out.
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  22. Anonymous Member

    He looks fucking gay with that hair and makeup. Who cares.
  23. Anonymous Member

    Nice try OSA.
  24. Anonymous Member

    Hi. This is OSA.

    We already have plenty of homofags, so what's one more or less?


  25. Anonymous Member

    Think I'll start a retreat for rich rock stars called NarcoOui, where they can score good shit and not have to worry about getting busted or whatever.
  26. Anonymous Member

    He shore do have a purty mouth. I'll bet he prays real good, too.
  27. Anonymous Member

    ^^^ *facepalmfuck...
  28. Anonymous Member

    Rehab units don't announce their celebrity clients, if he is in Narconon they just blew his confidentiality.
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  29. Anonymous Member



    Billie Joe Armstrong

    Posted October 17, 2012 by tpickard with No Comments

    Since forming in 1987, the punk rock band Green Day has appeared nearly unstoppable. The band achieved commercial success with its major label debut Dookie in 1994, before going on to sell over 65 million records worldwide. Green Day has won five Grammy Awards and inspired the Broadway show American Idiot, which was nominated for several Tony Awards. Throughout these 25 years of success, lead singer and guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong has been the most recognizable face of the band. After increasingly erratic behavior, the singer checked into rehab on September 24th.

    Early Life

    Billie Joe Armstrong grew up in California, the youngest of six children. His love of music began early and became a form of escape after his father died and his mother remarried. At age 10, Armstrong met his band-mate Mike Dirnt; just seven years later, they formed Green Day, named after their love of marijuana. The band quickly achieved commercial success, with the band-mates enjoying a lifestyle fueled by drugs and alcohol.

    The Beginnings of a Substance Abuse Problem

    Billie Joe Armstrong has a history of problematic behavior, beginning with his 2003 arrest for drinking and driving. When he was pulled over for speeding and erratic driving, Armstrong’s blood alcohol content was over twice the legal limit. Despite attempts to become sober, Armstrong ran into further problems, being kicked off an airline flight in 2011 for arguing with a flight attendant. He also abruptly cancelled a concert in 2012 after being rushed to the hospital for an undisclosed medical problem.

    2012: The Meltdown

    Armstrong’s substance abuse problem came to a head on September 21, 2012 when he became enraged on stage at the iHeartRadio Festival in Las Vegas. The Green Day singer went on an expletive-filled rant because he believed the band’s set was cut short by one minute. After screaming and swearing,

    Armstrong smashed his guitar on the stage and stormed away. Less than 48 hours later, Green Day apologized for the incident and announced that Billie Joe Armstrong is seeking treatment for substance abuse issues.

    Although Armstrong is hardly the first musician to seek treatment for drug problems, his recent problems serve as a cautionary tale. Band-mate Mike Dirnt mentioned that the stress of recording three back-to-back albums fueled Armstrong’s meltdown. Others close to the musician mentioned his recent 40th birthday as a precipitating factor. Despite Billie Joe Armstrong’s recent problems, Green Day remains one of the most influential punk rock groups in modern memory.

    Seek Treatment

    Seeking treatment, especially if you are someone in the lime-lite, can be extremely hard. Armstrong obviously waited too long to seek treatment and ended up having a very public meltdown. Narconon Freedom Center provides a save and comfortable environment to recover in. Don’t wait until it is too late, call Narconon today.
  30. Anonymous Member

    Townshend would never have apologised for smashing a guitar, or for being smashed.

    Full retard, if true.
  31. Anonymous Member

    If the cult are saying "Seek treatment" (if it's not just their usual atrocious grammar), then he is not on their roster.
    The reason they don't use, for instance Amy Winehouse or Tommy Bolin is... 'cos they're already dead, like several of NarCONon's clients this very year. Would be very bad PR positioning, no, OSA?

    The "lime-lite"? That's not even a word in the English language.

    "Very public" LOL like Chanology's slow-motion buggery of David Miscavige LOL
  32. Anonymous Member

    It is, but it's spelled limelight. Maybe this is a new version with less calories?
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  33. RightOn Member

    so the authorities are not concerned with this obvious fraudluant advertising?
    they go after other companies for much less, when they have claims that don't stack up with the product they are hawking.
    Didn't they just go after that pro biotic yogurt Activia? because you would have to eat like 6 a day or something to have probiotic effects? They had to change their commercials.
    And as far as I know Activia hasn't killed anyone. lol
    Shapers sneakers? really didn't work to help you lose weight or shape anything, so they went after them too.
    And of course there are many other cases.

    Like I said before, something is very wrong
  34. Anonymous Member

    I think the issue is with how rehabs define "success'. There is no real criteria. Is it graduating the program? Sober for 3 months? 6 months? Other programs don't tout their success rate because there is no real way to measure it. People don't necessarily keep in touch with the rehab or report in about their continued soberiety.

    It would be tough to prove success rate if it has never been defined and there is no real way to track it.
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  35. RightOn Member

    yes but it's not just about their success rate
    It's their unproven methods, their methods, their "counciling", the hiding of teaching Scientology tech
    and oh yeah...
  36. DeathHamster Member

    Then why do Narconons claim up to a 90% success rate if they don't track it? That's called fraud.
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  37. RightOn Member

    hey Billy, sue NN please
    they can use another case against them
    that is all

    also Green Day has a huge fan base.
    perhaps they would be interested in this little promo?
    Hey Green Day fans,
    Scientology used Billy Joe's story and picture to hawk their quack rehab Narconon program without his permission. You know what to do. Have at it.

    anyone contact Green Day and get an answer?
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  38. Anonymous Member

    Agreed. Now can you disprove it easily since the rehab industry does not have a set criteria that defines success? I'm not saying it is right, I'm just trying to identify the hole through which the fuckers loop.
  39. Anonymous Member

    Narconon has a celebrity addictions page.

    Narconon discusses the following celebrities

    Billie Joe Armstrong
    Bobbi Kristina Brown, the daughter of the late singer Whitney Houston
    Her father, Bobby Brown
    Amanda Bynes
    Robert Downey, Jr.
    Quanitta ‘Queen’ Underwood, an American Olympic boxer
    Betty Ford
    LeAnn Rimes
    Bartolo Colon, the star pitcher for the Oakland A’s
    David Arquette
    Joe Simpson, Jessica Simpson’s father
    Chef Cat Cora
    Kelly Osbourne

  40. Anonymous Member

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